Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Installment of the Not Me Mondays!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have NOT been doing this week.

So, I didn't get the chance to write this week at all, but I had to take part in the greatness that is "Not Me Monday!" Haha... I seriously thought about it this week when events would happen and I would think about how I could write about it... Haha! It's going to be something I look forward to, like my emails from my missionary in Portugal each Monday - Sarah that is! Haha...

Okay, so here it goes... This is good one.

I so did NOT spend a pretty penny on David Archuleta concert tickets for last Friday night... and I most definitely did NOT think about the concert all day, get dressed up for it, and go with my little sister, but also two other college graduates... and I did NOT watch his special appearance on Good Things, Utah! that morning in which they made him do arts & crafts with them, which was weird and really awkward...I wouldn't know though, cause I DIDN'T watch... (That was actually totally random - TV was on and so was his face randomly... Haha!).

We did NOT sit in the sixth row and dance around like twelve year-old girls for three hours. I did NOT know the songs better than any other fan around me, and thus did NOT sing the words to every song - including the "non-released in the US one," which I so do NOT somehow have a demo copy of already. Nope, not me!

My friends and I did not spend a chunk of the time watching his younger brother in front of us, trying to work it for this girl next to him the entire time... haha! Nope... We DIDN'T laugh either. Yea... I mean, no! Haha! (It was pretty hilarious seeing his brother's game - haha! If you read previous entries, I met his mom and brother, Daniel, last year at the finale and had a cool religious discussion with his dad. In all fairness, Daniel was very sweet and even asked for a hug - haha! He really is a sweet boy... He just also has game! )

Sidenote: It was awesome seeing his family react to his success and what he was doing on stage... That would be BIZARRE seeing your brother, son, or friend suddenly singing for thousands of people. How amazing! What a dream come true...

Back to the task at hand... *ahem.*

After the concert my friend and I did NOT spend time talking to obsessed teens and their mothers about the concert and what we thought, and we did NOT drive around with our windows rolled down, blasting the new "non-released" song from the car... NOT when it was freezing. Nope.

In all honesty, that was an amazing concert. That kid has come a long way in the past year! His unique and beautiful innocence makes him somewhat awkward at times, and he has learned to handle himself more professionally and to better articulate while on stage and interviewing. I am proud of the little EFY participant from years ago - haha! His voice was INCREDIBLE... I am just blown away by the talent that kid possesses. He blows me AWAY when he sings - serious! What a little cutie, and what a BIG, breath-taking voice!

Let me sum the sentiment behind the entry up in one simple statement: Nothing brings me more joy than music, because music is the essence of my being and gives meaning to my existence.

I will NOT be putting pictures up to somewhat brag about how close we were... and I would NEVER post a video in the upcoming entry... namely tomorrow. Nope.... No, but seriously... be ready. :)

Okay, so in a non-sarcastic note - though the other way is so fun! - one of my students when into the hospital for back surgery today. Well, I guess she isn't MY student, but I count a lot of those kids I subbed for in years past as my kiddies... I love the eighth grade class cause they were my first set of kids I subbed for all the time when they were in sixth grade two years ago. Anyway, she is doing just fine, but I think I might go and visit tomorrow for a few minutes and drop her some goodies... Hey, every girl needs chocolate for when they first get out of the hospital. Haha!

Personal Update: I am currently looking at Grad schools back east for NEXT year because I feel very strongly that I need to be here for my sister's senior year this next year. Then, it's off to Grad School! I have been tossing around the idea of Event Planning/Sports Managment or Music Business/Producing for the past few months... I know those are things that I would love and could do well in, but another idea has been resurfacing...

I had planned originally to go to Grad School to become a family or children therapist. I feel like I am really good at making others feel comfortable opening up to me, and I have the ability to usually connect well with others right off the bat. I have been thinking about this option for three years, and then just back-burnered it... I don't know why, but pretty much because I love the entertainment industry and music. However, counseling would be rewarding for me, and I would like it... I know it is a hard job, a very hard job, but I could be successful and really help others; especially youth or families... I don't know. It's just an idea I have right now, so I am going to start really praying about and fasting in the months to come to some inspiration about which path to take.

What makes it hard is that I feel as though I would be good at any of these jobs, and that I would enjoy all of these jobs overall... I know it might come down to me just making a choice, but I really want to know what the Lord wants me to do. I want to bless His children in the best way that I am able, and all of these jobs have the ability to let me do that. I just don't know... If I could really have it my way, I would perform for a time and bring joy and inspiration to others through that medium - then work in another field later in life... We will see where the Lord and my agency take me... :)


Song of the Day: In honor or the AMAZING concert I did NOT (*ahem*) go to this week, here is the song of the day... Drum Roll...
Zero Gravity by: David Archuleta! Haha... Who'da Thunk, huh? Yea, well... This video isn't the best sound, and it's not from the SLC concert - those videos all sucked - but this is a fun copy and he still sounds great! He really gets into this song... It could be a great summer, radio hit!

What are my other favorite songs from the album? Those would be Waiting For Yesterday and Running... Though many are fabulous! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Very First, Not Me Monday!!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have NOT been doing this week.

However, for now... I have joined the bandwagon and will be writing my very own, personal - NOT me Monday Entry of Awesomeness... Really, that's what this is about to be.

So, speaking of this weekend and the happenings of today, I would first like to state that I did NOT spend hours yesterday watching Twilight and all the special features after I have already watched the movie on Saturday night.

I did NOT put it on again to play in the background as I was getting ready for work this morning - nope.

In regards to this, I also was NOT wishing that the website Bella finds via Google was real... and my sister-in-law and I did NOT pause the movie, type in the link, and find ourselves led to a Tupperware and storage goods website... Dang it. I think I admitted that yesterday. Hmph.

I did NOT just write the same thing in my blog as yesterday, somewhat... Yea, NO.

Continuing on, I DID go to work today and had a great morning - Ezra worked really hard for me and was a gem in his classes. He even did his science test, and that is saying something because he absolutely HATES science and the tests in there. It was like pulling teeth at first and he needed a LOT of help to finish the test, but he finished. I'm not sure that I was much help anyway because I do not know much when it comes to science and math... yea.

Then, it was lunch... I will just let y'all know that I did NOT take an extra long lunch today without clocking out - NEVER. Haha! It's okay... I will definitely NOT be making up that extra half tomorrow evening doing parent emails, which I in NO WAY dislike. Haha!

I also did NOT spend my evening lounging around (after an amazing workout) and did NOT skip out on FHE because I wanted to watch the season finale of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Nah - I would NEVER skip for such a lame sauce reason. NEVER... ever.

I am NOT admitting right now that there is yet another show that is on my I-watch-you-regularly list. I do NOT have way too many of those... I mean, my schedule is NOT that open on the weekday evenings... Oops.

NON-Confession: I have NOT ever skipped going out to stay home and watch a show... NEVER.

A real confession would be that I own the O-Town CD still... but I DON'T. Yea, who owns that retched CD? Yea. NOT ME...

Good ole' Liquid Dreams and All or Nothing... *sigh* Haha!

Haha... In a quick defense, that I don't need to record - I know, I really do have an awesome social life and keep myself ridiculously busy... but not being in school, when a lot of your friends still are, and having no homework clears up a lot of time, and there are a lot of show that I like during the Winter/Early Spring season. Done and done!

Wow - this is kind of fun! Or, should I say, "I am so NOT having a blast with this entry!," and probably enjoying it a little too much? Yea. Or, no... ?

On another note to my life, I most definitely did NOT spend time today after practicing piano, practicing numerous, potential Idol Try-out songs.... Nope. I would NEVER spend AN ENTIRE HOUR AND A HALF doing that... NEVER when auditions aren't even until July and it is currently March... and the other season is just really getting on "its feet." Yea... and an hour and a half? Not me!

(Singing brings me more joy that any form of chocolate... That is saying something when a woman speaks those words with weighted truth. Singing is my oxygen. It's my life. The end.)

Sidenote: If I wrote all of the things I did with my time... This would be one awesomely sarcastic, long, and somewhat pathetic entry... haha! I am so NOT in love with that fact right now... Seriously, awesome.

I could really learn to adore this whole Not Me Monday soiree, and will probably make it a weekly event... No. There really is no probably about that.

As a final note, I do NOT spend an extra hour each night that I blog deciding on what song to feature, finding a picture and/or video. I would NEVER waste all that time when I poke fun at people who waste time being on facebook for more than a half hour at a time...


Song of the Day (didn't take me that long THIS time - Boo-yah!): In honor of my kick booty workouts that I have been having, and my awesome tan of greatness... Listen to Mika's, Big Girl (You Are Beautiful!) This is one CLASSICALLY amazing song that I love and is pretty much my anthem... Though I would like to be thinner to be in better shape I will never be SMALL - and someone is gonna have some sweet lovin' on these incredible hips and curves - I'm a lot a bit of Mmm Mmm Good!!!

P.S. I did NOT hold on to these featured pictures for the past few months (chillin' on my desktop) to just to post them on my blog, cause I simply loved them... yea, Not Me!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Little AI Experience of My Own!

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to travel across the country and see American Idol live in the studio… It was, oh ya know, AMAZING! Haha… A random group of EFY counselors piled in a car with me and we headed out to the west coast for the live taping and a little beach action. We got there and had lots of fun little experiences – Sarah and Staci were literally about a foot away from getting hit by Simon Cowell driving in his car… I think one of em’ should have taken the hit. They would have made bank for the rest of their lives with those payments… I would have taken the hit. Haha! J We made friends with a group of ladies in front of us who were so fun, and the security guards cause we gave them our extra food. Haha! My little friend named Chuka – such a sweet older man! I got to play audience coordinator for a moment and ask everyone to “part the red (green, as it was St. Patrick’s Day) sea” so someone in a wheelchair could get through and everyone laughed at me as I stepped down giving my peace signs… Yea.

There were lots of fun little moments, but the best part was when our group was given stickers to the pit… We ended up in the very FRONT of the left side pit, next to the stage! It was AWESOME! Sarah and I were definitely playing the game of “being five” when the judges came out and shook our hands – I got a little fist pound from Randy, which was classic. Haha! So, we got to see the contestants up-close in performance mode and interact with the judges during commercial breaks and even when the idols were singing they would comment to us at times. We were also right in the front for Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis’s performance, which they taped on Tuesday to air on Wednesday night’s results show. Carrie was AMAZING live – I have seen her before, and she is always fabulous – and Randy Travis was such an awesome person. It was pretty much just an awesome experience!

What I loved most was that all of the “idols” did well on Tuesday night. Some did better than others, and some weren’t my favorite, but they all presented themselves well and sang well. I was happy to see them in action and happy to hear good and great singers. I was still lovin’ on Anoop-Dawg… He really showed his stuff Tuesday too… So did Matt Guirad. There is a lot more talent than I had originally thought there was…

Anyway, the next day we spent the day burning on the beach (fantastic!) and loving our sunshining lives! Haha… Then, we spent nine to ten hours driving home from LA! It was great, and a nice little break from school and being an adult… fantastic! Haha…

I wish that had a little bit more intelligence to share in regards to this entry, but alas, I do not. Um, the square root of pie 1.7 something… Good?

Oh, and in regards to the “pie” comment, this was not taken from a very intelligent means either… The movie Twilight came out yesteday, and yes, I bought it right away. Haha! It is not my favorite film… In fact, I like about 60% of the acting and the directing, but the other 40% was, in my opinion, NOT good. I am thrilled they have gotten a new director for this next film in the series. I hope that this guy makes it ten times better… Anyway, as we were watching it today we decided to look up the site that the character Bella looks up on the movie, to see if the site was real and legit.

Nope. It is not.

In fact, the site led us to a Tupperware and storage goods website… and then, that led us to another site that gave us an amazingly good laugh… Check it out:

In true “Dwight-like” style, as well as the style of the website we discovered, here are some “facts” I learned from this website:

FACT: Vampires are obviously real, thus books about vampires are in actuality real as well. This website proves it - It does.
FACT: Twilight is awesome. The end.

My favorite part of that website states that Warren Harding, 29th Pres of the US, was one of the famous "victims..."
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I loved this site… classic.


The song for the day... I haven't done a song by these girls, I don't think, and they are one of my top five favorite bands. These girls are the first Australians to have such a huge album in the US, and they deserve it. Who are they, you ask? The Veronicas! Haha... Now, I have chosen a song from their first album, rather than their popular-right-now-album, because their first album deserves more attention. My FAVE song by them: Heavily Broken. Thus Heavily Broken by The Veronicas is the song of the night! :) ENJOY, cause it is one of my top five songs in my life - I am serious.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Speaking and Listening...

When I was in High School I was Little-Miss-Know-It-All... By that, I do not mean someone show always had to be right. I mean, that I was someone who had to know all the gossip and dirt on everyone and everything. I was like this for two reasons. One, I wanted to be the one that people came to - I wanted them to want to seek me out to talk to me about things and get information or opinions for me. Two, I liked the power that I thought it gave me.

Gossip does NOT give power. In fact, I learned a hard lesson my freshman year about how much gossip destroys friendship, trust, personal image, and sours a person's inner-goodness. It happened in (go figure) my Book of Mormon class during the second semester of my freshman year...

I was really frustrated with my roommate over something I don't even recall now. I sat down next to one of my best friends, a boy in my ward, and started quietly going off about my roommate. I stated, "Do you wanna know what she did?" He retorted with a "no," and said he didn't want to know at all and we'd talk more after class. Class began, and I sat there trying to think kind thoughts, but being very taken aback.

After class, the boy said he would walk me to my next class and he told me this... He said that I was the kind of person that people liked to talk to and be around. That I was fun and attracted people to myself. I had a certain amount of power because of how many people I know and how I connect with them, and that this is a "power" that could allow me to do some great things, teach some great lessons, and be a great example. He went on to basically say that when I chose to gossip I unvalidated myself and created distrust. I displace my own power and lose the ability to be a leader that I was naturally born with.

I was never so taken aback, and yet never taught so many lessons in one moment.

First, I learned how other people can see you so differently than you see yourself. I learned that I really was important, and could make a difference in people's lives and in the world. I learned that being outgoing was an important piece of who I am, and that I needed to live up to my potential. I needed to live up to my gifts to make others feel comfortable, and good about themselves.

I learned the importance of the individual. I began to look at people as children of God, and not a merely vessel for information. I learned that each person was, and is, truly important and deserves to feel validated and cared about. I wanted others to come to me for the right reasons... So I could show them that I cared. I mean, I did care about them before too, but it was not shown in my actions. All that others had begun to see was that they had no reason to trust me or want to surround themselves with me.

I am now a better friend and a much better person... and in turn, I learned how to be happier. I learned that talking about others and finding fault in others, really brings out unhappiness not only in others, but in yourself... Besides, there really are much more intelligent things to talk about the faults of others... Especially when we are yet to be perfect, and usually the faults we find in others reside somewhere inside ourselves. Some may think that it "took me long enough" to figure that out, but I am grateful that I learned that when I was 18 and not any later in life.

I forever in debt and an eternal gratitude to my friend who had the courage to tell me that I was in the wrong. I am thankful for the friend who helped me become a better person, though it was the hard thing for him to do. I am appreciative for the lessons that I learned, and the person that I have become because of those lessons...

Short end of the Stick: Think before you speak, and remember - we are all children of God.

(Sidenote: We talked about this in church today, and it was amazing how this story came to my mind straight away... It has really affected me for my whole life. Thus, I wanted to record it.)


Song of the day: This was inspired again by my favorite show, American Idol - haha! However, it was not inspired by Anoop - even though he is still my fave... :) A guy named Scott, who is blind, said this about the song:

"I chose that song, as far as the lyrics go, because it’s the only song I know that talks about listening, y’know, ‘Listen to the Mandolin Rain’ obviously, but then listening to people’s hearts break, listening to the tears roll, y’know, and listening is such a big part of my world. I thought it was the perfect song to start off this whole live venture...”

We should all do a bit more listening.... it would probably solve many of the problems I talked about above. I fell in love with this song, and the original artist is fabulous - I own many of his songs, including the hit, The Way It Is. Thus, the song for today, Mandolin Rain, by Bruce Hornsby. Below is a fan-made video of clips from Pride & Prejudice, put to this song... I actually kinda love it... :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

There's No Naivity - Merely Faith and Self-Trust

(Sidenote: Before I start I just want to let you know that I am excited to report Anoop Desai made it to the wildcard round, (they tried to scare us by making his name last) and then tonight made it into the top 13! Yep. The top 13 is right... They put him and another guy I kinda like named Matt up to be the last two to get their results from the judges. They told Matt he was through and Anoop hugged him and sadly smiled but said "thank you so much," and started to walk off... Then, they grabbed him and Simon said, "Anoop... We decided recently, we are going to make this a Top 13...” Such emotional manipulation. Haha! I was ecstatic to say the least - haha! I now have a reason to watch the season... :) )

Now, for the real reason I write... more substance. Haha!

I know that this week has been very stressful for many of my closest friends back at BYU... All week there have been some early wake-up calls, individual malnutrition, almost no time for homework or classes, and constant emotional, physical, and mental stress. There have been snide comments thrown there way from those who don't understand their reasoning for current actions or desires... and there have been friends who have have had to compete against one another, causing tensions. It's time for BYUSA elections all over again...

Now, for me, this causes a whole different set of feelings. First, I feel relief that I am no longer in college and can get away with doing my own thing and not putting my all into a campaign. I apologize if that offends anyone, but I did my part in campaigning the last two years and I was not feeling the need to jump back into that. I love many of those who were/are running and have no desire to choose a side this year... I am loving life on the other side. I mean, I can't even vote...

Second, I feel a bit sad. I mean, I put my all behind a certain campaign and really believed in them. I sacrificed all that was listed above and more... as did the candidates. We were successful, and they had the opportunity to take their place in the BYUSA Presidency and work hard to serve and love others. They have done an incredible job and it is a bit sad to think that what we we worked so hard for is coming to a close for them. Even though I wasn't at BYU anymore this year, I still felt like at times I was a part of their Presidency in a weird way... in spirit? I don't know. I do feel a bit sad that I was not there with them too... It's like I was and wasn't part of it all. All I know is that it feels a bit weird...

Anyway, as there has been so much backlash from the student body and school paper recently because of the elections, I felt I would give my thoughts on an organization I love and am still a part of in heart. This is ACTUALLY more about the power of the individual. It is something that has become so cliche to our generation and I don't know why. I do NOT like it.

See, I was writing my friend a little note last night and I was inspired. I realized that everything we do DOES affect someone and matter. Individuals matter, and one person can change things, inspire someone or things to change, or help them grow. Even if some people believe that BYUSA is there for reasons other than why those who work in there KNOW it is there, or that BYUSA efforts are in no way "wide-spread," there is something that has yet to be recognized. If someone can touch one student, help one student, serve one student... that IS a big deal. Every individual is a Child of God - a son or daughter of GOD - and thus, they are of great importance to our Heavenly Father... and hopefully to us as well. The people I know in that office have sincerely helped others grow inside and out of the office, and THAT is what truly matters.

I don't believe that the recent editorial, "Level With Us," in BYU's Daily Universe was completely incorrect in their thoughts and opinions. In fact, opinions are never WRONG... an opinion can not be wrong. It is simply the information that creates that opinion that can be accounted for as wrong. Sorry. Tangent.

Anyway, this article stated, "The president’s leadership only really influences those directly involved with BYUSA." This young man is SORELY mistaken - misinformed if you will, to create this opinion. :) Why, you ask, do I think he is mistaken?

If you teach one person to serve others, and they teach three more, and they teach one more, and that person has two children, then those two have families of ten and teach all twenty of those kids to serve... etc, etc - It slowly changes the world. Yes, I KNOW that sounds cliche to some - to a lot of people. It sound "over-optimistic" or "naive" to some, maybe even you... but that's cause they have lost the ability to dream like I do - hopefully like we all can learn to do a bit more in this life. They don't know how to believe in themselves wholeheartedly... Laugh all you will, but Dream Big is NOT just a song, and one person CAN change the world.

I will keep this child-like viewpoint and stay locked in this bubble of belief... I still have my eyes open to what's going on in the world. I know there is a lot of junky stuff going on, but my bubble, which is called the world, teaches me to have faith in myself, in others, and in our abilities to enact change and growth. Again, one person CAN change the world...

Jesus Christ was one man.

You know, I am just one girl, but if I know I have helped a few students believe in themselves at the school I work at... and that means the WORLD to them. It gives them courage and strength. That provides them with opportunities and experiences... It creates their world. And you know what? They don't even know that in turn, they have changed MY world. It's amazing how often that happens... That you get so much from the service you provide for others... It's a beautiful contradiction.

Oh, that sounds like a good song title... :)


Song for the Day: This was hard today because I wanted to put something like Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror in to talk about change, or some clever song about the power of the individual (I will not say power of one after the summer - haha!), but I decided to say PLEASE go check out Benton Paul's newest CD... His song Don't Go is somewhat hautning and asks the questions many have asked in realationships, but my favorite song on the album is called Paris. It is phenomenal! So, Benton Paul's, Paris.

What a beautiful song... Don't Go is good too though.... Haha. Just go order the whole CD and decide what the best song is... :) Or, go to the David Archuleta concert. He is opening for David... Clarifying note, I liked Benton Paul's music long before I knew who David Archuleta was. Haha...

(Sidenote: I think I am OBSESSED with putting videos on my blog now, just because I know how to do so now.... Sidenote: I think I am obsessed with writing sidenotes.)

Monday, March 2, 2009

You're My Best Friend...

My best friend is a little bit crazy like me - haha! She has a lot of "zip" to her and little bit of an attitude, but just enough to get her point across. She's a true southerner, and we both understand the idea of being sweet and having a bit of a "bite" to ya at the same time... She has a good heart and cares about others - her future profession as a nurse proves this even more. She loves music and has no qualms about dancing around the house with me, singing on a hairbrush at the top of her lungs... every day. She is talented, bright, intellectual, well-spoken and yet a wee bit blond at times, which makes her hilariously funny - and witty.

My best friend is ALWAYS there for me - even when I do or say something stupid... which I do a lot. She is patient with me, and kind to me. She cares about me and she wants me to be happy... as I want her to be. Our friendship really isn't normal... I know, that sound cheesy or weird, but it's true. Our friendship is so much deeper than a normal one... It will last. It is GENUINE. She is genuine... and that's hard to find.

I think we both found that together... being genuine I mean. We learned to be real through each other. Finally.

I have the BEST Best friend in the world... and at the current moment she is residing in Portugal. She is currently being an amazing example and serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She has been out for almost five months, and has rocked it out there... I had no doubt she would. She was an amazing missionary before she left, and she teaches me something each week in her letters about being an even better missionary no matter where you are located. She really is incredible...

Yep... I have the best friend I could ever have in the world! She is a true inspiration to others, and a great teacher for me... I am beyond proud of her and SO happy she is serving our Heavenly Father. I love her a lot... and today, I really missed her.

I miss her a lot.

Everyone should know my best friend. Everyone should have a best friend like her... and so, I write to tell you about her, and how great she is.

Yep, I have the BEST best friend.

Song of the Day: "Ramalama (Bang,Bang)" by: Roisin Murphy - AMAZING and completely BIZARRE - I love it. LOVE IT!

Here's a clip- though you should look up the whole song - with dancer's from So You Think You Can Dance! I found this clip tonight, but was thinking about the song in the shower this morning, imagining a dance to it - I know, I'm weird, but I do that a lot... - and this was almost EXACTLY what I pictured it being like!!! Thriller-esque... but mine was a bit more model-esque. Crazy!!! Enjoy - I know you will...