Monday, May 27, 2013


I adore Sundays... It's just the pick-up I need for the week for a few reasons.

1) Church meetings:  In general, I just love to refocus on what's really important and my relationship with divinity.... I like to center back on the things I need to do to make me happier, healthier, and on the path to be the person I really want to become.  

2)  Time with Family:  I love my family and am SO thankful for them in my life.  I'm thankful to have them close-by... meaning, downstairs.  I'm thankful for their listening ears, sound advice, awkward scenarios  awesome or awesomely bad jokes, hugs, and their sarcastic wit they have all bestowed upon me over the years... I love my family.

3)  Sunday naps:  I love getting up and "go-go-going" with life... but I also LOVE a good nap.  I mean, a hardcore nap wrapped in my down comforter is pretty much heaven to my body.  I think heaven will quite literally have naps... even if they aren't needed, the option will be present.

4)  Sunday runs OR walk-and-talks:  I tend to love being outside on Sundays after my naps.  I just LOVE being outdoors and feeling the fresh air, as well as the naturalistic connection to the universe   Sounds cheesy?  It is... but it's legit too.  There's something to be said about seeing God's hand in nature and feeling peace in those moments.  I love to take a slow jog around the neighborhood while listening to my music on quieter mode, or invite my mom or a friend to walk around the neighborhood with me while we talk about the week and how our lives are going.  Sunday walk-and-talks are the BEST during the summer... don't be surprised if you see me out and about South Mountain, or if I call you to come walk-and-talk with me.  I love walking... 

I just love Sundays and the refreshing, reviving jump-start they give me for the week.  I am a thankful girl.  

One other thought:  

A little spiritual thought for the day, as it IS Sunday... 

Luke 8:14 - And that which fell among thorns are they, which, when they have heard, go forth, and are choked with cares and riches and pleasures of this life, and bring no fruit to perfection.

Do you go into the world with your focus on the right things?  Do you produce positivity for the world and give back something of worth?  

Those that tend to fall to the wayside, or fall spiritually are those that put their focus into the wrong place.  Those that tend to fall economically, socially, physically, or emotionally are those who put their focus into the wrong place.... especially if you know better.  Go out there this week and make a change for the better - whatever that means to you, focus on the right things and spread that love to others around you.


Bring forth fruit and help pull others from the thorns. 

Song of the Day: I adore this little band called Parachute.  Maybe I've talked about them before... once or twice... or more.  They have a new album coming out and here is one of their new songs, which I love - a lot.  Here is "Heart Go Crazy."  I put the regular and acoustic versions on here because I can't decide which I enjoy more.... it changes upon the day!  Enjoy!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer 2013 - Best One Yet!!!

Each year I take the time to create a list of things to do over the summer - I kinda have this Type A personality where I love to make lists and cross things off.  Yes, it's a bit sick... I embrace it.  I find joy in making and completing lists!

Thus, with no further ado, here is my Summer List 2013:

 - Graduate from my Master's Program!!! (JUNE 1ST!)
 - Go skydiving (JUNE 8TH!)
 - Tour the State Capitol (still have not done this!)
 - Attend mass or a recital in the Madeline
 - Attack someone's driveway with chalk... :)
 - Start (and continue) a water-balloon fight!
 - Take Eliza to the zoo
 - Be Draper City Kickball League 2013 CHAMPIONS! :) (I feel it...)
 - Go in a human-hamster-ball!
 - Take a zillion and one pictures
 - Learn three new songs on the guitar
 - Read a book each week!
 - Go ice-blocking (never been!)
 - Play a lot of volleyball.... and football... and sports in general.
 - Beat Lauren in a game of HORSE.... I dream big.
 - Learn to catch a long distance pass in frisbee
 - Go to the drive-in movies!
 - Make homemade popsicles
 - Bake cookies with Eliza to take to her neighbors
 - Wash someone else's car for them!
 - Stage manage Stadium of Fire (happening again!)
 - Go for a bike ride.... find a bike first....
 - Get a snow-cone!
 - Tan by the pool.... a LOT.
 - Go camping
 - Go rock-climbing!
 - Have a bonfire and roast mallows!
 - Make smoothies
 - Go to the temple each week -June: ☐ July: ☐ August: ☐
 - Eat a lot of watermelon, strawberries, and just fresh fruit
 - Have a BBQ party
 - Go to at least three Twilight Concert Series events!
 - Lesson plan like CRAZY for next year....
 - Set up a basic design and blocking for The Giver script
 - Go on a mini-golfing date!
 - Hit up a driving range (first time!)
 - Run around The Gateway fountains with Eliza
 - Do the batting cages at Boondocks or Trafalgar
 - Go star-gazing!
 - Outdoor movie time
 - Go to the 7Peaks - a LOT.
 - Go to California and DISNEYLAND!!! (JUNE 19!)
 - Late night Sonic shakes... :)
 - Go long-boarding!
 - Make friendship bracelets with Eliza
 - Hit up a concert or two!
 - Hike Bell Canyon and go on at least three other amazing hikes!
 - Go geocaching and place a new box somewhere
 - Run my fastest mile time!
 - Bench 150lbs.
 - Parking lot DANCE PARTIES!
 - Randomly leave love-notes for friends on their doorsteps and cars... I love spreadin' the love!

Can you think of anything else I should add??? Let me know and let's make this summer the best one yet!!!

Song of the Day: Want a smooth summer jam to rock to in the car... or during a parking lot dance party? :)  Yea, here's a good jam to move to or just drive to... I prefer to drive and move.  Just sayin'. :)  Here is Robin Thicke w/ T.I. & Pharell singing "Blurred Lines."  Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Waitin' on the World to Change... or Me... or God's Timing... or the Weather.

I think we all have moments in our life where we are left "in waiting." We are use to having to wait in lines at Disneyland or Cafe Rio, for someone important to call or text, or for the clock to hit 5:00 pm after a long day at work. However, we never really get use to waiting on the "next step" or next big event in our life.  Both are obnoxious at moments and sometimes impatience can set in... We just want to be where we planned in life - whether that's riding space mountain, eating a pork salad, or graduating from Grad School after a few long years.  However, I have come to learn that it's how we deal with the "waiting time" that says the most about our character and mental health.

We can't always choose our emotions.  We can't.  Anyone who says it's that easy doesn't understand the majority of people in this world.  Emotions come and go like summer and fall, but allowing those emotions to set-in and consume us is often our choice.  We have the ability to use our actions and surroundings to change our emotions.  One way to do this... service.

I recently read an amazing talk by a woman named Christy Nelson. She states:

 "Most everyone has experienced anxiety or anticipation while waiting for something. As a single adult, I certainly have learned what it means to wait. For this reason Isaiah 40:31 has come to have special meaning for me: “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint” (emphasis added). Many of us dread waiting, but through the prophet Isaiah, the Lord tells us that waiting can actually be a good thing.

So what kind of waiting was Isaiah describing? The Hebrew word translated as wait also means “hope for” and “anticipate” (Isaiah 40:31, footnote a). To add my own interpretation, I like to think of waiting in terms of a waiter at a restaurant. In this sense, to wait on someone is to serve that person. A good waiter—or server—gives his or her customers excellent care and attention by checking in often, learning their desires, and attending to them. When I adopt this attitude toward the Lord, it adds purpose to the time I spend awaiting a particular blessing. In fact, time seems to pass more quickly when I am diligently working to serve God. Ironically enough, it’s through this work that I “renew [my] strength.”

The same amount of time will pass whether I am squandering it in anger and impatience or using it to serve the Lord and His children. Choosing to “wait upon the Lord”—or viewed another way, to serve Him—yields far more satisfying results. This choice also helps me remember that because Heavenly Father’s greatest desire is to bless His children with what will ultimately help us be happy, He will not only give me what I need, He’ll also give it at the time that is best for me."

Now, I'm not one to preach on this topic... I can be a sucky waiter.  Haha!  No, but really... I put on a good face, but I do get a bit anxious at times.  I'm only human.  However, this article and thinking on the topic these past weeks has changed my outlook just a little bit.  I have taken an approach of service and focusing on what I can do for others.  I'm waiting on others in the service attitude, rather than just meaninglessly killing time.  It's a much happier state to be in because you're constantly DOING something... I hate just sitting around waiting... it drives me mad.  Thus, an attitude of focusing on others not only blesses your life, but those you're serving... It's brilliant.

So, in conclusion, I'm gonna stop waitin' on the world to change... and go out there and change it myself.

Song of the Day:  I'm currently obsessed with this jam - perfect to drive to and sing to as loud as you'd like.... Here is Nikki Williams with "Glowing."  Enjoy!

Monday, May 13, 2013

20 Down.

I feel like I need to record this somewhere, and so where better than your blog?  Don't say a personal journal because it's not THAT personal... no fear.  I am writing to express my deepest excitement at being another few pounds down and below my post-Germany weight... and it's 20 pounds down from last year.  I feel like I can finally post it because I've stepped on the scale and consistently seen that number.  It's the lowest I've been in a long time and I'm just ecstatic, feeling great, and super proud of taking the appropriate steps to make myself healthier, happier, and more ready for physical challenges.  I know I don't look drastically different and still wear some of the same clothes... but they're looser. :)

My muscles are more firm and I'm enjoying working out - I sometimes.... SOMETIMES... even enjoy running.  Well, that might be pushing it.  Haha!  Honestly, I prefer weight training and cardio through sports.   However, I went running Sunday just because I wanted to, and though I was dying a bit, I enjoyed the run/walk/run cycle quite a bit.  I know - shocked me too.

I feel really great about where I'm at - I'm a happy woman, and if you though I was confident before, I'm feelin' pretty dang confident now.

Song(s) of Day:  I saw The Great Gatsby this weekend (props to Mr. Luhrmann) and loved a lot of aspects about the film.  I was not a fan of the book in HS, but I think that's because I had a hard time with disillusionment within literature because I didn't understand it in many way.  I didn't have the easiest childhood, but I didn't understand the disillusioned aspect of happenings in my life.  Anyway, I enjoyed the film and LOVED the soundtrack!  I've been listening to it like crazy all day!  Here are two songs from the soundtrack that I adore... First, Lana Del Rey's song "Young and Beautiful."  It's pensive, haunting, and beautiful.  Second, here's a more upbeat track from with "Bang Bang."  ENJOY!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


There is one other individual in particular who I feel like I should really say "Thank You!" to in my life right now... I have MANY good friends, and feel very blessed for all of you.  I am beyond thankful for the hours and hours you spend talking with or hanging out with me.  I'm grateful for the effort you put forth in being my friends and confidants.  Eventually I will blog to ALL off you, but for now I need to say one additional thank you to this particular individual and my Heavenly Father for placing her in my life.

I just recently took the time to write about my bestie, Spence, and how he has been such a God-send for me in this past year of my life.  I also feel the same about Miss Jaegs.  She has been there for me through a lot in in the past six-ish months and always willing to spend time and effort on making me happy.  I have found a true friend in her and know that I can count on her to always have my back.  She is up for any crazy thing and helps me not look like too much of an idiot - haha!  She is great because we can have hilarious conversations about frivolous things and then have serious, meaningful conversations about life, decisions, the gospel, and how we're feelings.  It's the perfect friendship for me and she has sincerely grown to be a best friend.  I  know that I can always count on her... and that means the world to me.

Court - I look up to you A LOT!  You have no idea the example you are to me each day.  You have no idea how much I just want to be like you in so many ways.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life and for putting up with my bits of crazy.  Especially since half the world thinks we're lesbians... well, maybe just your mom... and those people at the Sunday party... We LOVE men.  A LOT - FYI world. :)

"In Utah, we do what we want!"

Again, I'm a blessed girl... I should be more thankful.

Song of the Day: This is for Court, so... Here is an anthem she fixed me up with awhile back.  Here's Megan and Liz singing "Bad For Me."  Love it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Sometimes we write on our blogs to make a grand statement or announcement.
Sometimes we write in our blogs to express emotion or opinions.
Sometimes we write in our blogs to record an event in our lives.

Today, I write in my blog simply to express gratitude for the past few months.  I've been a blessed girl.  I can truly affirm that Heavenly Father knows WHAT we need WHEN we need it... I truly hate waiting on the Lord's timing (sorry - it's true), but I know He has it figured out for me better than I have if figured out for myself.  This past few months, what have I really needed?  A solid, genuine, trustworthy, loyal, and real best friend.  I've just needed someone I can really 100% talk to about anything and who supports me and vice versa - no matter what.  A friend that stands up for me... and makes fun of me when deserved (Habatchi - need I say more? Nope.). A friend who can make me laugh when I'm upset or calm me down when I'm being irrational.  I have that right now, and that's pretty awesome.

In a hard time he says...

"I don't want to be human." 

My reply...

"Well, zombie is much less attractive... but I'll see what I can work out for ya."

Our convo on the matter...

"Zombies are awesome.  All they want is to eat brains. I could live with that. No heart = no pain."
"And no excitement either... You'd cease to be witty!"
"That sounds like a fair trade though."
"Well, not for me.  Sorry - I need a best friend.  No zombie-life for you."
"And that's why I wouldn't make the trade.  You're welcome."
"Thank you for not becoming a zombie for me."

How awesome are we?  Yep - you're jealous.  Sorry, but... thou shalt not covet.
Our friendship is pretty epic.

I have the best friend in the world.  We understand each other in a way no one else can - on both sides.  It's a bit scary how much we think alike.... We're not the exact same - we harbor differences and different opinions or interests.  However, we THINK alike and just get each other without even using words.  It's pretty amazing - and I just needed that right now.

*Dropping me off*

"Hey, well I'll see you..."
"Just everyday for the rest of our lives."

Sidenote:  Can we take a normal picture?!  I think not.

I'm a lucky girl.  I just felt like I should say, THANK YOU.

P.S.  Sorry if this at all seems somewhat sappy - I'm just grateful.  I think it was fine till the song, right?  Eh - oops. Hahaha....
P.S.S. Also, I think the song might be slightly about Jesus... I'm not in any way trying to steal the limelight - FYI. :)

Song of the Day: Without getting overly sappy, I think this song fit appropriately for this entry.  Here's a little Boyce Avenue and Michael Jackson with "Will You Be There." Partake in both or whichever video makes your heart happy... Personally, well, I jam to both.  Enjoy!