Sunday, August 18, 2013

8 Months to Sexy!

Life over the past few weeks has come with a good chunk of changes.  I finally am starting my first official year as a teacher and have been getting my classrooms (yes, plural) ready for students and teaching.  I have an English classroom that I am sharing with another teacher (I teach A Days there and she teaches B Days), and a Theater office/classroom that I use to teacher Theater I and II on B Days.  I have been lesson planning and reading tips... collaborating with other teachers till I can collaborate no longer.  I am excited to start officially teaching tomorrow and begin a new phase in my life.  I loved being a nanny, but I am ready to take on the "real world...," aka: High School.  Haha!  In the words of Andy Samberg, "I'm an adult!"

Yea, buddy.

Another big change I have been making in life is regarding my health and diet.  I'd like to call this stage of my life, "8 Months to Sexy."  BAM!  Yep - that's a pretty good motto, I know.  I'm only 2 1/2 weeks in, but that's something!

I want to clear something up in that I am not dieting like crazy and not eating.  On the contrary, I am eating more than before (I use to frequently forget to eat) and eating more meals (six-ish smaller ones).  I am not cutting out everything I love to eat in life or obsessing about every calorie I eat either.  I am not eating pre-packaged foods or living for a program - not being a hater at all, that just doesn't work for me.  I am not thinking about it non-stop and focusing so much on losing weight that I become unhappy about who I am or what I look like.

I am still much more than my body (this does not negate that concept), but I want to gain more control over this one part of my life.  I have control over the rest of my life... well, generally. :)  Why not take control of my body?!

On the contrary, I am feeling better about myself and my body.  I am happier and on my way to being healthier.  I know that when I am eating better, my body feels better.  I had an insane cheat night on Friday night and hit up Texas Roadhouse with some friends.  I know, I know... those rolls!  They're heaven.  Haha!  Well, I don't regret an ounce of food I ate that night, but I do know that the next day I felt more lethargic and "off" than I have in the past two weeks.  I am learning that I like eating healthier on a regular basis.  Now, I'm not perfect... I mess up and eat something crappy here (and I forgive myself adn move on!) and there, but I've been pretty diligent and I like that... It's not only re-teaching and training my body, it's retraining my self-discipline in general.

Then there's the working out.... I have one of my good friends acting as my "personal trainer," and it has been the best thing ever.  Not only do I already trust the person telling me how to eat and work-out, but I think he can push me harder than someone else could.  He uses logic when I need something explained or uses motivation (sometimes through relentlessly giving me a hard time) to make me stretch myself.  He watches and know how hard to push me and when I'm just done.  He's all about form and making me do things right, and because of that, I feel comfortable with everything he's asked me to do or way he's pushed me.  Let me tell you too - he pushes me like crazy!  My muscles ache and I'm a sore woman most days, and I am fantastic sweat-fest post workout, but I still feel great.... I'm not miserable.  Okay, one day I was!  Hahaha.... but that passed and I'm happy to have stronger legs, arms, abs (gettin' there with those - blech!  Haha!), and a sexier butt comin' my way.  Haha!  I like being STRONGER and FEELING BETTER.  I'm not focusing on weight - though I do like losing - or even size - though I would like to be smaller eventually - but I'm focusing on how I feel and the energy I have each day.... I'm loving it.  I'm focusing on ME.

Point is, I'm on the path called "8 Months to Sexy" (or "sexier" as my friends lovingly remind me) and I'm healthier with the changes I'm making.  I'm happier.  And although I was beautiful before, I am excited to feel even more confident in my own skin. :)

Song of the Day: Today is all about bettering yourself and being comfortable in your OWN skin.  Thus, I am obsessed with this video and how this girl embraces herself.  If you are fine where you're at now, perfect!  If you want to change something - awesome!  Do it!  This is a GREAT jam too... Here is NKOTB with "Remix (I Like The)."  OBSESSED!