Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Ten: Spring Has Sprung!

I wasn't going to do the Tuesday Ten this week, but I can't resist... So, I'm thinking it's gonna be a chill week and I'm going to do my top ten things about Spring.  Here goes:

1 - Popcorn Trees.  Eliza and I were admiring the blossoming trees all day and I'm in love with how gorgeous they are EVERY year...

2 - More light at night... I like that it's later into the evening and just more light time in my waking hours.

3 -  Bonfires.  These are also a Summer thing, but they always start in Spring and I am STOKED for bonfires and the get-togethers that happen because of them.

4 - Skirts with no leggings of tights!  I love that I don't have to wear another layer to keep warm on my legs.

5 - Tans.  The beginning of getting tan starts in Spring and it makes wearing those skirts with no leggings, as spoken about previously, much more acceptable and cute. 

6 - Fresh strawberries!  I've eaten fresh strawberries for the past four days and I'm in love...

7 - Spring/summer lovin'.  Even when nothing happens, there is always "love" in the air and it's funny to watch others start mad crushing on random others... and doing it myself. 

8 - Book time!  Half of Spring is caught in the school term, but the other half is pure freedom (aside from my job), which means more time any time to leisure reading.  I LOVE catching up on what I WANT to read!  This summer I plan to scour a million and one scripts, re-read The Hunger Games trilogy, read a few church-history books, start finally reading Divergent, finish the complete works of William Shakespeare, re-read the Book of Mormon and New Testament, and go through a few other new books.  I'm stoked.

9 - Rain.  I love it when the rain in April/May comes... Rain storms are a favorite of mine. 

10 - Flip-Flops!  Yep - bring on the flip-flops and sandals!  I'm more flats person than anything, but during the Spring and Summer I am often wearing flip-flops or gladiator sandals.  Love em'!


Monday, March 26, 2012

Words Their Way,,, but not always a GOOD way!

"We're running our ward just like the government is running our country!" - Matt

"Why don't you do martial arts anymore?" - Nigel Lythgoe
"Um, well, just some random stuff.  I had some conflicts with my dojo..." - random SYTYCD dancer who did NOT make it!

"That's what's wrong with facebook - no one talks anymore. False." - Cami

"Why do Americans have port-a-potties from the brand Honeybucket?  Honeybucket.  There's not honey in there!" - Justine

"You rock that crotch dust really well." - Jay at Festival of Colors - haha!

"Knock knock!"  - Linze
"Who's there?" - Eliza and Lily
"Cheese." - Linze
"Cheese who?" - Eliza and Lily
"CheeseBURGER!" - Linze..... I turn to Jenny, "I just made that up!"
"Oh, really?!" - Jenny, dripping with sarcasm 

"I'm on one today!" - Curtis... one of my mom's students who is hilarious...

"My beauty is just overwhelming... and my neck shirt." - Linze

"I'll do my due diligence to Jesus." - Katie

"You can't save the world." - Barb
"You're not Jesus!" - Laura (in her amazing accent!)

"I would be a cheeseburger." - Laura

"At least he's good looking." - Linze (after a boy who doesn't really have a lot going for him)

"I don't see many fights to get into Mexico!" - Bishop Scott
"Unless it's Cabo..." - Sister Scott

"He'll just hop and me and we'll go!" - Linze (NOT meant to be inappropriate!)

Okay, the next two comments happened in church during Relief Society (all women meeting) during a talk about modesty in dress standards... when Brother Skousen happened to be visiting our meeting... I was talking about dressing appropriately and how my bestie and I can not wear the same thing (even in our own sizes) because I would be poppin' out and she wouldn't.  I said (about my boobs, and while grabbing them), "It's because I have too many... well, only two!"

"I'm floppin' around everywhere at the gym if I'm not careful!" - Linze

"What?  All three boobs?" - Justine 

"Freak!  I'm done." - Bishop Scott


Song of the Day:  Justin Bieber's newest single dropped last night!  Here's "Boyfriend."  Embrace it... Listen.  Love. ENJOY!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Ten: Here We Go Again!

These are a fw of my favorite things!!!

You sang that, didn't you?

Yep.  I thought so.

Here is this week's Tuesday Ten.... :)

1 - Tron Inspired Light Suit Dance.

2 - Glitter Nail Polish.  It's almost/kinda/maybe sandal and flip-flop weather and I LOVE my pink glitter toes and nails... They just make me a little extra happy when I look at them!

3 - Gotye's song, featuring Kimbra, "Somebody That I Use to Know," and the really amazing video.  Check it:

4 -  This quote:
I believe this.  You may not.  That's okay.  For the video of this quote (I wanted to make sure that Obama had actually said it) then watch this video (link below).  The whole clip is actually quite good in my opinion...: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOwzy-vKaFI

5 - I have nothing on Baby Jamie and his mad Table Tennis skills...

6 -  My Inhaler!  I used it for the first time last night and I could RUN.  I mean, my shins were killing me at the end, but I felt no pressure in my chest when on a treadmill!  I've never breathed like that... never.  When I was nine I remember having issues with breathing when working out... I feel like a whole new person, which is why I love my inhaler.

7 - Upliftothers.com - I love this site and the message it gives about handling tough things in life and holding onto hope and faith.  There's a video on there called, "Why Life Matters," that I adore:

8 -Basketball Shorts... Oh, how I LOVE basketball shorts to lounge around in..... a lot.

9 - Bon Qui Qui's "I'm a Cut You!"  Hahaha - This is hilarious!  I actually love Anjelah Johnson in general!  Haha... She is SO funny - look up her video "Nail Salon" for a stand-up routine of awesomeness, actually....

10 - "Nail Salon" by Anjelah Johnson!  OH, so funny.... I love it.  I've watched it about four times... in a day.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Grateful Girl!

I am a blessed woman.  I mean it.  I have so many things in my life to be grateful for and I could sing it to the mountains with how happy I am right now.  One of my closest, best friends called me on Friday to tell me that she had just gotten engaged.  Tonight we were finally able to talk and I could hear the WHOLE story... WOW.  I am just overwhelmed with excitement for her and the choices she has made in her life that led her to her fiance.  I don't know why, but I just got off the phone feeling SO happy that she's chosen to share this special time in her life with me.  I've had a handful of really close friends get married recently and I feel SO blessed that they wanted me there - that I was able to share in their joy. 

Another one of my friends received her "surprise" mission call (surprise as in almost  NO ONE knew she had put her papers in till she got her call!) and will be going to my home mission in Virginia!  I'm freaking out with excitement for her and for the mission.  First, she is going to be SUCH an incredible missionary.  I mean, this is a girl who is one of the most genuine, kind, funny, talented, and accepting individuals that I know... It's not an exaggeration with any of those adjectives, mind you.  She's going to rock the mission field out there and just be a good influence for some many of my old friends out there.  Second, finally someone from here will understand why I freak out about Cristian's Pizza, Bodo's Bagels, Monticello, Fall on the East coast, and just Virginia in general.  Haha!

Altogether, these things among many other little things from my week made me realize how blessed I am.  I have SO much to be grateful for, and my Heavenly Father to thank for all of these blessings.  I am grateful for the big things like shelter, food, a car that runs well, clothing (a LOT of clothing...), the gospel, amazing friends and family, my education, and a job that I love.  I am grateful for the little things, like glitter toes, cute boots, my pet hamster, a cell phone, the snowy mountains, jean jackets, adorable jewelry, scarves (a LOT of scarves...), pinterest, laughter, and for Hunger Games week - haha... I'm just a grateful girl right now.  I hope that as my week continues, no matter what comes my way, I can maintain an attitude of gratitude and remember how much my Father in Heaven and my Savior love me.

Sidenote:  I am also really grateful for this video... I haven't laughed this hard in a LONG while. A LONG while!  Hahahahaha....


Song of the Day:  I am love with this song my friend, Chad, sent me.  Here is The Wanted with "Lightening."  I didn't put the video because upon watching it, it is RACY!  Haha... Enjoy!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Rubric for a Boyfriend

So, I'm an educator, right?  Yep... Well, in some of my classes we are working on creating rubrics for our lessons/units.  We are told to b clear and concise about our expectations...

One of the girls in my program (Brinna) thought a "Boyfriend Rubric" with these perimeters could be pretty epic.  I agreed.  Thus, here you have it... The "Boyfriend Rubric," posted below.  Feel free to use it, adapt it slightly to your personality, and change the words "he" to "she" if you're a boy... That MIGHT work.  Maybe?  Haha! 

Makes me laugh and doesn’t have to “try too hard.” He is sincere and kind to you and others.  He isn’t afraid to be a little quirky and is a lot of fun to be around.
Awkward, but still funny and endearing sometimes.  He might be a little TOO quirky... He isn’t very genuine and not always nice to others - uses cutting sarcasm, not funny sarcasm.
Is a douche.
He isn’t funny at all, and spends the majority of time making fun of others.  He’s overly cocky and self-absorbed.  Oh, and he is a douche.
Ridiculously good looking!
Cute, but his personality makes him cuter...
Stable and established - has goals and direction.  He is supportive of your career as a teacher and your goals.
In college, but major is still undecided.  Unsure about his own goals.  He is supportive of some of your goals, and is fine with you being a teacher.
(Really, it's about lacking drive, and not exactly where he is in that moment...)
No job, no degree, living on Mama’s couch... Doesn’t care to change.  He hates education and thinks that teaching is easy.
Always remembers Mother’s Day and his mom’s birthday. Calls to talk to his mom and genuine cares about his family.  Is great with the kids in the family and wants kids of his own someday.
He loves his family, but is not very involved with them.  He rarely calls his mom or dad, and never talks about them with you.  He remembers his mom’s birthday, but thinks Mother’s Day is lame. 
Talks negatively about his mother and other family members.  He doesn’t even know his mom’s birthday.  He makes fun of little kids when they fall and would never offer to play with them... or sit next to them. 
Reads for fun! Plays some sort of sport and enjoys watching sports.  He can play an instrument and/or sing, and appreciates good music. He also loves to go dancing.
He will try new activities with you!
He isn’t overly athletic or musical, but tries to participate with you and be supportive.  He doesn’t enjoy reading a lot, but will occasionally pick up an interesting -looking book, usually nonfiction. He has only read 3 1/3 of the  Harry Potter series and has only seen the very last movie.  Hates Hunger Games…
Video Games, all day and everyday...  He thinks reading is for losers.
Takes you out to dinner on occasion. Is okay with you wearing sweats just to have a movie night and French toast. Comes up with fun and creative dates.  Opens the door for you on instinct and carries on great conversation.
He takes you out on special occasions only.  He tells you that you look better with make-up on and isn’t into cuddling at all.  He opens the door every once in awhile and has decent conversation with you and others.
Doesn’t take you out, but when you ask him and “he gives in,” he does he makes you pay each time.
Conversation virtually ceases to exist.
He just wants booty.

Oh my... This was AWESOME to create and quite hilarious.  Love you, Brinna - you make class WAY more fun!  Now, I just have to go hold some rather attractive up to this rubric and watch the magic happen.  Haha... Right?

Sidenote: This really is all meant in fun! If a boy isn't a "5" in every column it does not mean I'm passing judgement and not giving him a shot.  Please look at this as the sarcastic, hilarious rubric it is... Some truth, but you know what I'm sayin'.  Haha!

P.S.  I would also choose to add a "SPIRITUAL LIFE & BELIEFS" column... I'd say it's actually one of the most important (if not THE most important) columns for me.  A "5" would be earned if he's a boy who honors his priesthood, is worthy to take me to the temple, and puts God and the gospel first in his life.  There would be not three or one... because I wouldn't/won't accept anything else.  Just puttin' it out there. :)

Song of the Day: I love Olly Murs. He is a British X-Factor past contestant and he's AMAZING... I also love his new single, "Oh My Goodness." You will too, so enjoy!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Ten: Can You Believe I'm Still Writing These?!

Here I am... It's another Tuesday and I am posting my favorite things for the week.  I'll continue this trend for at least a few more weeks and then evaluate if I wanna keep it up... I kind of like being able to keep track of all of my favorite things in one space.  I KNOW that's what pinterest is for, but still... This is like my journal right now, and I like it!

So, here is this week's Tuesday Ten, written & created with love!  Haha:

1 - Pumped Up Kicks DUBSTEP.  This dancer is LEGIT!  I am not kidding when I say that he can move so smooth you feel like he's not putting any effort behind it - which we know ain't true.  He is the real deal.  The song is decent - love the remix - and the dancing is sublime. 

2 - The Londoner Blog. I found this blog because it was a post called "The Anti Diet," which is an AMAZING post and clicking on the blog name will take you to that specific entry. However, the entire blog is awesome, with gorgeous pictures, fun stories and trip descriptions, and cute fashion looks. I love it!

3 -Chris Brown's "Turn Up the Music."  The video is a bit weird & trippy, but I ended up really liking it a lot!  The dancing in the video is AMAZING, the song is SO much fun (whether when driving in the car or working out), and I love Chris Brown's music - a lot.  P.S.  The remix with Rihanna is SICK!

4 - Ten Thousand Haiku. I love Haiku poems and poetry in general... Thus, I love this site. FYI - a Haiku is a 5-7-5 syllable poem.  Click on the name to take you there, but here are some examples below:

"Quiet in the room
Stacks of dark light on the floor
Nothing in the room"
"This has become work:
The sun setting behind me,
Calendar on fire"

5 -  Karmin's "Brokenhearted."  I LOVE this song!  It makes me SO happy every time I hear it and I love singing along.  Plus, I adore Karmin and where they came from... Music majors gone YouTube and getting a recording deal out of it = awesome.  They are original and unique in many ways and homegirl can rap really well for a white girl!  I wanna do what she does...  Rap and Belt.  Done.  Here they are on SNL:

6 - Say Yes to the Dress.  I've had so many (I mean, SOOOOOOO many) friends get married  or recently engaged that I started looking at different types of dresses with/for some of them and over the past few months.  Somewhere along the line, I fell into watching this show... Now, I'm obsessed.  I think it's crazy how much a girl will spend on a dress for a day and I love watching all the crazy styles go on them.  I'm a MUCH simpler girl, but it's a guilty pleasure to watch and better than most other trashy, reality TV.

7 - One Direction's "One Thing" and the VIDEO!  I love these boys and they're fun pop-music!  It's just FUN.  Plus, I think the lyrics to this song are adorable - "Get out of my head, and fall into my arms instead..."  Story of my life (well, everyone's life!) and I think it's cute! :)  PLUS, the video is shot in the streets of London and on a double-Decker bus!  Be still my heart... I'm London obsessed!

8 - Pretzels.  Perhaps I've said this before, but I can't get enough of pretzels... Plain, salted, chocolate or yogurt-covered, soft or hard... I love pretzels. The way into this woman's heart might just be pretzels...?

9 - My mom.  I have the best mom in the world.  Really... I know that most people believe this about your mom and you might be right - FOR YOU.  However, FOR ME, my mom is the best mom (hands down) that I could ever have.  She cares about me and what makes me happy.  She allows me free expression and loves me for who I am, no matter if that correlates of contradicts what she thinks or feels.  She is supportive of me and knows what I need, when I need it.  She believes in me and helps me through all my problems.  She listens.  Also, she loves the things that I love and is passionate about similar things... When I called her today after class just to tell her about my day and how excited I was about teaching someday, she was excited with me.  She really is my best friend and I only pray that I continue to let her know how special she is to me because I was/am SO blessed to have her in my life and eternity.  

10 - Sam & Ashley's Videos on "Mornings With Matt."  My friend, Ashley, married her husband, Sam, a few years back.  Four weeks after their first child he got into a snowboarding accident and became a paraplegic.  Ashley has ALWAYS been a strong woman - even at age 14 I remember specific example of how she led and befriended others with Christ-like love.  She's a powerhouse and these video give a taste of what they've been through as a couple and where they are now.  She is currently pregnant with their second child and I am SO happy they'll be parents again - what a lucky kid! :)  Take 4 minutes to watch one of their videos:


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Ten: Marching On...

1 - "I Like You" video...  I know.  It's cheesy as all get out.  However, I like it.  It's endearing and cute... I "like" it... a lot.

2 - Healthy = Happy Blog I am now of this calorie counting kick and have been looking up low-cal ideas, and motivational blogs.  Yep - I admit it freely.  It's been great and I stumbled onto this blog and fell in love with the organized chaos.  It's funny, motivational, give ideas/picture, quirky - everything I want.  Enjoy by clicking on the link in the name above...

3 - JFK on Mormons. JFK is one of my favorite political figures of all time for many reasons. I recently discovered this speech excerpt he gave at the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah on September 26, 1963. I think it really neat and shows a great respect level for a religion he was not a part of, but supported in the right to be free to choose.

4-  Awkwardness.  Yep... I love awkwardness and how awkward I often am in my DAILY life.  Charlie Brown also loves awkwardness, as displayed below:

5 - Greensleeves otamatone??? I have NO clue what these little noise-makers with faces are, but I was laughing so hard watching this... Only the Japanese could create these - love it. They sound like a really musical duck... The duck might be more pleasant. Haha!

6 - DJ Earworm - United State of Pop 2012 (Mashup - World Go Boom). I love all of DJ Earworm's yearly mash-ups! Check out his one from past year too if you haven't before... He does a great job of mashing things up and then allows you to download them free on his site. LOVE this!

7 - Nail Polish!  I just love being able to change the colors of my finger and toe nails as often as I'd like and give myself a whole new look.  I like to do crazy designs too... I love nail polish - a lot!

8 - Angry Birds+Scriptures = PURE AWESOMENESS.

9 -  Why I Work Out Poster.  I don't really work out because of what the poster below says, but after I read it, I've thought it a few times while running.  Dang... I would have died FAST in those Hunger Games!  While we're on the Hunger Games topic... 3 WEEKS!  EEK!!! :)

10 - "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen - Feat. Justin Bieber, Selena, Ashley Tisdale & MORE!  Haha... I posted this on facebook too... I'm obsessed with the song and these random celebs dancing around to it! The fact that Carly's real video is even better and down from You Tube right now makes me a bit sad. I was gonna past that one too... Oh well! Here ya go! Sidenote: I've probably watched this about 14 times... really.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Like a Lighthouse...

My friend, Megan, and I were in the temple on Thursday night and started chatting about the power of being an example. There is such a strength in just being who you and shining your light that way.

Although my church has many missionaries that go out into the world to teach what we believe, we also believe that a mission is not for everyone. A mission is a personal decision and although young, LDS men are encouraged to go, there are circumstances where they are not able, ready, or it's just not right. I think the majority go and should go, but there are always exceptions. As a young woman, I was set on going on a mission from the age of four. Then, when the time came I KNEW it wasn't right for me... I had other opportunities that came along and led me to where I needed/need to be... They led me to MY mission.

At times in my life (and I'm sure in each of your lives) I have had the simple mission of standing firm in who I am and being the example.  Sure, we go forth and serve those around us.  However, I love the quote above because sometimes we merely need to be willing to shine and let our light guide others. 

I know that I have a Father in Heaven who lives and loves me.  I know that my Savior truly lived and died for me.  With this knowledge and the blessings of the gospel in my life, I also know that I am guided by my Heavenly Father in all that I do.  I know He hears me and truly listens... I know that He is looking out for me and that He, and my Savior, love me very much.  I know that as I stand firm in the things that I believe and allow others to do the same, we can be beacons of light for those struggling. 

I can and will stand firm, and shine forth like a lighthouse.

Song of the Day:  It just is too appropriate to pass up... Today's song is Jenny Phillips's song "Lighthouse in the Night."  I might have used this one before... but I don't believe so.  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Calorie Counting? Yep.

Today, I had the unfortunate need to go to the doctor.  I actually really like my doctor, but I don't have health insurance right now, so the visit alone was about $100 with a $75 co-pay right there.  Ouch!  On a positive, the doctor was able to diagnose me with exercise induced asthma, explaining the awful state I'm in after I run a lot.  He prescribed an inhaler and we moved forward to talk about some other things... My weight.

I brought it up and talked about how frustrated I am with weight not coming off no matter my work-out habits.  H's been my doctor for a LONG time and he knows my history.  He knows that I've been virtually the same size since eighth grade.  We talked about numerous options and finally I decided to try the one thing that worked in HS... was annoying as all get out, but slowly worked.

Let the calorie counting begin.

I have a made a food journal/log.  I'm planning out certain meals and my new exercise regiment.  I'm on the path...

I actually did the first day of calorie counting today and it wasn't bad.  I was careful about how much I took in and just really watched everything I ate.  I feel good about things so far... I know it's only day 1, but still.  Haha!  I've set some goals and I'll let you know as I achieve them. 

FYI, this blog is NOT going to become one of those "I'm going to talk about dieting every time" blogs. 

What it really comes down to is that I'm not as healthy as I need to be in my life.  When I have tried to lose weight to "be skinny," it always fails.  However, losing to live longer and happier is another thing.  I'm admitting it needs to happen and I feel renewed... I'm on the path.

Sidenote:  I am SO happy my favorite guy (Colton Dixon) and girl (Skyler Laine) made it through on American Idol! I thought there was SO much fodder this year and those two are standouts for me... I also like Erika Van Pelt a lot, and Hollie Cavanagh I like most of the time. There are others I'm on the fence about because I like their voices (Jeremy Rosado and Deandre Brackensick being two of them), but don't see a "star quality."  Now there were three of four to weed out and I'll be happier...

Song of the Day: I love this song, but the video is super trashy... Haha!  It's a GREAT dance song and so fun to drive around to.  SO, here is Sean Paul ft. Alexis Jordan with "Got To Love You."  Enjoy!
Sean Paul ft Alexis Jordan - Got To Love You .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Friends Say the Darndest Things...

It's time for some more quotes... You know you were gettin' antsy for some more.  Enjoy! 

"When I grow up to be a mom, and I get a husband, that won't be daddy..." - Eliza
"Yep." - Linze
"But I don't wanna marry someone else!" - Eliza
"Just daddy?" - Linze
"Yea... but he'll be, like, a GRANDPA!" - Eliza

"I think in REALITY, zombies come out during the day!" - Spencer, while watching I Am Legend...

 "Not in the wilderness!" - Brittany
"Thank you, Book of Mormon." - Linze

"I can't believe that shhhhhhhh just happened!" - Hailes, in regards to Emily going home on The Bachelor!

"You can't take my had off Eliza..." - Linze
"Then you could just go to the head store and buy a new head... Wait!  Head stores don't exist..." - Eliza

"You can't use magic on fictional characters.  Magic doesn't work on fiction..." - Linze (meaning, Harry Potter magic!)
"Why wouldn't it?" - Emily
*Long Pause*
"RIDICULOUS!" - Emily, while pointing a fake magic wand... :)

"It's hard to wait on someone else's time table." - Linze
"Yea, GOD'S!" - Hailey

"We wanna see him win at love, but lose at everything else..." - Spencer 

"What?  I don't look athletic in these shorts?!" - Linze
"Those shorts are not really the problem..." - Mark

"What is this? He's a newspaper guy who is also a detective...?" - Emily
"I don't get what you're not getting.  It's a real profession" - Linze
"Superman does that." - Linze
"My dreams are becoming a reality!" - Emily

"What kind of punctuation are you?" - Hayley and Spencer
"Are we really having this conversation?!" - Linze
Sidenote:  I determined a LONG time ago that I'm definitely the "..." (dot, dot, dot...)

"It looks like they all have wieners all the way up there!" - Amber, in reference to the women in the 1988 Crystal Light Aerobics Competition video I posted a few Tuesdays back.  
"Now it looks like they don't  have ANY wieners." - Linze, in reference to the men in that same video.
"They're hybrids." - Linze

"She's such a bench." - Bekah

"He needs to snatch a kid." - Hailey (regarding Josh Duhamel walking around in cat makeup in a movie)
"Hide yo kids, hide your wife!" - Kate
"Hide yo husbands too!" - Bekah
"You need to hide him cause he's painted like a cat!"- Linze 

We were pranking Spencer  and had him looking up YouTube videos that didn't exist.  After a good while he called me and when I said hello he responded with, "Are you messing with me?!"   Hahahaha!


Song of the Day: I love this song, but have been looking for an edited version ALL over to post on here.  Here is Gym Class Heroes ft. Neon Hitch with "Self Back Home."  It's a good one... Enjoy!