Thursday, October 29, 2009

- Stranded at the Airport -

Random Thoughts...
- I had some FUNNY flight attendants on my first flight... I love Southwest.

- Will we ever see Quinn out of a cheerleaders outfit? Yes, and she looks WAY cuter! If you don't know what mean, I am referring to someone on GLEE... :)

- Oh my word! I’m really moving to Germany – for a year! REALLY?!

- When I die, I don’t think that I want a viewing… I want people to keep the image of me alive inside of them as their last visual, and not of something cold. Sorry if this appears morbid, but I was thinking about this because I read a characters comment in a book I am reading and it was similar.

- Rihanna’s new song is called Russian Roulette, and I was thinking about people who actually play that game. I had a little day-dream moment where I imagined someone offering me 10,000,000 dollars to play the game, and pull the trigger. In my mini-vision, I looked at the person and said, “My life is too valuable to gamble with…” I wonder how many people really realize how powerful they are… how precious their life is? I don’t think many do until they have lost someone important, or almost lost their own life… but usually we forget again. It’s a vicious, self-cunning cycle.

Sidenote: I want to see the new movie "The Box," where James Marsden and Cameron Diaz are the parents and have to decide if they will press a button or not... If they do, they get a million dollars, but someone dies. In they don't.... I don't know! I was talking with Chance and Drew about the movie the other night and they said, "You wouldn't do it, Linze. You value people and a person's life too much." I'm grateful they think that way of me... :) I still really, REALLY wanna see the movie - haha! It comes out on my birthday.... hint hint.

Here I sit in the Denver airport, on my layover to Baltimore. I’m heading back to my “home” of the past; back to my roots… kinda. I never really had a set home growing up because I moved so much, but I definitely claim the East Coast as my home of homes. I graduated from High School in VA, and spent most of my younger years in Lancaster and Philadelphia, PA. It feels right to call the East Coast the place that raised me. I wonder where I will end up later in life. Where will I lay the roots for my children, and will I stay put or switch it up a bit here and there?

I in no way regret moving around a lot while I was younger. I talk about it quite often… I know a lot of people from the accumulated places I have been, and therefore, always seem to know someone wherever I am. I use to think that was only cause I lived in Utah till I saw a friend from HS in line at American Idol auditions, and then another on a plane ride last year. It just makes life full of constant, fun reunions. Also, I am much more accepting of other’s differences and more diverse in my way of thinking. I am open to trying new things and taking chances… I am all about change and growth because of that process.

I think it’s interesting how your childhood can shape you. The experiences you have when you are young form you into who you are today… I could definitely be better, but I thank the Lord above that my parents did a pretty good job raising me. I’m doing alright for myself right now, and it’s only gonna go up from here… I feel it. I feel the change that’s beginning with the decision to leave the country. I feel a new found bravery within myself and a new spout of confidence. I know that I can do amazing things, and if I really work, I will have those opportunities…

I have been given all the tools I need to accomplish & discover why I am here on this earth. I was sent here, at this time, for a reason… and we have all been equipped with the tools needed to determine what our individual purpose is… I have some theories. It’s time to start testing them, and stop re-writing them.

I think about my desires and what I want… it seems unorthodox. My desires seem uncommon for a young, single LDS girl. Who’s to say that Heavenly Father didn’t place those desires in my heart in the first place? They’ve been there since I can remember… serious. I don’t remember a time not wanting to chase big dreams and do big things. Hm.

He’s just sensitive to our use of agency… and he’s waiting for me to use mine in the correct way.


Song of the Day: Chris Brown's, Crawl. I am currently in love with this song... and no matter the past beef, I love Chris's music. Enjoy!

So we crawl, till we can walk again…

Then we run, until we’re strong enough to jump

Then we’ll fly until there is no wind… So let’s crawl.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Near To You... I'm Merely Made of Goo.

Have you ever been listening to a song and something just HIT you? It's like the lights have been turned on. It's like the floodgates have been opened and things are flowing again. That has happened to me numerous times, but yesterday things just clicked when I stumbled across a new (to me) song. The song:

A Fine Frenzy, Near To You

SIDENOTE: You know, I think I might be a hopeless romantic at heart. Yep, I'm pretty sure I'm made of GOO at the core.

Now, my brother had a smile laugh when I told him this song was a new-found favorite. He introduced A Fine Frenzy to me about three years ago and I shrugged as I said, "Yea, I like a song or two off the CD." Now, granted my tastes really have changed over the past few years - they are constantly shifting. Three years ago I would have sworn hip-hop was my favorite music... and though I still love it, I lean more toward the slow jams (R&B) or chill alternative/indie. Anyway, I came across this song on a website and decided to have a listen... What was I thinking two years ago?! If I wasn't such an idiot who didn't take the time to really listen to this album, I could have had this brilliant song in my life a few years earlier. Their whole CD is amazing... incredible. Yes, the song IS that good. Really.

It's obviously struck some chord in me because I'm blogging about it... I shall post the song and lyrics below - so get excited for my song of the day! Never saw that one coming, eh? Haha...

As I was listening to it, I had my emotional epiphanies and such (got a bit emotional outwardly as well... I know - shocking! It's okay, it was while I was alone...), but I also thoughts about the power that music really carries. There are so many times in my life that music has been the thing that brings it all together. There are so many songs that have created the plot to my story, or provided the solution to my problem. I think that music speaks to everyone, even those who aren't musical, but music hits us musicians with epic power. It really runs my emotions in so many ways... Music is the thing that teaches me most - hands down.

I hope that someday I can help someone in that same way... That I can bring that eye-opening, life-changing thought to someone else through a song. It's a liberating thought...


P.S. I'm off to DC on Tuesday for a week! I'll be sure to take tons of amazing pictures - perhaps some Phillie pennants hangin' in the windows... Haha!

Song of the Day: A Fine Frenzy, Near To You. Let's just put it out there, I got the song off a website that had "Songs that Remind me of Twilight/New Moon" listed. Laugh - go ahead. Roll your eyes and think the thoughts you're trying to hold back about me.... I really was looking that up so I could create a playlist to accompany the soundtrack. I can't listen the the same songs a thousand times over in a row... So, we finally come to it -The video sucks (I couldn't find any that WEREN'T word or Twilight - so, you're getting Twilight related...), but the lyrics are posted below and highlighted accordingly. I want to sing this song for something... soon. You won't regret listening to this - ENJOY!

He and I had something beautiful
But so dysfunctional, it couldn't last
I loved him so but I let him go
'Cause I knew he'd never love me back

Such pain as this
Shouldn't have to be experienced
I'm still reeling from the loss,
Still a little bit delirious

Near to you, I am healing
But it's taking so long
'Cause though he's gone
And you are wonderful
It's hard to move on
Yet, I'm better near to you.

You and I have something different
And I'm enjoying it cautiously
I'm battle scarred, I am working oh so hard
To get back to who I used to be

He's disappearing
Fading subtly
I'm so close to being yours
Won't you stay with me

Near to you, I am healing
But it's taking so long
'Cause though he's gone
And you are wonderful
It's hard to move on
Yet, I'm better near to you.

I only know that I am
Better where you are
I only know that I am
Better where you are
I only know that I belong
Where you are

Near to you, I am healing
But it's taking so long
Though he's gone
And you are wonderful
It's hard to move on

Near to you, I am healing
But it's taking so long
'Cause though he's gone
And you are wonderful
It's hard to move on
Yet, I'm better near to you.

Yet, I'm better near to you.

SIDENOTE: I haven't found "YOU" yet... but I'm already feeling better... :) You know, I think I might be a hopeless romantic at heart. Yep, I'm pretty sure I'm made of GOO at the core.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

So, I have a new job starting in January. I told my boss yesterday at work yesterday about it, so now I can officially post about it on here, on facebook, on twitter... all that jazz. What's the job, you ask? Well, I will be working as an Au Pair (like a nanny) for an LDS family with two little boys, ages 6 and 4. I will have to move in order to take the job, and it's not a close move either...

I will be moving to BONN, GERMANY!

Some of you may have heard this already, but to some it might be new news. I hope no one is offended about finding out about this via the internet... Sorry if this is the case. Things have been somewhat of a whirlwind since accepting the position. During the time I spent applying and interviewing, I felt that I should keep things somewhat DL for the sake of my current job and for my own personal hope. I did not want to get my hopes up and then have them shattered if I got attached to the idea. Thus, I prevented myself from any over-excitement... until now! Haha!

Sidenote: The pictures throughout this entry are of Bonn, Germany!

Now, I find my self BURSTING with excitement and planning everything around the idea that I will be gone for the entire year of 2010, living in Europe. Yep, this opportunity will land me in Germany for a whole year. At first, I was a bit apprehensive with this idea, but then I realized how short one year really is... Sarah has been gone for a year and a week, and that time has simply flown by. Plus, I lived in London for a little over two months in 2006, and I was alright. You get use to the cultural differences and get past the things that you miss. You learn to enjoy new things and let them temporarily replace the things from "home." I am so excited to discover when these things will be while I am living in Germany!

So, here are the highlights of the position:

1 - First things first... I get to care for two of the most adorable little boys ever! I have seen pictures and video, and heard plenty of stories, and they seem like great boys. I really love teaching the littler ones, and watching them grow intellectually, socially, and spiritually has to be one of the greatest rewards one can witness. Also, not only do the children seem awesome, but the parents (as crazy as their schedules are) seem down to earth. The mom works an a International Economist and for the UN University, and the father is a physician over there. So, I'd say I'm in good hands - and can have intelligent conversations with them, which I love. I really think that I will love and become a part of the family for the year.

2 - This is going to be an awesome learning experiences. I am beyond positive that I will learn more about the things that I want to do when I have children of my own. Subbing kindergarten for three weeks last year, taught me a lot about how to handle the problems of a young one, but this will be on a whole new level. I am sure that I will experience the highs and lows of childcare, and learn how to deal with both of those... growing in my own personal confidence along the way.

3 - Speaking of learning, I will also be able to learn a new language while I am there (German, in case anyone was wondering -haha!) and familiarize myself with a new culture. I love learning about people and how they live, and I love being submersed into new cultures. I like seeing different perspectives and I think you are able to see and understand them more fully in a different environment. I love being in new situations. I really like change... and this will be a good way for me to see how others think and live. I love seeing new things... What an awesome experience at the time as doing an awesome job!

4 - I get to help build the kingdom over in Germany... Europe can be a hard place to share the gospel, but I'm excited to be an example there and hopefully touch some people's lives for good. Bonn, the city I'll be living in apparently has three stakes there and a great single's ward. I'm stoked! I am SLIGHTLY nervous about not speaking fluent German and going to a ward over there.

5 -I get to live in EUROPE for a year, AND travel around with the family! The father is from Austria so they visit there each year, Switzerland, etc. I get 4 weeks paid vacation, so I am going to have some time to travel around Europe to a few places I desire to see - or travel with the family, which I am definitely all about. I love Europe, and living back over there (for those who don't know I did a study abroad and lived in London, England for a few months) will be AMAZING! I have really missed it.

6 - They are paying for everything... the flights, room & board, health care, German language lessons... I know, amazing, right? I was so stressed about money and taking care of myself, and now I feel like I can go do this job and not worry about Grad School costs until next year. Plus, then I can prep and study with some of my time to get ready for Grad School... or Acting School - whatever I chose! Haha... I feel very blessed to have this amazing job!

7 - I will be over there for virtually an entire year... I leave the first week of January and come back right before Christmas. I can still talk to everyone via Skype, facebook, email, snail mail, and sometimes phone. I know there will be some homesick moments while I am there, but I also know my mom and close friends will keep in close touch and send me things when needed. It's a long time, and yet not... I WANT to have that much time there to truly experience it.

Sidenote: There is SO much WWII history there, and y'all know how much I LOVE studying WWII! YES!!!

I really do feel blessed to have the opportunity... It kind of just fell in my lap and felt SO right. It was not my original intention for next year to leave the country for anything besides vacation, but here I am... having my own adventure!
If anyone reading this knows anything about Germany and suggestions on what I might want to take upon moving there, please let me know. I have done lots of research and spoken quite a bit with the family (and emailed the current Au Pair), and I have a good list put together, but still would appreciate other opinions. Here is some notes about Bonn, Germany and what is there:

From 1949 to 1990, Bonn (just South of Cologne) was the capital of West Germany. It is the 19th largest city in Germany. From 1990 to 1999, most German governmental institutions were located in Bonn. By 2000, the city lost its status as a seat of government, handing it magnanimously over to Berlin. Bonn remains a centrer of politics and administration, however. Bonn is the home of Ludwig Van Beethoven and UN University. Some of Bonn's twin-towns or sister-cities are Belfast in Ireland, Opole in Poland, Tel Aviv in Israel, Budafok in Hungary, and none other than Oxford in England.

I am SO excited about this opportunity and can not WAIT until I am on that plane to my new home - Willkommen Sie Deutschland!
(I KNEW how to write that one! Haha...)

Song of the Day: I am in LOVE with Benton Paul's new EP on ITunes! I have been a fan of his music since before he started blowing up, when we played together in a concert my sophomore year. He has a lot of talent and a LOT of drive - He's worked hard and deserves his success! His newly-released song, Moon is incredible... I am addicted. Check Benton Paul's song, Moon! EXCEPT, I can't find a video online... So, just look him up - You will NOT regret it! Enjoy! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Living Paradox

How can something be something so good for you, and simultaneously so utterly bad for you? How can it make you so happy, and yet have moments of pure misery? Yes, this entry may appear over-dramatic or personal. However, it is simply the thoughts (simple and complex) of a young woman stuck in a weird place... Stuck.

There are times when something appears so wonderful we take it all in... We indulge in the sweetness of the moments, and crave more. We give so much to make the happiness and hope continue. However, the paradigm shifts. What was once so completely beautiful, rusts, but can't (or won't) seem to decay.

Can something be good for you and congruently bad? Yes. I think we've all experienced this to some extent, but have perhaps not even recognized it. We all have things in our life that we see the briilance in and have trouble throwing away... An banana is a fabulous fruit, and source of nutrition... until it rots and turns black. Yet often we hold onto the bad bananas much longer than is necessary. Now, these bananas can make amazing banana bread... but they can also just continue to rot.

Okay, maybe that's a bad analogy.... maybe it's not.

I have determined the following: Things that are good and bad for you can coexist in the same space because that's how we learn. We use our agency to determine how we will use the things that are given to us, and how we let it affect us. There can be good and bad found in almost everything, and we have know how to bring forth the good... and let things go when only the worm in the apple appears to be left.

In regards to these current thoughts, I guess that I am simply aghast as to how a person could be the cause of this poisonous vaccine... the vaccine that that somehow backfired and hurt when it was suppose to protect - protect and heal.

It's a paradox... A living paradox.


Song of the Day: Firstly, the song of the day is relevant to the post above... and second, this is one of my favorite songs of all time. Yep, I said it - It's epic to me. The song? Check out Jon McLaughlin's song Indiana - my favorite lines are written below. He also sings the song So Close from the "Enchanted" Soundtrack. Enjoy!

I'm glad i never lived next to the water
So I could never get used to the beach
And I'm glad I never grew up on a mountain
To figure out how high the world could reach
I love the miles between me and the city
Where I quietly imagine every street
And I'm glad I'm only picturing the moment
I'm glad she never fell in love with me

For some the world's a treasure to discover
And your scenery should never stay the same
And they're trading in their dreams for Explanations
All in an attempt to entertain
But I love the miles between me and the city
Where I quietly imagine every street
And I'm glad I'm only picturing the moment

I'm glad she never fell in love with me

The trick of love is to never let it find you
It's easy to get over missing out
I know the how's and whens, but now and then,
She's all I think about

I wonder how it feels to be famous
But wonder is as far as I will go
Because I'd probably lose myself in all the Pictures
And end up being someone I don't know.
So it's probably best I stay in Indiana
Just dreaming of the world as it should be
Where every day is a battle to convince myself
I'm glad she never fell in love with me

Generally Conferencing with the LDS Folk!

I started this entry a week and half ago, but don't wanna fix each time it states "this weekend..." Thus, just know that General conference took place the first weekend of October! Now - here I go:

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to hear from the leaders of my church - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. People from all over the world tuned in four times (five for the guys) over Saturday and Sunday to listen to the apostles and our prophet share spiritual upliftment and hear where we all could improve as human beings and members of the church. This General Conference (as it is called) happens Bi-annually in the first weeks of October and April, and each time I look forward to it.

When I was little I use to look forward to General Conference when I was little because it meant I didn't have to sit through church meetings for three hours in a dress. I detested dresses and skirts back then. During GC I would lay on the floor at home listening (or coloring) and wear pajamas - heaven. Now, I look forward to GC for different reason... I love listening to the advice of our leaders and trying to improved myself from their counsel and stories. I find myself renewed in my beliefs and convictions to try and be the best me. My understanding of the gospel doctrine is strengthened and I always learn new things. When I was five I never thought that I would have enjoyed the actual talks during GC, but now I have really come to be excited about them.

This past weekend I had a few favorite talks... The first was President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk, The Love of God. He states that God does not need us to love him, "But oh, how we need to love God!" He really made me realize that the world spends most of their time denying God literally or through their actions, and refuses to turn to him until they absolutely NEED him. However, people's happiness would be more constant and they probably wouldn't be as flustered in their trials if they CONSTANTLY felt that love he provides when we turn to him.

Here are some additional quotes that I LOVED from this weekend:

"Truth is not relevant."

"They think because they feel good, they are fine. That is not always true..."

"We would not accept the yoke of Christ, so now we are condemned by the yoke of Caesar." - Elder Christofferson

"Ofter we live side by side, but don't speak heart to heart." - President Monson

"They had the equipment... but they chose not to use it." - Sister Dibb

" ...[They] never felt a twinge of regret for being a little too kind." - President Monson

"We often find ourselves swimming against the current." - President Monson

AND, here are my two FAVORITE quotes of the weekend:

"Don't hold onto fear because of possible faliure!" - Sister Dibb (NO FEAR!)

"Mere wanting is no guide for moral conduct." - Elder Todd D. Christofferson

I think I truly grew and improved myself from these sessions of General Conference - I would love to hear what other's favorite talks and quotes were, as well as what they learned. I just want to reiterate that I know I have a Father in Heaven who lives and loves me. I know that I am a child of God and that I have the ability to become like God, and live as he does (with Him) one day. I know that the Book of Mormon is a true book and that there IS a prophet speaking to us today - a real prophet is present on this earth today... and we are SO blessed to have the opportunity every six months to hear him and the apostles give new counsel (or remind us of former counsel).


Song of the Day: The song for today is an oldie mix, but was actually chosen because of the VIDEO that goes with it. The songs are a compilation of Michael Jackson hits - CLASSIC. The video has seven "people" and star a boy named Sam Tsui. Why is this video so amazing? ALL of the boys in the video are Sam Tsui (except the beat boxer on the right). NO JOKE. With some creative editing and extreme talent, Sam and a friend were able to splice together video footage of Sam singing ALL the melody lines and the harmony! He even "interacts" with the others "hims" on stage... CRAZY! He's got a sick voice too... This video is seriously TIGHT! Enjoy and look up more on Sam Tsui!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Annoyed Musings and My Declaration

I am SO tired of the negativity. I absolutely LOVE politics and talking about current issues. I love political debate and researching the potential bills, etc for our country. I enjoyed working for different campaigns in the past, especially during the year of a Presidential Election. I love that I have friends who are also interested in the well-being or our country and it's citizens. That being said, I am SO tired of the negativity.

For those who really know me, you know that I am all about expression of one's feelings. I often find myself overly passionate about things and just letting my mouth run. I have really made an attempt this past year to be careful with that. I have hurt or offended a lot of people in the past. Not that I do not speak my mind... Haha! I in no way suggesting that expression of personal feelings on certain issues or political ideas is a bad thing. However, it gets hard to read people's blogs, twitter, facebook, etc. and see only a million negative comments.

Sidenote: I know, that's an exaggeration. Also, I know that not all my friends are doing that.

Currently, one may or may not agree with the choices our president is making regarding the health care bill. I'm not going to play the internet games of "he said, she said" or "Who's Right? Who's Wrong?" I do not have enough research to have a conclusive argument. I hear to much of the "he said, she said" I spoke of above. Besides, that is not what I am writing about today. If you want to know my current thoughts regarding the bill, let me know.

I have spent a lot of time thinking and studying out this issue. Being a 23 year old, about to turn 24, who has a job with no benefits or health care, I am freaking out a bit. The economy has not allowed me find a job offering these yet, and I feel scared to know that in less than a month, I will have no more health care. What if I get in an accident? What if I get really ill? What if I can't afford to buy the daily meds I need to stay healthy and functioning?

I think that those in my current position will have a different view than those who have never gone through those type of scared feelings. We all face fears about our health (physically, mentally, spiritually), but it's chilling to think that in a month all those expenses will be costing a lot more and a lot more out of pocket. I've actually been really struggling with this...

Sidenote: I know that it'll be fine - things aren't horrible and won't suddenly become so when I'm off health care. But if you have never been in this spot before, you might not grasp that it really is a scary place to be.

All I want to say is that America needs something in place that can help those individuals who are hard working, tax paying, really trying to do their part within society, are not offered benefits and can not afford to pay for certain things regarding their health care. I'm gonna be real and say that I'm hatin' on the freeloaders too... those who do nothing and feed off of our tax dollars and money to get a hand-out. I'm not talking about those who are merely going through a tough time and can't help where they're at. There's a difference in those who need a hand up, and those who prefer to stay down.

I'm also hatin' on the fact that I'm a tax paying citizen who works hard (is going to be getting a second job) and doesn't get health care, but there are some who do nothing (yes, for a lack of trying) and they're getting my money. I hate that just as much as the next person... However, I'm not that. I am working and paying my taxes, and yet... in three weeks, I won't have health care.

Sidenote: I don't need everyone to email me and tell me about cheap plans, etc. Thank you for the sentiment... My point is that I should be getting good coverage for the work I do, and so should many others that are receiving nothing.

There has GOT to be an intelligent way to make people responsible and accountable for choosing to be lazy, and blessing those who are trying with all their might to make ends meet and simply falling short on their own. It's like the Atonement - guffaw if you must, but it's about making people accountable for their actions and judging THOSE actions, rather than a number on a pay stub or hour an employee is offered by a boss.

Now, relating to the actual bill... I'm not going to talk about my stance right now because I'm still doing my research. However, I will say that the above thoughts will be driving me in my research.

Now, on to one more thing...

Whether you think things are ridiculous or not, getting angry over the President of our country winning the Nobel Peace Prize is just asinine. It is. You don't have to LOVE him or even like him, but no one should be ANGRY that our President has been given the award. He didn't ask for it.

I'm not saying that he has or has not done enough to receive the award. It might not be the best choice (or even a valid choice) in many minds. I understand someone being baffled. I UNDERSTAND. It seems a bit premature. However, being angered and upset over it seems to me another reason for some people to complain or point a negative finger. I just think that many individuals I know or have been associated with are finding reasons to gripe & find fault.

I know that some people who read this blog may believe this is aimed in your direction. It's not. It's aimed at no one... This is merely my annoyed musings and declaration that I think I may avoid facebook and twitter when something political (or involving political people) comes about.

One more thought - If you don't like a bill to be passed, etc., get involved. There is SO much you can do. Instead of spending the time to write on here about how horrible or wonderful a bill is, talk to your local leaders - get involved and make a change. We ARE the voice... too many just don't know how to use their voice in the right way.


Song of the Day: This song is one that I came to ADORE over General Conference weekend, but downloaded a bit before... It's called Saviour by Lights. I really love it - who says that upbeat music can't be inspirational and teach you somthing? Not I! Haha... I love the line, "It won't ever change if you want it to stay the same... Sooner than later, I'll need a saviour." Sooner THAN (not or) later.... beautiful sentiment. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So Much To Say, So Much To Say, So Much To Say, So Much to Saaaay!

I have been meaning to blog a few times lately and time has somehow slipped away from me. I'm usually fairly decent with time management, but it seems that when I have time off (which I have had quite a bit of lately) I tend to sleep, read, and play too much... but don't we all. Well, unless you're mi madre. Somehow she is superwoman, and always seems to always accomplish each thing on her list. Amazing.

I am not going to write a blog on my mother's amazingness... not right now anyway. Thus, I am moving on.

There is SO much I have wanted to write about, and now that I find my fingers against the keys, my mind is failing me. I wish to write about General Conference weekend and the great talks that inspired me within so many aspects of my life. I want to write about my Thursday Fall traditions with Sam this Fall, and our discovery of Maverick frozen yogurt. I want to write about BYU Football, hanging with my brother and Cami, my awesome calling as FHE mom, and my thoughts on recent political issues... How I am not sharing the views of many of my friends. I am always marching to the beat of my own drum though... and that makes me happy!

I want to write about too much and can't seem to focus in. So, I'll take it one subject at a time and attempt to record a fraction of my life and thoughts. Perhaps I shall chose to discuss the things that I currently have pictures of to add as visual enhancement. Press play (or type)... and GO!

First, I want to talk about how awesome my calling has been - I have gotten to know so many amazing people in my ward and area through FHE and being the "mom." To my relief, this past week I was finally given a co-counselor, and he seems fabulous. He's way chill, willing to help, and when we have our committee meeting this Sunday, I have a feeling he'll totally add his ideas. I have also been blessed with additional committee members (before it was simply Em and myself), and that makes me pretty happy too! I am loving that the local branch combined with us - there are so many awesome people (including my Co and new committee members) that have really brought a lot to our ward.

Anyway, a few weeks ago we had planned to do water-balloon paintball, capture the flag at the park across from our church. However, that night ended up being rainy and colder, so not a lot of people showed up - sad day! No fear though... We still had a little thoguht and then proceeded to pummel each other with the water-balloon paintballs, and extra paint in the cans, until we were dosed in blue and yellow paint. I was getting little pieces of paint out of my hair through this week! Haha...So, why are we getting into the back of truck while covered in paint? Because we decided to go through a car-wash at the local Chevron... Serious. Let me add, the water does not burn you in a car wash and if you are the back of truck, the whipping thingys (articulate, right?) do not harm you. You also don't get very clean... yea. Below is a picture of our faces right before we went through the car wash - haha!
The activity brought out only about ten people because of the weather, but we have been having like thirty coming each week, which has been fabulous! It's a big improvement from where it use to be, and I think each activity and lesson has been successful. I'm feeling pretty good about where things currently are with FHE, and I hope it only continues to expand. I really do love my ward! :)


Song of the Day: On Tuesday I went to see my buddies, Truman, last week at a concert series at the Tahitian Noni in Orem. Well, they were FANTASTIC! However, they are not who I am going to recommend. There was a guy I had never heard, who's big in SLC, that EVERYONE should listen too... Paul Jacobson! He is phenomenal! I bought his CD as soon as I came home from the concert. His lyrics and musical interpretation are incredible and the way he preforms moves you... Sounds cheesy or bizarre, but it's true. So, look him up on ITunes (though think he's even better live) watch his performance of At That Day - and then buy his CD. Promise - it's well worth it... Enjoy!