Monday, June 30, 2008

Captured Memories from the Am. Idol Finale!

Here are some pictures from my AMAZING trip to the American Idol Finale in Los Angeles, California!

This is my group who drove across country and our friends Tyson and Heather who we randomly met up with outside of the Nokia Theater after the final results show...

This is Chad - my best American Idol buddy! He's holding our beloved sign that we made saying "David vs. Goliath." It had both David's next to "David" and Simon Cowell next to "Goliath" - classic!

This is me and Britt working that red carpet outside of the Nokia!

Here is Sister Archuleta... Yes, I called her that! Haha... She was the sweetest woman - gave me a big hug and everything - tender!

Here is us with Daniel Archuleta, David's little bro... I was thanking him for his public example and the example of his whole family, not just David, and he was all, "Can I just hug you?" It was so cute! Then, we took pictures with our cameras of each other - what a genuinely sweet kid?


It's Been Awhile... Spiritually Rejuvenated...

So... It's been awhile, and soooooo much has happened! I have been so blessed in many ways and I feel like Heavenly Father has really been helping me out with deciding which direction to go in my life. I've had so many wonderfully fun experiences, full of learning and growth too.

To catch up, first: The American Idol Finale was AH-MAE-ZING!!! I have never had a such a fun trip and met so many amazing people. I was able to go with my friends Britt, Kevin, and Chad to LA and meet up with Kory and his sister Ashley while there. It was SO fun! We had tickets for Tuesday night and the Tuesday dress rehearsal, which was incredible. Both David Cook and David Archuleta did very well, but David A's voice was like BUTTA on Tuesday night! He kicked TRASH that night and really brought it to the table that night... seeing him live was AMAZING!
Wednesday night we did not have tickets, but we tried to get in on Wednesday morning anyway... and after the car sent me to flirt it up and ask about tickets, we did get in on Wednesday night just barely and had fairly decent seats at that. It was great! The show was so unbelievable - I can't believe all of the people I got to see perform live and how amazing everyone was live... Oh, it was SOOOOO good!!!
We met some of the stars, including getting our picture with Jason and Ramiele... so classic! The coolest experience though, was meeting David Archuleta's family outside of the show right after the results had been announced. I saw his little brother and walked right over to him. I thanked him for being such a good example and told him that I was LDS too, and really appreciated his whole family. He was so cute and asked for a hug, which I said of course too, and then we both got pictures together. Then, I met his mom and told her the same thing I told Daniel. She hugged me and was so appreciative. It was really neat...
Last, we had been outside of the show for about an hour when David's dad walked out and Chad and I decided to go talk with him. He talked with me and Chad for about twenty minutes! He shared a lot of personal experiences with us and we talked for a bit about the gospel... He said, "It is so nice to be able to talk about this side of the experience with a select few, because we can't with the media..." It was flattering to be one of the 'select few' and talk about where David is with the gospel and the many emails/letters they received about people who were investigating the church because of David's example and spirit. It was sooooo cool!

After that experience I came home to begin working for EFY the following week. It has literally been the most AMAZING experience. The entirety of my summer has really been spiritually rejuvenating for me and my testimony... It has been incredible. Being a BC for EFY has taught me more about being a leader, teacher, future parent, friend, and example than any other job could teach me. I have had some amazing experiences with the youth, counselors, and the rest of my BC/FC team. I LOVE my team!!! They are incredible... I could not ask for a better group of boys and girls to learn from and become close with. They all inspire me in different ways and help me to desire being better. I love being around them, talking with them... AND, I love jamming out with them since most of us are so musical... It is so much fun making music with them - esp. Mel and Ben! We all fit sooooo well together, and I love it...

Gosh, I love music. I'm still planning on trying out for American Idol, but it'll be tricky with it being during an EFY week when they come here. I'm trying to work it, but I'm just gonna have to be flexible and maybe go somewhere else... we'll see! I really would LOVE to audition though... Even if it is a one in a million shot at making it in, and simply a lot of luck. Heavenly Father has to really desire for you to be there at that time, but he knows it would be a dream come true for me.... again, we'll see!

Ideas on songs for me to sing? I have some ideas, but I have to narrow it down this week...

Ideas: "Listen" from Dreamgirls, "Hero" by Mariah Carey, "Open Arms" by Journey, "When I Fall in Love" by Celine Dion, "I'm Holding Out For a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler, "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada (candlelight version...) I DON'T KNOW! Haha...