Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Not So Super Man....

I am kind of IN LOVE with Superman!  All things Superman are amazing in my eyes... I grew up watching the old Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman series with my dad on Sundays and then it evolved into watching the series on DVD with my mom or college roommates.  I admit, I was am SLIGHTLY in love with Dean Cain, who played Clark Kent in the series.  I spent the end of HS and beginning of college engrossed in the series Smallville.  I loved the old movies with Christopher Reeves, cheesy as they were and still are.  I just love that he is the genuinely good guy with a strong moral compass who wants to serve and protect others.  He cares about others more than himself and it's not just talk - it's a whole lotta action.  At the same time, while saving the world, he's a reporter (aka: fantastic writer - HOT!) and wants to help spread change through that medium of communication.  He also wants to speak of truth, and yet he lives two identities... It makes him a walking paradox, which is just downright fascinating.

On one other note, I AM Lois Lane.  Here is this pig-headed at time, loves to be right, wants-to-know-it-all, who loves to investigate situations and find out the details behind events... She's a planner, but takes lei-way to be spontaneous as needed.  She's highly organized and driven, making goals in life and achieving them for herself.  She is extremely independent and self-motivated... My alter ego is Lois Lane. I can be a bit domineering at times. I like to be in charge of everything in my life, and struggle letting others help me… though I know I need to, and want to. I've actually gotten MUCH better at this in the past few years.  Also, like Lois, I am a complete hopeless romantic. I love all the cliché, cheesy, and classic things that are said in chick flicks and during Kay Jewelers commercials. I love, LOVE! If I have to cry, I wait until I am alone if possible… Yep. I am Lois Lane.

Now, why you ask am I writing about my childhood love, Superman?  Great question!  This weekend Man of Steel came out and everyone went gah-gah over it... I have to be honest when I say this clearly expository  film was a bit hyped for me.  I'm not sure what exactly I was expecting... but it wasn't this.  Now, before I go any further, let me clarify in that I did not hate this film!  On the contrary, I rather enjoyed it and had fun watching certain sequences.  Plus, Superman was gorgeous - I swooned.  Twice.  Overall as a film, though?  I was not overly impressed.

Here's why.

1) There was NO character development.  You were left wanting when it came to this area.  In fact, I was surprised that for an exposition-based approach, there was such a lack of character development.  What do I mean by this specifically?  Well, first they did nothing to make you care about any of the character really.  You felt empathy for Clark Kent and perhaps his mother, but otherwise nada.  At the end of the film when Perry is pulling the girl from the office from the rubble, you don't want her to die, but quite frankly, you don't really care.  They did nothing to establish that connection to audience members.  Also, Lois and Clark don't really grab you as "lovebirds" in this at all... and that a MAJOR point of the series.  Clark's ONE weakness is Kryptonite, right?  WRONG.  He has two, and one is Lois Lane.... When they kissed at the end you kind of felt like, "Why?"  There was not enough created around their relationship when that is such a pivotal piece to the saga.

2) Lois Lane was not quite Bad-A enough.  This is not Amy Adams fault at all - though she makes a weird Lane to me.  It's the script-writers fault.  She came in with intensity of character needed and the driven, dominant personality flares expected for Lois Lane.  However, after the two sections of the movie with her, so became flat and just put in harms way to be there... The real Lois would not be asked to go on the ship for really no real reason.  The real Lois would sneak on the ship and get caught... then have to figure a way out of the mess.  The real Lois is just more of the master-mind behind everything.  I felt like there was an attempt at this, but it fell flat.

3) The jerky camera.  It's a style, and sometimes I really appreciate and enjoy it... but not in EVERY freakin' shot!  It was overdone and made my head hurt a little bit.

4)  The "Less Is More" theory was WAY off.... They did not grasp that concept.  There was at least three specific places the movie could have ended, but they kept taking it further... and not to develop the story, but to destroy more stuff.  If I had to hear one more villain monologue... Now, I'm a girl who loves a good action flick, but there was no need to destroy Metropolis THREE TIMES over, and then also destroy Smallville completely.  It was superfluous and excessive. The movie went TOO long, and not because of length, but because of the content within that length. 

5) The ending - ***SPOILER ALERT*** I hate that Lois already knows it's Clark when he comes to the Daily Planet.  It's not as fun... I know it's stupid to think she'd be fooled by the glasses, but that's part of the story.  Everyone else is fooled by the glasses, so she can't be the one smart duck right away... It takes time. Also, the government knows who he is because they know who his mother is and where he's from... I feel like this could become an inconsistency.  Others KNOW, and they aren't all going to keep shut.

The movie was NOT terrible, but it was not up to par in my book.... I wanted more.  However, the end did give me a lot of hope.  Oddly, as it left much to be desired, it left me dying to see the next one because the set-up looked like more of what I'm into regarding this story.  I love when Lois and Clark take-on cases together and do detective work.  I love when he is saving those around the city without anyone knowing who he is and doing all range of protective work.  I love the depictions of his everyday life and how that contrasts... how he struggles to make both lives work successfully, and is constantly adapting and growing because if his experiences.  That is what the second film looks like it'll be for us... I hope!

In conclusion, Superman was NOT so super this time.... and that was the fault of the actors.  Hello, screen-writers - get it together! Superman is still my favorite superhero, but this film left me wanting more.... I think the second film might give that to me.

Song of the Day:  This is Eliza's current fave, and I pretty much love it too.  Here is Hot Chelle Rae with "Hung Up."  Love it - Enjoy!!!

I Know How the Plastic Army Men Feel...

Recently I had the chance to go down to Moab (which was GORGEOUS, FYI) with some of my best friends to check something off my bucket-list.  You may call me crazy... You may call me bold... Either way is fine by me.  Two weekends ago, I went SKYDIVING.

Yep - you read that right!  Skydiving... It was exhilarating and fresh.  It was adventurous and freeing.  It was a true once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Well, except I could go again and again and make it a multiple-in-a-lifetime experience.  Honestly, I loved it!  I felt fairly calm on the ride up - just a little squished - and wasn't even nervous.  I was slightly nervous the day before and pulling into the airport that morning... but it vanished as we filled out the waiver and got prepped to jump.  It didn't even feel real in all honesty... I don't think it fully set what I was doing till I took the initial dive and started to plummet to the ground.

Free-falling is amazing - You just float in a way... float with a little more force on ya.  After a good chunk of time "floating," my tandem jump-buddy (Jimmy) pulled the rip-cord to unleash the parachute.  Everyone said it hurts when you feel the pull between your legs where the harness yanks the crap out of you... but I was fine.  It pulled a little for a second, but it was no big deal and didn't really hurt - I was happy as a clam!  He let me steer for a bit too (everyone gets to, but I felt legit) and that was by far my favorite part.  Everyone tends to say free-falling is their favorite part, and that was awesome!  However, call it my red personality and love to be in control of a situation, but I LOVED the moments controlling that parachute and our descent.... it was a little bit of heaven.  

After the landing, I felt like I had completed something amazing off my check-list for life and just wanted to relive the moment.  I don't necessarily feel a huge pull to go skydiving again, but I feel the need to complete the things I've put on my bucket-list.  I think I got more pleasure from checking that off the list than the actual jump - though that was amazing!  Is that sick?!  Perhaps, but it's me.

Enjoy some more photo documentation:

Post-jump landing: "I'M GONNA BE REAL!"

So happy I went with these three as an "honorary" Minnick for the day!  Turns out I have some cousins with the name Minnick, so.... ya never know! Haha.... This is us celebrating the jump with a post-breakfast meal - I adore these three!


Song of the Day: This is a bit old-school, but it fits for the topic... Here is John Mayer and his version of "Free Fallin'."  I love this version most.... Enjoy!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Dear Walmart,
I just want my bike.  I already paid for it.... I just want it.  I do not want it in a box.  I do not want it with some socks.  I do not want it here or there.... I just want my damn bike.
Still Waiting in the Children's Literature Section

Dear Graduation Speakers,
I just want my diploma.  I wouldn't mind a speech from Robert Redford either, so I'll take it... otherwise, the rest of you can just smile and sit down.  That sounds wonderful.  I'm only walking to hear Bobby and for the pictures to prove to my future children they can do hard things.
Yours Truly,
Worked Hard for 2 Years - Don't Make Me Wait 2 More Hours

Dear Persistent Cough,
I hate you.  Let's break up and never, never, ever get back together.
With Detest,
Lying Awake Listening to T-Swizzle

Dear NBC,
1600 Penn was THAT GOOD.  You need better publicists for new television programming...  In the words of Skip, "[You] threw everything we had away... before we had anything."  Nuff' said.  Nuff said.
What's a gah-spot?

Dear Heels,
I have conquered you. I have finally conquered you..... and I look good.
Linze's Feet..... and Caboose.

Dear Graduate School,
It's been fun.  It's been real.  It's been real fun..... I am so glad we have intimately shared these past two years.  I have learned so much from you, from our time together, but I'm afraid it's time to say good-bye.  I think it's better you move on and find someone else to become a part of you.  You will always be a part of me, and I will never forget you.  Thanks for the memories...
Bittersweet Graduate School Graduate

Just call me Master Linze.

Song of the Day:  A friend of mine passed along an amazing new song to add to my summer jam list.  I had heard it once before, but it stuck this time and I couldn't stop listening!  Here is DJ Felli Fel (Feat. Ne-Yo, Tyga, and Wiz Khalifa) with "Reason To Hate."  SO good!  Enjoy! :)