Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Word or Two From General Conference...

Notes from a prophet... and the apostles... and other good men.  

Here are some notes from April 2012 General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Most things aren't word for word what was said, but the general statements made.  However, there are a few quotes in here too.  Enjoy! 

Seek to be taught and not entertained at church.  Make covenants your focus and really allow the sacrament to take hold of you. 

“Fear not what man can do, but God will be with you…"

“Trouble can be your way to strengthen and finally gain unshakeable faith.  Acting on even a twig of faith allows God to grow it.”

Faith leads to charity, which strengthens you and helps you to endure.  Trials seem to make clocks slow down, and almost stop… In Their perfect love for you, Heavenly Father and the Savior want you to be fitted for them.

“If a woman that good needs polish, what is in store for me?!”
– Elder Henry B. Eyring 

“Make specific goals each week during the sacrament.” – Elder Hales 

“Read the Book of Mormon everyday!  Persistence is the answer.  Temporary setbacks are overshadowed by persistence.” – Elder Quentin L. Cook

His strategy for family study:  #1 – And it came to pass, #2 – And thus we see, #3-5 are chosen by the parents for that specific chapter.  

My idea - Do that chapter the night before with your spouse to prep the numbers! 

Your body helps revelations to come to pass… Quiet laughter is my downfall oft times.

“Inspiration carefully recorded, shows God we respect that revelation.  Truth consistently lived opens the door to revelation.”  - Elder Richard G. Scott

Sanctify yourselves… Keep the commandments!  Have purity of intent so the Lord can inspire you.  Purity gains trust from the Lord.  Humility is a fertile soil for inspiration.  You can not want praise or recognition… what is your reason to do things? – Elder Nelson

“It is not required to have a perfect body to progress…  Some of the sweetest spirits are housed in frail frames.” 

“Bear nobly out burdens!”
– Elder Rasband

Regarding prayer - “God did not send us to travel through life without tools to help us have a safe return.” 

“The Lord rejoices when we keep his commandments and is concerned for the wayward individual.”
– President Thomas S. Monson 

“When used together, the Bible and Book of Mormon destroy false doctrine.  They are both necessary.” – Elder Perry

It is the home that needs reform.   Prosperity and education are often related to making good choices. 
Devote yourself to the family!  Nothing can constitute failure in the home.  Have your priorities on family.  Remove any fear with faith. 

No career can bring you as much fulfillment as rearing a family.  The church is the scaffolding for building and successful family. 
- Elder Ballard

Get out your Spiritual GPS!

“Our Savior’s vision for us comes in living the gospel.” – O. Vincent Haleck

Act only by persuasion and love.  Let young people feel your confidence.  Do not be overbearing and demand they give you their agency.  – Larry Y. Wilson 

To be fulfilled you must continue to naturally and normally share the gospel.  Ask who you can help… Act without delay on that prompting.  Never delay a prompting.  – David F. Evans 

Daily, record your inspirations.  Sacred ranks high in the hierarchy of higher values.  Sacred verses Secular voices are growing in volume.  Be anchored by the sacred on a secular sea! – Paul Pieper


Song of the Day:  I currently can't stop listening to Imagine Dragons' newest EP!  It's incredible - the WHOLE thing!  I'm gonna see them in concert next week and I'm STOKED! :) Check out one of their new jams, "Demons."  However, you SHOULD check out the whole EP album! For real.  Enjoy!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Unexpected Thunderstorms

I recently worked on a poetry unit in my English methods class and I had to create a few random poems based on pictures and imagery.  Thus, I decided to include them here.... just cause.  Enjoy!

The buzzing dragonflies await
As breezy sunsets play with fate

Summer's sweetness soon to set
Holding hearts where once we met

What once was merely a week's paradise
Has turned to captured fire and ice

Love was foreign, now in reach
The juxtaposition of goals beneath

Leave life's love as wind sweeps by
Or stand still strong and change your mind

The booming silence makes you wake
As whispered questions as which road you'll take...


The pounding pitters upon the roof
As lightening flashes across the sky

Sheets of rain dance down in the distance,
And exaggerated screams drown out the thunder's breaking

Count the seconds to fill each silent stretch
Watch the gushing gutters fill and slowly drain...

Blanket forts build billowing hide-outs on bunk beds
Sheltering.  Protecting.  Keeping us safe.  

Mother's voice.

Wet, soggy shoes squish through the door
Damp clothes stick on my father's chest.

The deafening clap from the skies above
Mama calls the din God's applause.

A fresh, sweet smell - the world is new.
Wet pavement, a rainbow... all is calm -- collected.  


Song of the Day:  I am currently obsessed with a few songs, and this is one of them... Here is "Payphone" by Maroon 5 (Feat. Wiz Kahlifa).  Enjoy!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Well, I guess it IS about time that I blog again... It's been long enough.  Haha!  I've been so swamped with school stuff that every time I've begun to blog I panic about having too much school-work and start on a new project or something.  However, today I finished classes AND today I was tagged...

Yep.  I was reading my friend, Lauren's blog and she thought it would be a great opportunity to make me blog more... or just answer a bunch of questions... or both.  Haha!  Either way - here goes!

1. Post these rules
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them

11 Random Facts About ME: 
 1 -I made fun of leggings all through my undergrad years and thought they were SO ugly... Once I moved to Germany, I started wearing them for warmth, and then for fashion.  Haha!  I love them now.
2 - I collect elephants.  I have little glass ones from Italy, wooden ones from Germany, stuffed ones from all over the USA, and some others...
3 - If I could move back to anywhere that I've lived before, it would be London, England.  I'm obsessed.
4 - I love jewelry.  I don't need expensive pieces, but if it's cute... I want it.  Haha!  I LOVE to accessorize.
5 - No matter how upset (anger, fear, sadness) I am, music will always cheer me up and make the issues blow over in speed-of-light quickness.
6 - My eyes slightly change color with what I choose to wear - just call me "Chameleon."
7 - I have lived in eight states and three countries, and have been to 47 states and 17 countries.
8 - If it wasn't social unacceptable, I would probably break out into dance moves when running a lot more than I do...
9 - I have seriously thought about running for some form of office someday.
10 - I get freaked out easily by ghost-talk, or the mention of ghosts... I hate horror movies for this reason.
11 - I don't like wearing heels.  I much prefer wearing cute flats... or walking around barefoot. 
Questions Lauren Asked Me:
1. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Or would you keep it the same?
Ooh... I love my name - mostly because of the unique spelling - so I'd probably keep it as "Linze Kate."
2. What is something that has happened in your life you never expected to happen?
I'm going to Grad School!  I never pictured that growing up...  Also, living in Germany for a year and learning some German was pretty unexpected. 
3. What was you're best birthday?
Best birthday was 17, hands down!  I had about 70 kids from school and church come to my birthday party (in a rather small home, might I add) and played games in the backyard, jumped in leaves, had a mini dance-party.  It was epic!
4. What is your favorite Disney movie?
Beauty in the Beast
5. What is your ideal day?
"I'd have to say April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket."  Okay.  Truth?  A day in Disneyland/world and cuddling with a cute guy under the fireworks at the end of the night.  Done.
6. If you could meet anyone who would you meet?
Celine Dion is the first person to come into my mind... Haha!  I would love to meet Rupert Grint from HP!
7. What is something you don't have a problem spending $100.00 on?
A car?  Okay - lame answer... Um, traveling costs.  I'm way cheap in reality (frugal, I like to say) and would have a hard time spending $100 on just anything.
8. Morning person or night person?
Night person.
9. If you had 3 wishes what would they be?
This switches almost daily.  Right now:  To have a recording contract, to have my teaching license in hand, to be two-three sizes smaller.
10. Describe yourself in 3 words
Outgoing, Quirky, Comical
11. What question would you want God to answer right now?
Who is responsible for JFK's assassination?!  Really - I want to know.  However, I would also ask where I'd be living in five years... I don't wanna know too much of the future, but that could be fun to look forward to.

Questions for those to be TAGGED:
1. What is your best childhood memory and why?
2.  If you could swap places with anyone in the world for a day, who would you swap places with?
3.  Describe your dream vacation.
4.  Would you rather stay in or go out on a Friday night?
5.  What is the once song that always makes you wanna dance?
6.  If you could change one thing about yourself, would you?  What would it be and why?
7.  What is your favorite "adulthood" memory to date?
8.  If you had to finish out the rest of your life with no feet or no hands, which would you choose and why?
9.  Favorite movie quote?
10.  If you could be a character in any book, what character (and from what book) would you choose to be?
11.  Favorite ice cream?

 - Emily Taylor
 - Spencer Minnick (It's about time you blogged again...)
 - Dani Doty (I know you're busy, but I'm still tagging you because I like everything you write... ever.)
 - I'm taggin' an extra one... Kate King. Do it! :)


Song of the Day:  I'm in love with this song and the band right now... Here is The Cab with "La La."  Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Ten: April Showers Bring... Blog Entries.

I feel like Tuesday has just crept on me these past two weeks... I like doing the Tuesday Ten's, but life is a bit crazy right now with school-work, nannying, and an involved church calling. This week, however, I have things listed above in the browser already, so I'm ready to go... I guess that's every week. I'm just sayin' that I'm doin' it - haha!

1 - Dry Humor Magician meets a Kid.... Awesomeness ensues.

2 - Hunger Games Quotes Fridge Word Strips! Love these - want these.

3 - Mario Winans "I Don't Wanna Know" REGGAE mix! I liked this song before... Love it now.

4 - The Pass of All Passes (POAP)! My bestie, Sam, got one last year and I regretted not getting one too! It's legit. You can go to certain Real, Blaze, and Bees games, go to either Seven Peaks or Trafalgars, go to the aviary or raceway, and even ice skate. You get more than you pay for if you use it only a few times... cause it's only $30! I'm down!

5 - Colton Dixon! He's a contestant on American Idol and I LOVE his music... However, even more than that. I love his passion for his faith. He's not afraid to stand up for what he believes in most. About his outward faith he states, "...it is a part of me and I want to share it—no matter what, good or bad outcome. It is me." I like him a lot - and the article below! http://celebs.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474981214876

 6 - Salt & Vinegar Chips. I use to hate them, now...

7 - Fashion Star. What a cool show concept! I never would have thought to give it serious thought to watch, but it was on after The Voice, so I just watched it... LOVE the idea that I can buy the clothes right away if I wanted to... So cool! Plus, not all the clothes suck... Score.

8 - David Archuleta spotted during General Conference. Well, Conference in general was a highlight and favorite of my week, but that will get it's own entry... It was that good.

9 - Unscripted interview with Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Elizabeth Banks - Hunger Games and Hanson themes are present and thus, I am in love... It's a great "non-interview interview."

10 - David Archuleta's "Forevermore." Here's his most recent music video... Love the sound and the song - I hope it's successful at least on soft rock stations - Haha!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Ravenous Match

I'm in love with The Hunger Games trilogy. 

Oh, wait. You didn't know that?  Hm... Ravenous

We obviously aren't close friends... or facebook friends... or you've never read this blog before... who are you?

Well, in case you DIDN'T know, I'm in love with The Hunger Games trilogy.  Therefore, when my good friend, Spencer, asked if I wanted to go see the first film a few hours before premier time I pretty much all but jumped out of my seat, screaming yes into the phone.  Well, I might have done that, actually... Yep.  I did.

Last Thursday, I geared up after my English Methods class and got my junior mints and honey wheat pretzels (no Diet Coke - I know... I've only had ONE in the whole month of March!  Be proud.) and showed up early enough to get pictures with the movie poster - a legit and necessary tradition - and be there for the drawings (at least Tanner won something).  It was just such a FUN atmosphere.  Everyone was SO excited and you could feel the excitement in the theater. Check out the pictures of me and my friend, Megan, sporting a Katniss-like braid and me in my Katniss's song shirt!  Haha...

After the film, I was reeling.  I really love discussing a film right after I've watched it, and greatly anticipated films I want to talk about even more.  So, as soon as I hopped in the car I was analyzing pieces of the script, creative approach to elements of the set and costumes, each actors portrayal of their character, and the themes of the story.  It enveloped my mind for the next few days and was only sated by my need to do school work and have a successful social life.  Haha!  I finally saw the movie for the second time this past Friday (helping my mom's school with the middle school reward party at Thanksgiving Point cinema) and it was interesting to be able to watch more analytically... well, other than having to listen to the "peanut gallery commentary" coming from about 200 students.  Haha!  That was an experience within itself.

SLIGHT Spoilers Below - You've been warned:

Anyway, for a book to film adaptation it was really strong and well-done.  I know there were pieces I might have liked to see more developed (i.e. Katniss and Peeta's convo about what was going to happen now that they were back and what was expected of them), but I felt they did a good job of picking and choosing what would make the story cohesive for ALL audience members - not only those who have read the books.  I know that some details were slightly changed (i.e. costume colors or designs), but I felt like they did what worked for "Hollywood" and on-camera without taking away of adding too much to the original story.  It was probably the best book to film adaptation I have seen in a LONG time... 

I know they worked really closely with Suzanne Collins (the writer) on the film script, so that's probably why it was so close.  Yes, J.K. Rowling worked on the HP movie scripts, but from my understanding, not as closely or regularly.  I love how involved Collins was in this process, because I think that's what made the huge difference.  It's also great how the actors are all so passionate about the story and the themes... I felt that showed in the acting. I was a BIT worried about their choice for Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) in that his look was different from what I expected, but I knew before he was a good actor and had faith he could pull it off - which, he did in my opinion.  Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) did a great job as well!  I didn't know she was nominated for an Academy Award in the past though for Winter's Bone... I missed that one.

Moral of this tale?  I loved the first movie.  I love the books, and love the first movie... I'm excited to watch the story grow through the next films as well.  Oh - and to read the books again this summer.  Haha!  No, but really...

Yep.  I love The Hunger Games.  

Sidenote: I can not read any more reviews of this movie... It tends to happen the author of these reviews, or the comments below are by people who have not read the book and therefore are missing the point... it's rather frustrating. You don't have to read the book first, but don't expect the same power behind the message. Sometimes the messages developed more throughout the trilogy and not only in the first book. Had to get that out there...

Song of the Day:  Since I'm so Hunger Games happy, I've been listening to the soundtrack in my car (really great!) this past week.  I fell in love with a few songs and am sure I'll post a few this week.  The first is Taylor Swift's second song on the album, "Eyes Open."  It's a GREAT running song, let me tell ya!  Haha... Enjoy!