Saturday, April 21, 2012

Unexpected Thunderstorms

I recently worked on a poetry unit in my English methods class and I had to create a few random poems based on pictures and imagery.  Thus, I decided to include them here.... just cause.  Enjoy!

The buzzing dragonflies await
As breezy sunsets play with fate

Summer's sweetness soon to set
Holding hearts where once we met

What once was merely a week's paradise
Has turned to captured fire and ice

Love was foreign, now in reach
The juxtaposition of goals beneath

Leave life's love as wind sweeps by
Or stand still strong and change your mind

The booming silence makes you wake
As whispered questions as which road you'll take...


The pounding pitters upon the roof
As lightening flashes across the sky

Sheets of rain dance down in the distance,
And exaggerated screams drown out the thunder's breaking

Count the seconds to fill each silent stretch
Watch the gushing gutters fill and slowly drain...

Blanket forts build billowing hide-outs on bunk beds
Sheltering.  Protecting.  Keeping us safe.  

Mother's voice.

Wet, soggy shoes squish through the door
Damp clothes stick on my father's chest.

The deafening clap from the skies above
Mama calls the din God's applause.

A fresh, sweet smell - the world is new.
Wet pavement, a rainbow... all is calm -- collected.  


Song of the Day:  I am currently obsessed with a few songs, and this is one of them... Here is "Payphone" by Maroon 5 (Feat. Wiz Kahlifa).  Enjoy!

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