Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shakespeare Said it Best

I've been recently creating a school unit based around Shakespeare.  I'm planning to teach English or Theater and I figured that this is a subject that could be used in both.  I wanna talk about his life, time era and the culture.  I wanna talk about his writing structure and word creation and how that relates to Dr. Seuss.  I wanna talk about his plays and sonnets and modern adaptations - i.e. She's the Man, 10 Things I Hate About You, Baz Luhrmann's version of Romeo + Juliet.  I get a bit excited thinking about it, and even more so when creating a good lesson plan...

With that, I admit fully that I am a Shakespeare Nerd!  If you asked me in High School I would have claimed that would never be the case, but... I guess some great teacher in college for to me. It's a good thing too - because now I'm forming my own ways to get to students.  Who knows?  Someone might walk out of my classroom loving Shakespeare - or at least not thinking he sucketh.

I can dare to dream, right? :)

Here are some of my favorite quotes as of late....

 Twelfth Night

Love sought is good, but giv'n unsought is better - Olivia

This fellow is wise enough to play the fool And to do that well craves a kind of wit - Viola

Nay, let me alone for swearing - Sir Andrew
(I think this often... :P)

Taming of the Shrew

Who woo'd in haste and means to wed at leisure. - Petruchio

Julius Caesar

Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once- Caesar

Midsummer Night's Dream

The course of true love never did run smooth. - Lysander

O, when she's angry, she is keen and shrewd! She was a vixen when she went to school; And though she be but little, she is fierce. - Helena

If we shadows have offended, Think but this, and all is mended, That you have but slumbered here While these visions did appear. - Puck


Song of the Day: I was watching my daily allotment of PLL as I sit here sick and Mona sings this song... It's called "In the Eye Abides the Heart."  Say what you will about it being "old school," but I fell in love.  It's gonna be a new favorite for now.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dating Advice from a Single Gal - In Case You Needed More.

I was reading an article about dating tonight entitled "If You want to Date Someone Great, Be Someone Great."  A friend posted it on their wall awhile back and I book marked it with all intention of reading it later.  Well, a few weeks later is how that turned out... Haha!

The article got me thinking about a few things.
1 - Am I who I really want to be?  Better yet, am I becoming who I really want to become?
2 - How much control do I really have over meeting "the one" (if you believe in a "one," that is)?

The first quote that got me thinking:

"Someone once told me that if you want to attract a certain type of person, you should become the person you want to date. This is silly advice, because then we’d all date ourselves and Seinfeld already explained what a bad idea that is."

I use to be really into being with someone exactly like me... Someone who loved all the things I loved, thought everything I thought was funny was funny, had all the same life experiences as me...  I wanted some BYU fanatic, musical prodigy (okay, I'm no prodigy, but you know what I'm sayin'), moved and traveled a lot, liked all the same bands and movies, and never argued or disagreed with my opinions or ideas.  First off, the last one is dangerous... I have some pretty dumb ideas sometimes.  I need someone willing to bring me "back to reality" at times.  Really, I grew up.

I love having similarities and things in common (who doesn't?!), but I don't wanna date myself.  I don't wanna date my clone.  I wanna date someone who has common interests and ideals, and the same core values and life direction.  However, it's okay if they aren't musical or can't dance.  It's okay if they don't bleed blue and they happen to love The Beatles (I'm sorry. I like their songs - but I don't love their music...).  It's okay if they like McDonald's (yuck) and hate Cafe Rio (okay- that one's a bit crazy).  It's okay if they LOVE running... and though I do it, I believe "...running is wrong unless professionally or as a child. I think as an adult you should only run if you're near a train station and look at your watch first. I mean... galloping is more fun isn't it? That's something I'd like to see more of..." I adore Miranda Hart.  It's okay if my counter-part doesn't.  We can be different and still connect - and I've found, it's better.  I tend to enjoy the witty banter that comes from difference.

The next quote that got me thinking:

"The thing that makes her feel strong is being strong — making good choices, knowing that she deserves to be treated well by the person she’s with and being loved and respected in the right ways."

You're not suddenly going to feel like a "full person" because you're dating someone.  You have to feel comfortable with who you are alone.  I truly believe that part of the reason I am here on this earth is to find someone to be with for forever - eternity.  However, I think we have to be happy with who we are as individuals and then realize that being with someone only makes the already amazing version of ourselves better.  Making good choices, knowing the way I should be treated, and being loved and respected is what makes me strong.  Add a significant other to the mix that does those things, and it just makes it all the sweeter.

Sidenote:  You naturally attract what you're puttin' out... Just sayin'.

Next quote I enjoyed:

"So, instead of worrying about The One, forget about that and be The One You Would Want To Be With. Go running every night, smile at every person you meet, pick up that James Joyce novel you’ve been putting off, start writing again, join a support group to work out your issues, go back to get another degree, help old ladies cross the street, work on forgiving your parents, take Tai Chi to learn to let go, get involved at the local community center and/or take a cooking class. Push yourself to get out and be better; you can’t control who you meet, but you can control the person you are when you meet them."

This one is a big one.  It's hard not to focus on what you're doing "right" or "wrong" to meet someone, or worry about being single when a lot of your close friends are getting married.  I feel very blessed in that I have kept myself very busy these past few years and 90% don't even think about it.  I believe that's the majority of people.  However that 10% can be rather brutal if you're focused on it.  So, instead of being focused on being single or unmarried do the things it lists above, or find other things that bring you real happiness. 

In the past year and a half I have started a Graduate Program, started learning the guitar, joined and faithfully attend a gym, taken care of some personal issues in my life, run a 5k, forgiven some for big things I needed to let go of, traveled to a new city, took on stage managing Stadium of Fire for the first time, made my first "music video," and checked a few things off my bucket list.  In the past six years, I've lived in two other countries, traveled to 14 different countries and three new states, graduated college, worked as a paraeducator in Special Education, learned basic German, performed at BYU and the Utah Valley numerous times, recorded on three different albums, helped on two election teams, read over a hundred new books, been to over 50 concerts, been to the American Idol finale TWICE, met a slew of interesting people, and just really learned to love myself. 

It was this past Sunday that I really recognized that I'm comfortable with who I am.  I like how I look, how I talk, the way I think, my talent and skills, my interests and strengths...  I've been comfortable with myself for awhile, but still struggle with comparison.  I'm not perfect, but for the first time I'm only comparing myself to what I'm intended to be - not who someone else is or will be.  I've always been happy, but this is a new emotion.  It came from realizing the power of bettering myself.  I am amazing, and as I continue to better myself, the right people will recognize that too.  Will Smith said the following:

Oh, I love him... He's spot on.  Be you.  Be the BEST you.  People who really are suppose to be there in your life will see that person and will be drawn to you.  Worry does nothing to serve you, but will merely bring you down and stunt your progression.

My father recently said something to me when I was freaking out about school, work, boys, church, and just everything being crazy... He said, "Don't worry about it - pray about it."

Song of the Day: I spent the day home sick (Blech.).  So, that meant soup, toast, and series re-runs... This song was on an episode of West Wing and I remember listening to it a bit growing up.  It's also how I currently feel about life in some ways, so take a listen.  Here are The Eagles with "New York Minute."  Enjoy!

The Eagles - New York Minute by 0Ztaylovic0

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Bucket List 2012!

First, I ADORE Bucket Lists... Really, I love making lists in general.  However, seasonal bucket lists are quite possibly a favorite of mine.

It's time to start doing these...


-          Visit a pumpkin patch
-          Jump in the leaves
-          Make and eat caramel apples
-          Make Zupas tomato basil soup
-          Drink hot cider
-          Go to the corn maze
-          Carve or paint pumpkins
-          Take Eliza on a leaf hunt!
-          Bonfire w/ smores
-          Go on at least 2 dates
-          Make Halloween goodies for E!
-          Go to the state fair
-          Take Eliza to the zoo!
-          Drive up the canyon and see the changing leaves - FAVORITE.
-          Take a lot of pictures
-          Go to a football game!
-          Go running outside at least three times (once it gets chillier)
-          Thanksgiving crafts with Eliza
-          Watch a scary movie for Halloween (Should I really put this? I know I'll regret it once alone at night.  Haha!)
-          Watch Nightmare Before Christmas for Halloween!
-          Make a Thanksgiving pie
-          Visit the Madeleine
-          Picnic! 

Anyone care to join me in any of these things?  Haha... Wish me luck! Here it goes...

Song of the Day: I saw this on Labor Day and since then... it's been EVERYWHERE!  I love that - it's
catchy and hilariously awesome.  Enjoy Psy's "Gangnam Style!"  I know I do...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quotable Moments... They're back!

It has been forever since I've written up a blog with quotes from friends... Well, this last weekend it was Spencer's birthday and there were about 100 amazing quotes I could have written down.  I was selective and took some from a few weeks before as well and created the entry below... Get ready - some will make sense and others aren't - It's okay.  Enjoy... :)

"I use them carefully." - Michelle regarding her "eyes"

"Where'd you get that swimsuit, Mark?" - Linze

"I hate being touched." - Spencer
"You let me touch you." - Linze
"When?!" - Spencer

"I'm just gonna grow an animal on my tamagotchi now." - Linze, when everyone else was surfing the web... and she (I) was on the "tamagotchi phone."

"Busted!!!" - Linze, singing...
 "Out: The Musical." - Mark.

"I always say share your talents..." - Kortni
"If you have a real big talent - maybe hold back." - Mark
"I don't use it all at once." - Linze

"I accept all five, but I only put out physical touch." - Spencer, about love languages

"When he's nice to someone at church I think, 'Oh, that's nice... You're not friends.'" - Linze... about someone else.

"I'm SO happy right now." - Linze... This is a repeat.

"...Or a goiter." - Mark

"If I were crotching you... You should see how many people you can crotch!" -  Linze AND Lindsey

"Did you hear Matt Miller?!...... Oh, you couldn't.  It was a text..." - Linze

"Where did their team all go?" - Linze... The team was in the outfield.

"Can we make masks?!" - Linze
"Absolutely." - Mark

"Dear God - Yes." - Mark

"She was either showing her Britneys of her Janets..." - Kortni

"Hey - you don't know how long it takes to get to Draper from Taylorsville by chariot..." - Mark

"Larp stripper...?" - Spencer

"Either way, it's gonna be awesome!" - Mark

"I just dislike the person that she is... so basically I dislike her." - Spencer

"Is that... a giant pack of skunks!?" - Linze and Spencer

"Please.  No one sees that movie for its plotline." - Linze... about Magic Mike


Song of the Day: A new love of mine - Flo Rida's "I Cry." Enjoy!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Keep thy Heart

One of my friends from back in the South posted the following scriptures on their facebook last weekend.

"Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life."

We're not of the same faith, but we both read the Bible and I immediately recognized it as from Proverbs of Psalms.. It was Proverbs - Chapter 4, verse 23 to be exact.  I started to think about the meaning of the words... sometimes I merely skim over scriptures and don't really internalize the meaning.  I've been making attempts to be better at this.  Thus, I started to think about the meaning...

"Keep thy heart will all diligence..." To keep something is to save or guard it.  You heart represent your feelings, desires, and the center of your being.  Putting the pieces together I'd say that we are to persistently and carefully guard and protect our thoughts, feeling, and thus, actions.

"... for out of it are the issues of life."  So, from our heart comes the issues, trial, temptations, and desires we have in life.  Therefore, I can use my deductive reasoning to assess that the we should be consistently guarding (and even shepherding- guiding) our daily thoughts and feelings because the issues (good or bad) in our lives come from those feelings and thoughts.  Our feelings and thoughts control our actions.  Think about it.  If you're spending the majority of your time thinking negative thoughts, it's really difficult to stay positive, right?  It's the same with other things in our life.

Example: I'm not saying if you think about sex once you're suddenly going to be having it.  Heaven knows that's not the truth.  However, when things overrun our mind, it can be reflected in the way we speak and act.  Therefore, I think it's smart to follow the counsel to "Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly; then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God." (D&C 121:45) I believe what H. David Burton said in a General Conference talk he gave in October of 2009, "As we allow virtue to garnish our thoughts unceasingly and we cultivate virtuous traits in our personal lives, our communities and institutions will be improved, our children and families will be strengthened, and faith and integrity will bless individual lives."

Sidenote:  For those friends who don't know what General Conference is, it's a bi-annual conference where individuals - mostly members of the LDS faith - gather in a series of two-hour sessions to listen to instruction from Church leaders. To see some of the transcripts, click HERE.

One way that I have found I am able to keep my mind in the right place and focus on the right things is to go to the temple.  I love the temple - the peace felt there and just the fact that it's mine and Heavenly Father's time.  I mean, you're serving others, but it's at such a benefit to you... I just am really grateful that I have the opportunity to go to the temple often here in UT.  In fact, I don't believe I utilize the temple as much as I could/should and so my new goal is to go once a week.  I use to do that while in college, and it was an extra mile or two away there... Here I have the Draper Temple basically in my backyard.

I know that when I go to the temple I feel peace and can keep my mind in the right place.  I can truly "keep [my] heart with all diligence," and keep myself on the best path for me.  If you want to learn more about LDS temple and why we have them, click on the picture below.... or just check out the stats. :)

Song of the Day:  My Sunday obsession for the past few weeks has been Nichole Nordeman's song "Legacy."  It's so uplifting for anytime of the week and it's catchy... I adore it.  Enjoy!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I started this entry a few weeks back, when the incident occurred, but I kept it in drafts by accident... Thus. I'm posting it now.

My mom was verbally attacked for her beliefs... at church.  A place that should be a safe haven.  It's not the first time either.  I just have to say that it's very fortunate that my mother has a strong testimony and knows the gospel is true.  It's fortunate that she understands the church is true, but the people aren't.  I just get so frustrated when she gives a simple opinion and is attacked...

The story.  They were talking about religious freedom and it came around to the Constitution - my mother made a comment about the beauty of the document being created with the ability to amend it when necessary.  She was abruptly cut off and a lady quite literally verbally assaulted her saying she "couldn't stand for such talk."  She went on about how the Constitution should never be changed and was not created with fluidity - that this thinking is what is leading to so many problems in our country.  Well, my mother (who never gets embarrassed) felt slightly humiliated.  I don't blame her- I would have felt awkward too... Luckily some of the women raised their hands a few minutes later and said that my mother should have to opportunity to finish her thought and that she wasn't completely wrong.  Many women emailed her later in the week too - so I think her not finishing her comment was almost more powerful than the comment itself.  See, my mom didn't finish her thought... She waved it off and let it passed, feeling numb.

When I was told about this, I did NOT feel numb.  I felt angry.  I'm over it now, but it's how I felt.  Who have the right to attack her for a belief, and especially in that it was that is in no way going against doctrine?!  No one.

I just want to bring up Amendment 13 - added almost 70 years after the original constitution was created. This amendment abolished slavery in the United States.  What about Amendment 19, passed in 1920?  This amendment allows women the power to vote.  The term amend means to change or modify, and amendment means a change or addition in a document.  The Constitution and the amendments were created with the understanding that times change and thus, changes sometimes need to be made to fit those times.  It's the same in the church.  In 1978, the church amended (after revelation) our "rules" to allow blacks to have the priesthood.  Gordon B. Hinckley wrote about this change and states, "All of us knew that the time had come for a change and that the decision had come from the heavens. The answer was clear." Change happens - and if it happens in the church, it will happen in other aspects of our life.

The lady had a point in her passion for the Constitution upholding certain stable, constant values.  However, she was so concerned with her point that other valid points were pushed aside and assessed immediately as being wrong.

I just needed to voice my opinion, and as this is my blog... I can do just that. Agree or disagree, that's okay.  I just hope that next time any of us disagree with someone, we try to look at it through their eyes and see where they're coming from - we don't attack them.

Song of the Day:  I found this song randomly on my Ipod the other day... I was sitting in my ultimately amazing car and figuring out the sound system - I discovered I can speak to my car and tell it to play songs, artists, and albums.  Haha!  Anyway, this song was one a random playlist and I fell in love immediately.  Here is Kris Allen feat. Meiko with "Loves Me Not."  I adore it.  Enjoy!