Monday, May 30, 2011

Linze & Kate - Our First Web-Show!

Kate and I thought it might be a good idea to start a musical web-show... I feel like for the first one, working out the kinks of location, sound volumes, camera usage, etc. (and realizing how long it will actually take to create the show each week), we're pretty happy with it!

Isn't she FABULOUS?!  I know... I'm lucky she'll sing with me.
(Blooper Reel to come...) 

Now that we did the first one, I'm ready to loosin' it up a little bit and work it a bit more. Song suggestions?  I know you got em'. 

*Sidenote:  On days I post our web-show THAT is the song of the day - pretty good choice, eh?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Next Time It'll Be More Than Quotes,,, Maybe.

I promise that I am going to write in my blog about things OTHER than funny quotes said by family and friends...  but for now, that will have to suffice... I know you don't mind.

We'll start with quotes from my family members:

"How dysfunctional are we?!"- Natalie

"I discovered that I'm 5 years old inside..." - Natalie

"When I was at the mall... we all jumped on and rode the mini-train!" - Nat
"The mini train? Like.... the mini bus!" - Linze

"Why seven candles?" - Mike, regarding his birthday cake (He's turning 31)
"Seven times five is thirty, plus one for luck!" - Linze
"Seven times five is thirty-five, Linze." - Mom
".......Damn." - Linze

"I know - You wished for that job at Apple!" - Mom
"I went a step further.  I wished that I'd get everything Apple I want by the end of the year..." - Mike
To this, my mother hands Mike an apple and starts laughing at her own joke.... It took us awhile for it to sink in... Haha!

"Oh!  I get a graduation gift in two years... I'm pre-maturely excited!" - Linze
"You get what I did when I graduated." - Dad
"Debt?..." - Linze

"Did you notice the decorations? We keep it classy..." - Mom
"Keepin' it classy with the plastic table cloth and Curious George cake." - Linze
"Hey.  It's better than Barbie's cake..." - Dad

"I'm in shock!  I have a blanket!" - Sherlock Holmes

Okay, that last one was from a movie/show... but it was good.  Now onward I write, recording the quotes that made the blog this week from my amazing friends:

"She can't dress like that!  Teachers wear sweaters..." - Spencer (said around a BUNCH of teachers... imagine THOSE stern "teacher looks" he received...)

"You wouldn't wear a topless dress..." - Spencer
Sidenote:  Dear Spencer, That would be a skirt...

"Sing over the damn..." - Linze

"Actually, we could just have Spencer say it!" - Linze (Regarding the swearing in the song we're doing for the web-show Kate and I will be creating tomorrow...)

"Lady Gaga is gonna die on national television!.... And I have it TiVoed!!!" - Spencer

"I wanna sing like that in church (meaning, Lady Gaga style...) - BE STILL!!!!!!" - Spencer

"I wish I had someone to cuddle with.  It's a cuddle night..." - Kate
"Well, I'm not a boy..." - Linze
"I want you do do this... *nuzzles me*" - Kate
"I thought you were allergic to cats." - Linze 

"I'd wanna date you just for that comment... Well, not date you because you're a girl, but if I were a boy..." - Linze

"Spooning is not always comfortable..." - Spencer

"If my boyfriend's leg glowed... Mmm Mmm." - Linze (watching I Am Number Four)

"I like it when my movies are enhanced." - Spencer
"I like it when lots of things are enhanced." - Linze

"That's what happens when I score." - Spencer
(You're in here a LOT this week, buddy... HAHA!)

Prep - Spencer was telling about his quote from last week were he said he loved black people and had a black car to prove it.  We were at Cheesecake Factory and talking kinda loud, so we all looked around to make sure we weren't going to offend someone.  I just blurted out, "You don't have to look - there are no black people here.  It's Utah."  Oddly enough, there was one guy the next table over... I miss diversity.  Haha!  No really.  I miss it.

"We were talking about when a couple messes around before marriage and goes in to see the bishop, and then he hands them the dolls..." - Lindsey
"He does that?!" - Nicole
"No!" - Everyone - haha! 

"They don't bend that way..." - Lindsey

"You don't know who Tupac is?!  You need to go home and research that, kids..." - Linze (to my middle school kids)
"Maybe we shouldn't tell them to research Tupac..."   A parent whispering to me...
"Kids, don't look up Tupac - he's dead." - Linze

"We were wondering, what's a virgin Sex on the Beach?" - Linze
After a long pause, "What is it?" - Lindsey
"No, I'm really asking..." - Linze
"We were waiting for a punch line." - Tottie

"It's a Virgin on Beach!" - Lindsey
"That sounds lonely..." - Jon


"The one time I swore, I told my ex to go to hell because I wanted to go to heaven and didn't ever want to see him again.  So, I literally meant it when I told him, 'Go to Hell!'..." - Jeanette (SO classic!)

I think I have some of the best friends and THE best family in the world... Love it. 

Sidenote:  Shout-out to Spencer's mom (Lola/Lisa) - I have heard three great stories from you in this week alone, that deserve to be recorded AND shared.  Get a blog.  Now.  PLEASE.  

Song of the Day:  I discovered this song on a fan-made Hunger Games video - haha!  I feel legit though because it was the one my student (Savanna Kylie) used it as a pre-audition video... (I'm almost done with the second book!!!) Here is Linkin Park with "Iridescent."  It's really a beautiful song... LOVE.  Enjoy!

Here's a copy of the HG video I was talking about too, in case you wanna see (this is NOT from the real movie or actors):

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

One of my favorite part of studying language and English in school was coming across little nuggets of gold within the writing.  In other words, sometimes you have to scrap away a bunch of crap from the surface to find the substance beneath all the words that get in the way.  Then, there are moments when you find a phrase of specific statement from a speech, book, song, conversation, and it changes you.  You grow from that simple set of words.  You laugh.  You think.... I love quotes.

Here are a few favorites:

"Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you wanted!" – Randy Pausch

"The past is to be learned from but not lived in. We look back to claim the embers from glowing experiences but not the ashes." - Jeffery R. Holland

"Let me die the moment my love dies.
Let me not outlive my own capacity to love.
Let me die still loving, and so, never die..."

- Metamorphoses, by: OVID

"You shouldn't be the substitute for anybody..." - Elizabethtown 
(This is my favorite movie - Hands down.  I need to watch it again, and soon - I mean "this week" soon.  Haha!  It's said when the main girl is talking about how she's a "substitute/fill-in girl for her boyfriend, and the main boy says this, then kisses her.  It's pretty epic.)

Never make someone a priority in your life when you're merely an option in theirs'... - NO IDEA (but I love it...)

Never give up what you want most for what you want at the moment... - GA

"Ever notice how 'What the hell' is always the right answer?" - Marilyn Monroe

"...Us Virginia girls, we have fire and ice in our blood. We can ride horses, be a debutante, throw left hooks, and all the while making sweet tea, darlin'. And if we have an opinion, you know you're gonna hear it." - Ashley Judd 

Yep.  I am a quote lover.  When I was in HS I painted my entire room BRIGHT yellow (like, "Can you sleep at night in there?!" yellow) and used magic makers to write quotes all over the walls.  Friends were to sign the ceiling and then could write a quote anywhere around the room, so long as it was appropriate.  Haha!  It was a really cool room - I think all my friends would agree and most could not believe my parents were okay with it.  Truth is, I MIGHT have left out the idea to have my write on the walls when I told them I was painting/re-doing my room... just maybe.  Haha!  (They really were chill with it - I have bomb parents.)

Getting back to quotes, here are a few lyrical treasures found in conversations with friends this week... No disclaimer this time.  You know the drill:

"I don't think I could make a sandwich out of myself... Yuck.  I can dunk my head between my legs though!" - Eliza  

Sung to the Tune of Ke$ha's song 'Blow,': "Go insane! Go insane! Throw some piggies, make it rain!" - Eliza

"Well, I should probably go wash my body and stuff..." - Mary  (You're officially on the WWW, girl!)

"You have to pay for that." - Me to Bekah when walking out of 7/11 - I thought she was just walkin' out!  Haha...

"Where's the road!?" - Hailey
"What the hell are you doing, Hailey?!"
- Linze
"Linze!" - Bekah (in regards to my language)
"What? I was nervous for my life!" - Linze
"I say hell too!  Oh, $h*%!  I win..." - Hailey

"He told me he had a hole in his crotch... It made me like him even more." - Bekah

"I wish I was being raptured.  I could avoid paying taxes.  Screw the government... I'm going to Heaven, or rouge." - Linze

"I have to pay 40%!  I know math..." -Linze
"It's 25%" - My Dad
"I was getting there..." - Linze

"What's the NRS?  The National Rifle Society?" - Linze (I KNOW what the NRA is...)
"Don't you pay taxes?!" - Mike
"No.  That's what we're discussing!" - Linze (Hahaha... I DO pay taxes - and hate that it's half my paycheck.)

"Now you're gonna be a right-winged conservative..." - My Mom
"I'm gonna become a tea-partier!" - Linze
"I'd rather you be raptured." - My Mom

"Go be raptured in your own room!" - My Dad after I started singing a made-up song about ascension to heaven..

"I use to shoot back like three a day!" - Linze (referring to Diet Cokes)
"See, I never use to drink in college..." - Amber

"I wouldn't want to be black... Wait, that came out wrong.  I love black people - Look, my car's black!" - Spencer  (He really wasn't being discriminatory - words just came out a bit jumbled - haha!)

"I Wuv Wemon Dwops..." - Spencer, after putting 16 17 lemon drops into his mouth on a dare his own free will...  Sidenote:  This was HILARIOUS!  He cheeks were HUGE and we were all dying laughing when he nonchalantly kept putting them into his mouth.  CLASSIC.

"Just put it in your pants..." - Linze (referring to Spencer needing to put his hand into his pants POCKETS so he's stop itching his eyes form cat allergies...)

"If I were in the Hunger Games right now, I'd have my bow and arrow, and be twirling a lot." - Linze, while twirling against a wall and rolling on the ground.

Sidenote:  I started The Hunger Games series this weekend in attempt to support a student my mom and I have had that is in them (she's playing Rue) got called to audition for Prim in LA and barely didn't get it, and know the story before the movie comes out next year.  So, I started the first apprehensively, was a chapter in and felt unsure, read another chapter and was HOOKED!  They are phenomenal... I mean, genuinely well-written, deep and though-provoking books with intense symbolism and themes.  I really like them so far... I'm on the second one now! :)

"Both our taste-buds like... cheese!" - Eliza
"Both our taste-buds like... chocolate!"  Linze
"Both our taste-buds like... CHAIRS!" - Eliza, followed by insane amounts of laughter and her asking to check out my taste-buds about 12 times... so cute!

Yep.  I love quotes.

Song of the Day:  I am currently in love with this song... I listened to it about 18 times today.  My mother is not a fan because it's too sad, but I can't stop listening to it!  Here is The Band Perry with "If I Die Young."  Enjoy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nanny Diaries... AGAIN?!

After months of not having a full-time, real job... The moment has arrived.  Last week on Thursday, I interviewed for a MWF nanny position with a family a bit north of where I live.  It was kind of touch-and-go the last few weeks with getting in touch with the mother, and I honestly was about to take my information off of the nanny website I subscribed to in job desperation.  I would say, "I should have signed up sooner," but had I done so I wouldn't be with this particular family that found me.  Yep - they found me, asked me to come interview, and we all loved each other from the get-go.  In a matter of two days, the mother had gone through all of my references and called to offer me the job starting this week.  I have a job and one that I am OVER THE MOON about having!

I am now the proud nanny of little Miss Eliza!
Is she not the most adorable little three year-old of your life?  I know.  Not only that, but she really is so well-behaved and mild-mannered.  Jealous?  I know. She has LOTS of energy, but she's not excessively loud or crazy with it... It's perfect.  I recognize that I have only been with her for two days and I WILL see other sides to her, but she really is fantastic.  I already love her!

Sidenote:  I am watching this week's Modern Family while I type... This week's intro was enough for me, but I get more than that?!  Score.  

It's an ideal situation also, because of the logistics of the job.  The nanny job that I had in Germany was hands-down one of the best decisions of my life and one of the best times of my life.  I love those boys with every ounce of my heart, still to this day.  However, after my experience there I came to a realization that there are certain things I need if I am going to play the nanny role for a family.  Namely, a "live-out" situation and specific boundaries drawn within responsibilities and expectations.  This job seems to offer these things.

Today I got paid to play pretend beach day, go the the aquarium (where my bestie, Sam, was on account of her 2nd grade class having a field trip there - random!) for a few hours, color fairies, read children's books, play hide-and-seek, have three "dance parties," and get a bunch of hugs - I am a lucky woman.  Additionally, the "little one quotes" will be returning to this blog!  Get excited... I know my quotes of random brain-lapse can be entertaining, but they are nothing compared to the things said "out of the mouth of babes."  It's about to get CLASSIC up on here.  Haha....
Neon Frogs?  LOVE IT.
I was teaching Eliza how to take pictures - haha!
They should have one of these on every playground - I have would played on it!
I thought the jellyfish there (Sandy Aquarium) were AMAZING!

Me and Eliza!  What a cutie...
 One other thought... It's amazing how things work out WHEN they need to because of HOW they need to.  I am completely impressed with Heavenly Father's hand in my life.  Just piecing things together for a moment of perspective - If I had gotten one of the jobs I wanted right after getting back from Europe (almost five months ago now), I would not have spent a lot of time subbing and realized the passion I have for education.  My dreams changed a bit as of late, and I'm okay with that.  Upon realizing this, I applied to Grad School and will start in the Fall... not the plan at ALL before, but I like it now - a LOT.  On top of that, if I had gotten another job I would not have put my name upon on the nanny site and found this job, where the boss is willing to work with my schedule (not only now, but come Fall with the start of school) and give me the time I need to also focus on my education.

It just all feels so RIGHT, and I finally feel comfort in what I've decided to do with my life for now... It's all falling together in the moment where it would allow multiple stars to align.  I'm thankful for that...

P.S.  Hit up the temple tonight for ward temple night (on a whim, nonetheless) and was the ONLY one in the baptistery.  It was kinda sad others weren't there, but kind of nice... I wasn't there for anyone in my ward, and the reasons that I was there were all met.  It was a unique experience because I was literally only there with temple workers, who kept asking where mt friends were.  I responded, "Upstairs," which made them all smile.  Haha... It was nice.

Song of the Day:  I have to give another shout-out to the group Parachute, as their newest CD (#2 on ITunes!) came out yesterday!  They have a free concert here on Jun 23rd put on my Fight the New Drug, and I'm SO excited!  I haven't seen them since they were "Sparky's Flaw."  Here is one of their newest songs from the album, "What I Know."  It's AMAZING!  Love them... ENJOY!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meet the Queen of Awkward

I am the queen of awkward.

If you still don't believe me, it is for one of the following three reasons:  First, you have yet to spend more than twenty minutes in my presence when I spoke out loud.  Second, you have yet to see me throw a baseball.  Third, I have never left you a voice-male message.

As shown above, a picture says a thousand words...

Now, that's awkward. 

The definition of awkward can be found as, "lacking skill or dexterity," "lacking grace or ease of movement," or "lacking social graces or manners."  I'm pretty sure I can move alright.  I'm a good dancer and did gymnastics for years... but um, the other two areas, may INDEED be lacking.  

Additionally, to solidified my "queen" status, ask any of my EFY of German missionary friends what the sign for awkward is in American sign language.  Yep - one of the only things I know how to say in ASL. (Other words include, beautiful, America, work, make-out, the words to "Love One Another," thank you, and sorry... The last one's a good one to know if you're an awkward individual.. Just FYI.)

In case you are in need of supplementary example of my awkwardidity ( If Dr. Suess made up words - so can I!), I will happily satisfy that need.  This weekend I spent my evenings surrounded by family & friends, going to movies, eating out, hanging out at other's homes, and even going to church.  In ALL of these places, I had some pretty epic awkward moments... Yes - even in church.  Most of these quotes below, however, are not mine (and are merely funny friend quotes too good to pass up putting on the WWW)- only some belong to my brain mouth.

Warning: I would write something about how "I'm really not a bad person!" or "I really AM semi-articulate in most situations," which I am, but this is my blog... So, no excuse is necessary.  Proceed with caution... 

"My body gets steamy really fast!" - That one IS mine... What?  I was really hot in church when I first sat down...

"OMG!" - Kate
"Who called us hoochie?!..... That's not what you said?" - Bekah
"I'm bloggin' that.  Type it into my cell, Kate." - Linze
"Wait... I don't know how to spell hoochie?..." - Kate
This was proceeded by Bekah and I spelling "H-O-O-C-H-I-E!" really fast. (Sidenote:  We WERE listening to Selena...)

"If you are willing to give up kissing, you haven't kissed anyone who's good at it." - Karin

"At least he ended on a high note!" - Bekah, in relation to my band director in HS wanting to retire after the drum-line put marijuana in brownies they fed to a chunk of the students before competition (not me, thankfully) - Get it?

"I have a testimony of sex...  Wait, that's not what I meant!" - Linze (Yep.)
"Well, you should... but not yet." - Tate
Sidenote:  It really was within a legit conversation about a movie we had just seen, but somehow phrasing got off... don't ask. 

"We should play shirts and skins!" - Spencer
"They'd have to be shirts..." - Linze
Needless to say, we didn't play shirts and skins... There was MORE awkwardness involved in this story, but I'll save that part for personal conversations.

It could be much worse.  I could be this girl:

Adding to the comments above, there was a moment when I was on the phone and almost put my car into "drive" rather than "reverse," almost causing chaos... Twice. I ripped my jean shorts straight in half after falling down the stairs.  I told a lady she had something (chocolate was my guess) on her face, trying to be nice and helpful, and it was a mole.  This was just this week...

I promise, I DO have moments of normalcy and am known for the most part as a classy, tactful, and intelligent woman.  However, not so much in the moment below:
This picture was taken in the "Naked Park" in Oslo, Norway.  Note the girl in right corner that is laughing hysterically at me as I was explaining (while lying on the naked statues), "I know I'm in a dress, but I have spandex shorts underneath!  It's okay - really!"  The language barrier was apparently a bit of a problem for her... oops.

I promise, I'm not always awkward... but how boring would life be if I was always graceful and smooth?

Sidenote:  It is almost 9pm and I am heading to Amber's in two minutes... I am still in my swimsuit from laying out in the sunshine (not anywhere near water) at 3pm. What?  You didn't spend YOUR Sunday afternoon singing show-tunes around the piano in your swimsuit?  Yea, me neither. 

Song of the Day:  I'm learning this one right now... Here is "Breathe" from In the Heights, sung by Mandy Gonzales.  I'm in dire need of seeing this... even though it's closed now.  Boo. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Self-Worth: Discovering Truth

Lately, I have really been contemplating self-worth.  Not so much my own, but self-worth in general.  Additionally, I have been contemplating the power of confidence in your personal worth, as it directly relates.  It's amazing what a little dose of confidence does to empower an individual, and how confidence makes one more attractive.  I don't necessarily mean attractiveness in the form of "boy likes girl" or vice versa (though in that case it's true too), but confidence makes you attract friends - people want to be around you.  You also are more attractive to yourself... sounds weird, but if you are confident and comfortable with who you are, you're a happier person. You want to be who you are.
How great would it be if more people felt that way about themselves?  How great would it be if more people genuinely liked who they were, and embraced their personality quirks, awkward habits, and body image?  I have no doubt that the world would be a much happier place... and we, in return, would be a happier people.

Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one's own sunshine. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do your thoughts and attitudes about yourself create your own shadows?  Do you allow yourself to live in self-doubt and block out the light you could be giving to others, or to yourself?

As of late, numerous young adult women, teenage girls, and even guy friends of mine have expressed feelings of inadequacy and self-disappointment.  They're too fat or too skinny.  They're too dumb or too smart (feeling as though they need to act less intelligent to attract others).  They're not living up to what their parents or other friends desire for them to be.  They're not cool enough, or they say awkward things all the time (guilty!) and feel inarticulate.  The answers as to why they feel insecure are numerous, and all relating back to being worried about what others see in them, thus defining how they feel about themselves.  In return, others grow to see the lack of confidence and relate it to that individual.  It's a circle - a sickycle cycle.

If you put a small value on yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price. ~Unknown Author

If only these people could see what I see in them...

If they could see themselves through my eyes, they would see the things that I love about them and the lack of focus on the things that bring them self-reservations.  These are bright, beautiful, AMAZING people.  These are people I have found myself feeling in awe of at times in my life.  These are incredible individuals who are loved by SO many around them... I don't know the inferiority complexes behind each individual.  However, I know that they need to let go of those fears that are holding them back from being the best them.  How can you be the best you if you are thinking about the ways you're "not good enough" or fearing what others think about you?

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Now, at times I am my worst hypocrite, and in this area I have failed miserably in the past.  However, as written in my New Year's entry, my goal for the year is to "Simply to be me, and to feel beautiful in all-aspects while doing it - because I am. I'm not perfect at it, but each time I shake off the negative and focus on the positive I get closer to fulfilling my goal.  When I feel negative about who I am, I make myself mentally list three positive things about myself, and I remember that the Savior felt those exact things for me.  At time, it's hard to think about the positive, or even my Savior.  IT'S HARD... You can do it, because you can do hard things.  We were built to do hard things. 

We're about to get personal... just for a moment.  Yesterday was fabulous!  I had a great day subbing, went to a meeting at Westminster about Grad School schedules and focuses in the Fall, and had time to practice voice and work out.  It was a great day!  I was in a fantastic mood.  That evening I three different interactions with friends last night where they told me how great of a friend I was and things they admired about me... and then as I was sitting down to read scriptures before bed something in me snapped.  I have NO idea where it came from, and I'm not one for mood swings.  However, suddenly I was overcome with self-loathing.

I feel good about who I am and am becoming.  The way I feel about my body fluctuates here and there, but I usually don't let it effect me or my mood.  Last night, it was different.

I had spent the whole last two weeks thinking about the power of self-confidence and how all of us are worth all we want out of life... and this was what I was writing in my journal: "It's hard to feel good about myself, even when deep down I know I'm worth it - worth all I could want out of life.  Why can't someone else see that?  Why can't employers see that?  Why do I fall short?"

Then, I wrote the most important piece of information we should take time to remember daily... "I am a Child of God."  I am meant for SO much... and perhaps I am meant for more that what "that person" or "that job" wants of me.  It came out of nowhere, and was the only positive thought that I needed to pull me through, because if you know what that really means, then that's all the comfort that you need. 

When you're down on yourself, remember your worth.  Remember who you are and let that bring your confidence.  Remember that the atonement covers ALL things... including your insecurities and feelings of inadequacy.  YOU are worth everything life has to offer you.  YOU are worth a great job, a nice home, a good family and good friends, a loving spouse, love, and happiness.  You're worth respect and kindness... It might not always happen and you might not always feel that way, but work to because you ARE worth it. 

Wouldn't it be powerful if you fell in love with yourself so deeply that you would do just about anything if you knew it would make you happy? This is precisely how much life loves you and wants you to nurture yourself. The deeper you love yourself, the more the universe will affirm your worth. Then you can enjoy a lifelong love affair that brings you the richest fulfillment from inside out. ~Alan Cohen

Oft times, we are our own worst enemy.  We lean on what others say, and their opinions of us become our mind's realities.  We must discover truth... Truth is who we are born to become.  You were born to be so much more the faults and imperfections in which you define yourself.

Song of the Day: This song connects perfectly to today's entry.  I MIGHT have already used this song in the past, but I just spent a half an hour trying to look through all my entries to see if I had used it and did NOT see it anywhere - I think I just posted in on facebook once.  Eh...  So, here is an AMAZING song that I discovered a few years ago.  "Imagine Me," by Kirk Franklin.  Listen to the words... Enjoy! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cake Wrecks!

It's going to begin appearing as though I do nothing but surf the internet... I assure you this is not the case.  I watch online movies too. Haha...  No really - I have an outside life, but sometimes you gotta chill and have a laugh.  Thus, I bring you --> CAKE WRECKS!

This site is classic... They show some really great cakes (Sundays), but mostly ones that are complete disasters.  For instance, every time they see a giant brown frosting, it's most definitely going to be called poop.  Sorry, but they have a point. I am especially fond of the ones that have grammatical and spelling errors that may sound minor, but are surely not upon reading them.  What?  I'm an English minor/Master's student...

Here are a few goodies from the site:

Oh, Cake Wrecks... How I love your inspiration.
Sounds like something I'd say... but perhaps not on a cake.
Read it again... Got it now?
You's a boy!?  Good for you.
Like I said... it looks like poop, right?  Yes, that was made by a professional.  No, it's NOT a heart.
Another mistake... It's suppose to say "Pop-Pop," I hope.
It's definitely suppose to say "A Very Wise LADY." Oops, Grandma...
First, the writing on this looks hideous. Second, it's not "to be," it's "Toby."
This one is actually legit and well-made, but HILARIOUS! I wanna create this someday for my kid... Traumatizing?  I hope not!

One Quite Story:  At FHE tonight I had another moment of "my stupid mouth" presenting itself.  One of my friends was stating his little sister, who I already knew was his younger sister from a previous conversation, was his twin.  FALSE.  I said to him, "Spencer, liars go to hell.. GO TO HELL!"  I was merely trying to re-state the last part of the phrase for emphasis.  You know, how they do it in movies... Example:  Sam says to Frodo in Lord of the Rings, "I made a promise, Mr Frodo. A promise. 'Don't you leave him Samwise Gamgee.' And I don't mean to. I don't mean to."  They do this a lot in this movie... I know because I watched the entire extended versions with my brother before his mission as his "going-away gift."(Sidenote:  Derek - "It's okay!  I have spongecake!" HAHAHAHA... Moving on.)     
Anyway, it turned into yet another awkward moment when he only caught the latter half, as did many others sitting around us at FHE.  Thank you, mouth of mine... Thank you
Song of the Day:  I know that Glee has been on the downhill and the writing has gotten rather mediocre.  However, I still watch it.  I still love the music and pray that the creativity and wit in the beginning will return... and the music is still awesome! SO, the other week they created an AMAZING mash-up "Unpretty/I Feel Pretty," this is quite touching, all about feeling good about your body/self... and well sung.  LOVE IT. Enjoy!

Dear Blank, Please Blank

I got all these off the website called "Dear Blank, Please Blank," which I head to when trying to avoid work sometimes... Here are some fairly humorous tidbits I stumbled across recently...
I could have sworn cats had nine lives. Sorry bro...
I've never heard anyone say, "I don't know, let's Yahoo! it..." just saying...
Sincerely, Google

Dear stork,
Yes but where did YOU come from.

Dear Osama Bin Laden,
Sincerely, United States

Dear Miley,
Wow, this is awkward. You weren't invited...

Sincerely, The USA
Don't think of them as "chick flicks." If you pay attention, you will find that they are "how-to-succeed-with-a-girl" videos.

Dear bra,
Why aren't you called a booby trap?
Sincerely, seems more fitting.

Dear mom,
Seriously, what did you see in dad?
Dear girls,
Can you have those "sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no makeup on" days more often? It makes you look way more beautiful than having on all that crap you call makeup.
Sincerely, I like the REAL you.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Think Before You Speak... So One of Us Does.

First a short explanation (then the humorous story that's worth the wait):

In my church we have this thing called the "ward directory."  It's like a school directory, but for our specific congregation of people.  That way we have access to ways of contacting this individuals in our ward through their address, number, and email... and in single's wards that includes a picture or each person.  In my church we also have something called "callings," which are jobs that we are asked to accept and accomplish while there in the ward.  The LDS church does not pay their ward members and ward or stake (a group of wards) leadership, so this is volunteer work.  Thus, extending and accepting callings allows the church to function efficently... and gives every member the opportunity to serve those in their "ward family."  It's smart, effective, and I like it.

Okay, putting the pieces together, my calling in my ward is being in charge of the ward directory.  Today we had a whole slew of new individuals come into the ward and I, along with some others, was in charge of taking their pictures for the directory and getting to know them each a bit.  Well, two individuals approached me near the end of the masses of pictures to get theirs taken.  We got to chatting and they mentioned that they were engaged... They both had names that began with the letter "T," so I said, "That's so cute!  T&T... I can just see the cute mammogram on your towels!"  I took the boy's picture, him laughing throughout the time, and when we were done the girl stated, "Yes.  Well, I'm sure you meant monogram... those will be cute too."  

Yep.  Just another moment where my brain and mouth did NOT connect quickly enough.  Like the time in HS when I shouted at my brother at the Asian Buffet for biting off an octopus's testicle...  Needless to say, I MEANT tentacle, and proceeded to stand up and apologize to the entire restaurant for yelling a part of the male anatomy while they were merely attempting to enjoy their orange chicken.

Just another day with the mouth of in the life of, Linze. 

Song of the Day:  This song was performed on the Idol stage the other night and I happened to be watching while I cooked for my Cinco de Mayo get together... I kinda fell in love.  Here is Lady Antebellum with "Just a Kiss."  It makes you smile... just a bit.  Enjoy!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco de Mayo w/ a Hint of Lime... Cupcakes That Is, and a Fiesta!

Happy fifth of May - Glücklich fünften Mai - Feliz Cinco de Mayo!  I figure why not celebrate in every language I know... or, kinda know.

Yesterday, I had a little gathering at my place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and it was great!  Some friends from Provo came up, some friends from SLC came down, and people from Draper just came on over.  It was great!  I got to release a bit of my creativity cooking (enchiladas, seven-layer dip, margaritas, empanadas and margarita cupcakes) and setting up for the celebration, which was fun for me too... I kinda love parties and events - and oddly, hosting them.  

I took a shot at making some virgin strawberry daiquiri margaritas, and they actually turned out pretty good! I even ran a lime around the rim of each cup and dipped it in sugar (with a pinch of salt for zip)... I know, I'm pretty much a pro - aka: I googled how to do it.
So, Kate used her mad skills and made some obleck, because Brenden had never heard of it (Sidenote:  Either has my sister...).  It was a major asset to the party - he obviously LOVED it... Haha!
The before (above) and after (below) shot... I kinda prefer the before. Haha!

There's that crazy obleck again... it really was a party center-piece. Just ask Karin! Haha...
We had a handful more people there, but I only took pictures for a few minutes... It was a good group! Some people I hadn't since before I left for Germany came too, and I got to see them which was fabulous.  I even made a dinner date with Meghan (finally!) and Amber for next week... Life is good. 

Now, see those beautiful cupcakes above this text - the green ones with pieces of lime on top?  Yea... Those are margarita/lime cupcakes that I created!  BAM!  I swear this is not becoming a food "how-to" blog, but a friend asked how I made them with the statement, "You can just put the recipe on your blog."  To this I thought, "Great idea!"  So, that's that... Here is the SIMPLEST recipe ever for margarita/lime cupcakes:

1 Box of White Cake
Eggs, water and oil (amt. according to what the box states)
Half a package of sugar-free Lime Jello!

That's it.  Really!  I feel a bit embarrassed at how ridiculously easy my discovery was to make... but it worked!  I read a few recipes and they were all asking for tons of extra stuff, and I finally said "To heck with this - I'm using jello to make them green and flavored."  So, I did just that.  Then, I topped each one with homemade cream cheese frosting, green sprinkles, and a tiny slice of lime.  A TIP:  Don't put the lime slice on until right before you serve them... It doesn't make them taste way different, but the acid in the fruit made the frosting melt just a little bit.  Eh!  They were still bomb!

On a final note, a great party + great people = a great night.

Song of the Day:  On June 23rd, on of my favorite bands is playing here in Utah for FREE!  I am stoked!  As I have said and promoted before, this boy named Will is the lead singer for the band Parachute, and he also graduated from HS with me.  No, we weren't buddy-buddy.  I think I talked to him only a handful of times, but I went and watched him play downtown with his band from time to time, and love them (Sparky's Flaw).  So, here they are with a song co-written by them and Lady Antebellum - here's Parachute's new song "Kiss Me Slowly."  Enjoy and come see them in concert in June with me and some friends if you desire!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer 2011: A Summer of Firsts

Things that I really want to do during the summer of 2011, and most are things I've never done before (those are in bold):

 - Hike Timp
 - Go to Lake Powell
 - Go to Bear Lake and see Rosa's play
 - Make homemade popsicles 
 - See Derek & Cami (Talking them into taking a trip here would be nice...)
 - Take the State Praxis (I don't know that I want to so this, but I need to and I wanna get it over with.)

Sidenote:  I'm doing this Praxis test is because... I GOT INTO GRADUATE SCHOOL!!!  I start at Westminster College in the Fall, getting and MAT (Master's of Teaching), with certifications in Secondary Theater and English.  I could not be more excited, and it could not feel more right...

Back to the list:
 - Get a tan and spend LOTS of time at the pool!
 - Learn to love like running... or at least grow numb to it and enjoy it a bit more.
 - Train for a 5K - and run one
 - Make homemade ice cream
 - Sew/create a tie-skirt
 - Attend the Temple Prep class
 - Go to the temple once a week!
 - Visit temples that I've never been to before in UT
 - Road trip to Cali and Disneyland!
 - Perform my own songs in SLC
 - Learn to play guitar (More than the Harry Potter Theme or Zorro Theme songs)
 - Eat a lot of fresh fruit, like watermelon!
 - Go to Draper Days and the rodeo
 - Go to Strawberry Days
 - Visit the Beehive House
 - Go to an outdoor concert and take a picnic
 - Assistant Stage Manage for Stadium of Fire
 - Read four or five new novels and even more education strategy books
 - See Harry Potter 7: Part II!!!
 - See X-Men: First Class, Submarine, Super 8, and Love, Wedding, Marriage
 - Learn to cook at least eight new dishes
 - Go to a Bee's Game
 - Visit Allen Park (right next to my new school), Gilgal Sculpture Park, Artesian Well Park, Red Butte Gardens
 - Eat at The Red Iguana
 - See a show at Keys on Main
 -  Watch the new seasons of Drop Dead Diva, So You Think You Can Dance, Bachelor Pad, The Bachelorette, White Collar, and Psych
 - See Parachute live in concert (Jun 23rd - for FREE)!  Last time I saw them live, the band was slightly different and their name was Sparky's Flaw.
 - Visit/tour the Utah State Capital
 - Visit friends in St. George
 - Hit up the Manti Pageant
 - Try my skills out in screen-writing 
 - Go to a local water park
 - Go to a karaoke bar... and sing.
 - Practice piano more often
 - Write the prophet of the LDS church a letter
 - Write the Preisdent of the USA a letter 
 - Go four-wheeling in the sand-dunes
 - Go real paintballing
 - Go camping!
 - Ride on a Segway
 - Eat lobster 
 - Sew a quilt using my old T-Shirts

Half these things are also on my bucket list... Yes, I have an actual bucket-list written down and everything.  I go bored while riding the train in Germany Austria one day and started writing one...  It's got some pretty good stuff.  Other things on that list include holding a kangaroo, riding in a hot-air balloon (Do you know how expensive that is?!  For real, it's ridiculous...), attend the Thanksgiving Macy's Day parade, go to all 50 states, and meet Celine Dion.  That's just the surface - perhaps I'll put that whole list up here someday.

Tomorrow = Cinco De Mayo!!!  I got the enchiladas ready and made tequila cupcakes tonight, and tomorrow I'll make seven-layer dip, empanadas, and margaritas! It's gonna be bomb.

Song of the Day: I needed a little hip-hop in my life today! This song is a good jam for drivin', top down, singin' along - great summer jam from 2008... I know - I'm SO old-school. Haha! Here is Lloyd (Feat. Ludacris) with "How We Do It in the A" - meaning ATL (Sarah - dedicated to YOU!)! Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blankets and Snuggies

I totally thought about ordering this:

Everyone who knows me will come to know my passion against the Snuggie.  I have ALWAYS said that the Snuggie is a blanket with holes... and who wants holes in their blanket?  One male friend (who currently maintains ownership of the Britney Spears collectible Barbie doll) has often argued that the Snuggie is actually more like a backwards-robe... again, this is stupid.  Is that really a better argument? Would YOU pay $29.95 for two mildly-soft, backwards robes AND a "free" small book lamp?" (That is probably built into the cost in reality.)  If you answered yes, our current friendship status is in a state of pending jeopardy.

I'll give anything a chance once... but sometimes it's JUST once.  To prove my point, and my ability to be open to all man-made creations, I once wore a Snuggie. It was Fall of 2009 at our Ward Cabin Trip... It was there I discovered that JT's Snuggie, a triple-dog dare (of no consequence), too much diet coke, and a vicious lack of sleep, can cause a momentary lapse in my judgment.  When I told my friends to, "Take a picture, it'll last longer," I didn't realize at the time how long this picture would actually last... Too long.

Dang you, Snuggie.  Dang you.

Song of the Day:  I had a slight disagreement about Adele tonight at FHE... Haha!  I LOVE her new album.  Love.  I was on the bandwagon before the bandwagon was created and shipped out of the station.  There are a bunch of great songs from the album, but I have to say my favorite one is the song "Turning Tables."  There is something about the beauty in getting over someone or something -  in realizing that you're strong enough to walk away when this person or thing has hurt you over and over again.  I recently realized I was strong enough, and proved it to myself... I guess that's why I enjoy it so much.  Enjoy!