Sunday, May 8, 2011

Think Before You Speak... So One of Us Does.

First a short explanation (then the humorous story that's worth the wait):

In my church we have this thing called the "ward directory."  It's like a school directory, but for our specific congregation of people.  That way we have access to ways of contacting this individuals in our ward through their address, number, and email... and in single's wards that includes a picture or each person.  In my church we also have something called "callings," which are jobs that we are asked to accept and accomplish while there in the ward.  The LDS church does not pay their ward members and ward or stake (a group of wards) leadership, so this is volunteer work.  Thus, extending and accepting callings allows the church to function efficently... and gives every member the opportunity to serve those in their "ward family."  It's smart, effective, and I like it.

Okay, putting the pieces together, my calling in my ward is being in charge of the ward directory.  Today we had a whole slew of new individuals come into the ward and I, along with some others, was in charge of taking their pictures for the directory and getting to know them each a bit.  Well, two individuals approached me near the end of the masses of pictures to get theirs taken.  We got to chatting and they mentioned that they were engaged... They both had names that began with the letter "T," so I said, "That's so cute!  T&T... I can just see the cute mammogram on your towels!"  I took the boy's picture, him laughing throughout the time, and when we were done the girl stated, "Yes.  Well, I'm sure you meant monogram... those will be cute too."  

Yep.  Just another moment where my brain and mouth did NOT connect quickly enough.  Like the time in HS when I shouted at my brother at the Asian Buffet for biting off an octopus's testicle...  Needless to say, I MEANT tentacle, and proceeded to stand up and apologize to the entire restaurant for yelling a part of the male anatomy while they were merely attempting to enjoy their orange chicken.

Just another day with the mouth of in the life of, Linze. 

Song of the Day:  This song was performed on the Idol stage the other night and I happened to be watching while I cooked for my Cinco de Mayo get together... I kinda fell in love.  Here is Lady Antebellum with "Just a Kiss."  It makes you smile... just a bit.  Enjoy!

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