Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guess Who Bought Their First Car?!

For about two years I've been saving up like crazy so that I could buy my first car.  I was dreaming about buying my first car after I had saved most of the money for the actual vehicle.  I wanted to take a minimal loan so I could build credit, and be prepared to really have the majority of the money for a good car.  Today, that dream came true!!!

I bought my very first car!!!

My real dream was always to own a mini-cooper, but things change... I drove one last year and it was just too small for me.  I know - to all my close friends, this is a shocker.  Let's be real - they're also pretty expensive.  I'd rather pay less for more car.  Haha!

Anyway, I've been saving like mad and after saving a HUGE chunk of money, I decided that it was time to look into buying my very first car.  I searched a bunch of websites and autotrader ads.  I went to different dealerships (well, not too many...), and I did my research on the cars I was interested in.  I found one that I fell in love with... and I went after it hardcore.  Haha!

After a week of test-driving, taking the car to a mechanic, applying for a loan, taking through pounds of paper-work, and much pondering and prayer that I was making a good decision (yes, I prayed about my car), I made the leap and today... I became a first time car owner!!!
Is she not beautiful?  I think she is... I haven't decided on a name yet, but it'll come...  It's a 2011 Ford Escape with only 12,500 miles, and looks virtually new, which is AWESOME.  It feel like butter to drive and handles fabulously.  It gets great gas mileage and even has the flex fuel option.  There are also a few other things I love.. It has a great sound system with a 6-changer disc player, and a steering wheel that allows me to control the sound, station, track, and answer my phone by pushing a button or two on the wheel. It has lots of room in the back so friends aren't cramped like they were in the tracker (not in the van, but... according to Mark that van made me soccer mom), the air is powerful and functions fully (should be a given perhaps, but it didn't in my other cars), and... It has a sunroof!  It was a detail that wasn't mandatory, but secretly... I really wanted one!

Let's see her one more time: 

Yep, she's a beauty. I feel like an official "big kid," or adult... I worked hard, I saved, and I got what I wanted.  It feels good.

Song of the Day:  I just have to... Here is Taylor Swift's newest, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."  I love it, and it was the first song I played in my new car. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


So, the other weekend my friend Spencer had the brilliant idea to try and win the Wicked lottery.  If you don't know what the Wicked lottery, let me clear it up for you.  It is not an extremely evil gambling system... On the contrary, it is nothing but pure goodness.

One of my favorite musicals, Wicked, is currently on tour here in SLC for July-August at the Capitol Theater.  The lottery system allows us less financially inclined individuals to try and "win" two tickets to see the musical for $25 each.  You head to the theater 2 1/2 hours before show-time and enter your name (free to enter) into a drawing that takes place exactly 2 hours before show-time.  They usually pull around 10 names (20 tickets), but it depends on the number of access tickets they have for any given show.  If you win (which is often a long-shot with how many names are typically in the bowl), you have to pay right there in cash and you get the two tickets for ridiculously cheap!  It's a fairly incredible opportunity if you win... and I did just that - I won!

 We put out names into the Saturday morning lottery and my name was the second name they pulled!  I could hardly believe it... I screamed.  I ran to the front.  I gave a "mini-speech" to the crowd ("I've never won anything before!  Sorry I yelled - I'm just so excited!  Good luck, everyone - good luck!").  I walked through the doors.  I bought two third row tickets to Wicked.  Two hours later, Amber and I walked into the theater and saw an AMAZING production of one of my favorite musicals.

Now did you catch that I said this was Spencer's idea and yet I entered the theater with Amber?  Yea.  There were four of us going for tickets and the luck took a break for our group after my name was called.  However, the luck did return... a few hours later, in fact, when Amber's name was called for the evening show and Spencer and Mark were able to get into the 8pm show.  Yea... It was awesome - REALLY awesome.

Moral of the story: Sometimes, gambling your time can be quite well worth it.

Song of the Day: My friend Darell posted this video of a mash-up of "Bust Your Windows/Why You Don't You Love Me."  It's a fabulous cover by Scott Hoying (from Pentatonix) and Rozzi Crane (AMAZING voice)... Enjoy!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sports. I Love Them.

I adore the Olympics.  Every two years when  those two-three weeks in winter or summer come around, I am ecstatic, and more than willing to spend evenings in watching my favorite events and/or athletes.  I love sports and healthy competition - it makes me really happy.  Most people know how mush I genuinely love sports.  Another thing I love?  London.  There's not secret there.  Haha!

So needless to say, I have been enjoying these past two weeks immensely.  I watch for the medal count each night, hoping beyond anything that we're beating China and that Great Britain is also doing well.  This year, I reel in catching a view of the Eye or Tower Bridge, all lit up at night.  I re-watch moments from the Opening Ceremony each year.  I Tivo events I'm passionate about (gymnastics, volleyball, and swimming in summer), and look up information on athletes.  I cry at way too many of those "P&G: sponsors of moms" commercials, or when certain athletes win their gold medals... and when they play the National Anthem.  I turn into the untypical softie.  It's a pretty great few weeks...

See, how can you not tear-up after that... OR, how could you not choke back emotion after seeing Aston Eaton's mom bawling and saying, "I knew you could do it!  I believed in you."  So sweet.  Haha!  I'm 100% sincere... I get emotional a lot during the Olympics.

Now, football season (which I am also VERY passionate about), I don't get so outwardly emotional.  I mean, I have plenty of emotion (elated happiness over an epic win to fiery rage over a dramatic loss), but it's different.  I would never cry over football - haha!  So, speaking of football... Tonight was a won for the Eagles and a won for the Chargers.  Thus, I am a VERY happy girl.

Pretty much, sports have a great ability to make me happy... and I just felt like I should write about it.

Song of the Day: Like most Maroon 5 songs, it's a bit sultry, but I adore them and love their newest single.  However, the music video was NOT what I expected... It's great, but different.  Here's Maroon 5 with "One More Night."  Enjoy!