Thursday, August 16, 2012


So, the other weekend my friend Spencer had the brilliant idea to try and win the Wicked lottery.  If you don't know what the Wicked lottery, let me clear it up for you.  It is not an extremely evil gambling system... On the contrary, it is nothing but pure goodness.

One of my favorite musicals, Wicked, is currently on tour here in SLC for July-August at the Capitol Theater.  The lottery system allows us less financially inclined individuals to try and "win" two tickets to see the musical for $25 each.  You head to the theater 2 1/2 hours before show-time and enter your name (free to enter) into a drawing that takes place exactly 2 hours before show-time.  They usually pull around 10 names (20 tickets), but it depends on the number of access tickets they have for any given show.  If you win (which is often a long-shot with how many names are typically in the bowl), you have to pay right there in cash and you get the two tickets for ridiculously cheap!  It's a fairly incredible opportunity if you win... and I did just that - I won!

 We put out names into the Saturday morning lottery and my name was the second name they pulled!  I could hardly believe it... I screamed.  I ran to the front.  I gave a "mini-speech" to the crowd ("I've never won anything before!  Sorry I yelled - I'm just so excited!  Good luck, everyone - good luck!").  I walked through the doors.  I bought two third row tickets to Wicked.  Two hours later, Amber and I walked into the theater and saw an AMAZING production of one of my favorite musicals.

Now did you catch that I said this was Spencer's idea and yet I entered the theater with Amber?  Yea.  There were four of us going for tickets and the luck took a break for our group after my name was called.  However, the luck did return... a few hours later, in fact, when Amber's name was called for the evening show and Spencer and Mark were able to get into the 8pm show.  Yea... It was awesome - REALLY awesome.

Moral of the story: Sometimes, gambling your time can be quite well worth it.

Song of the Day: My friend Darell posted this video of a mash-up of "Bust Your Windows/Why You Don't You Love Me."  It's a fabulous cover by Scott Hoying (from Pentatonix) and Rozzi Crane (AMAZING voice)... Enjoy!


sydney b. said...

oh my heck i am jealous of your luck! i'm so glad you were able to go see wicked! ps that video is awesome!

mks said...

lucky girl! wanna win me some??