Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sports. I Love Them.

I adore the Olympics.  Every two years when  those two-three weeks in winter or summer come around, I am ecstatic, and more than willing to spend evenings in watching my favorite events and/or athletes.  I love sports and healthy competition - it makes me really happy.  Most people know how mush I genuinely love sports.  Another thing I love?  London.  There's not secret there.  Haha!

So needless to say, I have been enjoying these past two weeks immensely.  I watch for the medal count each night, hoping beyond anything that we're beating China and that Great Britain is also doing well.  This year, I reel in catching a view of the Eye or Tower Bridge, all lit up at night.  I re-watch moments from the Opening Ceremony each year.  I Tivo events I'm passionate about (gymnastics, volleyball, and swimming in summer), and look up information on athletes.  I cry at way too many of those "P&G: sponsors of moms" commercials, or when certain athletes win their gold medals... and when they play the National Anthem.  I turn into the untypical softie.  It's a pretty great few weeks...

See, how can you not tear-up after that... OR, how could you not choke back emotion after seeing Aston Eaton's mom bawling and saying, "I knew you could do it!  I believed in you."  So sweet.  Haha!  I'm 100% sincere... I get emotional a lot during the Olympics.

Now, football season (which I am also VERY passionate about), I don't get so outwardly emotional.  I mean, I have plenty of emotion (elated happiness over an epic win to fiery rage over a dramatic loss), but it's different.  I would never cry over football - haha!  So, speaking of football... Tonight was a won for the Eagles and a won for the Chargers.  Thus, I am a VERY happy girl.

Pretty much, sports have a great ability to make me happy... and I just felt like I should write about it.

Song of the Day: Like most Maroon 5 songs, it's a bit sultry, but I adore them and love their newest single.  However, the music video was NOT what I expected... It's great, but different.  Here's Maroon 5 with "One More Night."  Enjoy!

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