Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hanson: Mmmboppin' Never Felt So Good!

I love Hanson. 

 I love their musicality, their passion, their lyrics, their performance style, and them in general... I love their song "Mmmbop" and the songs of "my youth," and I love their current CD, Shout It Out (remember "Thinking Bout' Somthin'?" ) . In many ways, they complete my childhood.  That sounds dramatic, and perhaps it is, but I mean it all the same. I don't mean all the posters in my middle school locker or journal entries about how I was sure I would marry Zac (below - the drummer and youngest brother), but the memories of middle and high school.  There are certain pieces of a childhood (to often mine are attached to music) that shape and create the person that you are becoming and/or have become. For me, Hanson is one of that pieces that fits in my self-defining puzzle.

This past Thursday night, for the first time in my existence, I had the chance to witness the Mmmboppin' glory of Hanson live, on-stage. I danced (a lot!). I sang (a WHOLE lot!). I smiled until it almost ached... and I screamed until my voice was a little raw. Oh, and I totally gave in and bought my first concert T-shirt... completely adorable and worth it.  They played old-school songs, new ones, and a bunch of the in between years, and I knew EVERY SONG.  Yea... I know, I know... You're thinking, "Hanson, Linze? Hanson...?" If you're thinking that, it is because you have epically failed to take my advice and check out their more recent music. Think what you will, but until you have given their last album a chance, you have no means to voice an opinion...

Musicians change and grow, and though I have always loved them and ALL their CDs for different songs or reasons, I admit that they have progressively gotten better - more mature in sound and content. It's natural for all musicians. I know what you're thinking now. "This is really deep for Hanson." Yes, why yes it is... and I think that's completely fantastic. Here is a band that I have literally grown-up with, and watched develop.  Here is a band that I am emotionally invested in, and makes me feel deeply every emotion available to the human spirit.  Here is a band that I can connect direct memories, times in my life, or past experiences to through a song of album... That's pretty incredible.

Some of you, again those who have not taken my amazingly brilliant advice, will think I sound crazy... but we all have a band that makes us feel this way.  Mine, is Hanson... and I'm pretty dang proud.  Enjoy the pictures, the videos, and the journey through my memory.  Then, take the time to think about YOUR band, the one you are so connected to that it makes you ache with happiness when you hear one of their songs... and relive your own memories.

Sidenote:  I know that I am REALLY dramatic in the way I talk about things, and more so when it comes to music.  Thus, I know not everyone has a band they feel SO passionately about (which, to me, is sad...).  I just live and learn through music... It's my favorite teacher.  

Song of the Day:  I have two.  Yes, two.  I can do that, you know.  This first in an old-time Hanson favorite - probably my favorite of all their songs because there are SO many memories and emotions attached to it... and cause it's a good song.  The song - "Save Me."  Love it.  Second, I love their recent song "Voice In the Chorus." Listen to the lyrics (and cool syncopation) and tell the world to back off when they say you'll fail... Obsessed. Only question: Why do so many songs sing about Caroline??? Haha... Enjoy!

"Save Me"

"Voice In the Chorus"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Remember....

I was sitting in seminary before school when Kolin walked in, eating lettuce, and said "A plane just hit one of the twin towers!" The teacher, Sister Cook, asked him to sit down and we'd figure it out later because it sounded like Kolin might have simply gotten the facts wrong. When we left seminary in the Shelley van, and turned on the radio, it was all anyone was talking about. We hurried to school, and it finally felt real when we got into the HS band room to just barely see the plane hit the second tower...

It was a surreal moment and I will be honest in saying that I did NOT fully understand what was happening.  I recall a friend in my band class had parents visiting the Pentagon that morning and was overloaded with worry about them... We didn't find out until that afternoon that her parents were alright.  At the time I was living in New Mexico and we were all on lock-down at school because the missile base there isn't too many hour from where we were... It made it personal. 

I remember coming home and seeing the retaliation beginning by order of President Bush... It felt bizarre and foreign to me - the concept of war (though it had been raging for years in so many ways...).  It will always be raging now.

I am grateful to all the people who sacrificed their time, energy, and lives on September 11th, 2001, and the days and weeks following the event.  I am grateful to all those who sacrifice to make our country strong, successful, and a place to call and feel at home.  At this time, I choose to remember... and we should all make the effort to remember for more than just a few special days each year.  God may bless America, but we should make the choose to bless it too through out actions... and I hope we do just that.

Song of the Day:  This is an older song, but a good one!  It's by a favorite of mine, Celine Dion (judge all you will, but homegirl is AMAZING!), and though it's talking about the other side of the country, it's still about loss and taking the time to remember... I just really like.  Haha!  Here is her song, "I Remember L.A."  Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Say My Name Before Every Song...

Dim the lights.  Cue the music.  Enter Dancers.  It's time for...

I bet that you probably just sang that in your head... right?  If you listen to Top 40 music, R&B, or the radio at all you've definitely heard him dropping his name before every song.  Well, let me tell you that during his live performance he only did it twice.  TWICE.  I was a little disappointed by that, Jason.

Saturday night a few friends and I got together to partake in the musical goodness that is, Jason Derulo. I have to say that I was also excited to see Cameron Rafati (some of the girls I was with know him quite well) perform for the first time.  I had NO idea what to expect, and his music was definitely not like Derulo's, but he was FABULOUS!  He has good melodies and lyrics, performed some great covers as well, and his stage presence and presentation is out of this world.  I loved him - He is not on a talents musician, but also a talented performer!  He could work that crowd so smoothly... I was impressed.
Before Cameron came on there was actually a band called Prophetic that performed a few songs and I LOVED them!  I have looked all over facebook and Google to find them, but with no avail... I am hoping that someone stumbles across this blog or my facebook and know where I can find their music, because I am in need of some more of that.  They had this R&B/Hawaiian flavor, and the lead singer reminded me of a Hawaiian David Archuleta with more soul in his movement and style.  They were awesome!

After Prophetic and Cameron Rafati, it was finally time for... Jason Derulo!  Yep.  Did I mention that I was font row?  Um, yea... Front row, to the right - the perfect spot!  During his song "It Girl," which I love, he came and stood on the speakers right in front of our group and totally touched his hand.  In actuality, he reached down and the not-star-struck girl that I am, got rather excited and GRABBED his hand - haha!  Then, I felt dumb and let go.  Haha!  You can see all of this happen in the video below... For real.
I'll be real with you, I love Jason's music.  He's great to jam out to in the car, you hear him play in the clubs (because his music is perfect for dancing to), and it's just fun!  I like the R&B/Pop/Dance movement., and hope it continues on and on.  Haha!

(Sidenote:  His back-up dancers were AWESOME!) 
Jason's set was RIDICULOUSLY short, but also RIDICULOUSLY awesome!  He only sang and danced (Homeboy can DANCE!) for about 40 minutes, but for a $10 concert what did you expect.  The funniest part is that he really did sing only his singles... and he has a new record coming out to promote.  In fact, he sang "In My Head" twice - dance and acoustic.  You would think he would have thrown in a few non-popular pieces in there to promote, but I was grateful he did the songs that I knew. 

Look above and BEHOLD... That is a way good-looking piece of man.  I don't expect me to ever date anyone with abs quite like that, but I wouldn't complain if I did... nope.  I wouldn't complain at all.  Anyone?  

Summary:  Jason is an amazing dancer (did dance breaks to "Sexy Back" and "Carry Out," which was AMAZING) and singer, who gave a FABULOUS concert, and is beautiful to look upon.  

Moral of the story:  You should prbably go see him in concert if you get the chance... espcially if it's only $10.

Song of the Day:  As promised you can see my epic hand-grab in the video below.  Here is Jason Derulo singing his new single "It Girl" at the concert last Saturday.  Be warned, if you are easily offended, he does drop the "S" bomb up in there.  Enjoy!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dear Labor Day...

Dear Labor Day,

I know that you're a holiday, and should be treated accordingly... but I couldn't help myself.  I used you to my full advantage, and I don't even feel bad about it.  Perhaps I should have just relaxed and gone with the flow, but it just wasn't working for me.  If I had done so, I fear we would have gone nowhere... Instead, I submitted myself to the following:

 - I finished my Structures paper (Due Friday), so I don't have to work on it all week.  I must admit, it was more important to me than merely relaxing with you.
 - I successfully completed my Reference sheet and all the APA citations within the paper.  Once I begin to express myself through the written word, I might as well finish... right?
 - I vacuumed and cleaned my room... I am over all the baggage left behind after a lazy day, and days with you usually make me feel that way.  Just being honest.
 - I uploaded all the pictures from the rest of this summer onto facebook and none of them involved you... What does that mean about us?

You confuse me - you and your title... it's kind of a contradiction.  At least we had the BBQ with my family tonight.  My mother even made my grandmother's amazing blueberry pie for everyone.  Remember sitting with my mom on the deck and just talking about the past memories and future hopes?  I'm sorry you will not be apart of those.  Remember watching the Bachelor Pad with me and hating on Kasey and Vienna just as much as I do?  I mean, really... how do the others on that show NOT see how fake and manipulative they are, giving them WAY too much power (any power for them is too much!)!  It crazy... but I'm getting ahead of myself.  I need to take this time to be honest.

Labor Day, it's over.  You've been good to me, but I think our time has lapsed.  I hate to say it... It truly does pain me, but I think it's time to let go and to look to another day.  If we cross paths again, say in a year or so, I promise to be kind and let things merely be what they are... good memories.

Song of the Day: I am in LOVE with this song!  My friends Chad and Emily introduced me to Olly Murs one evening early this year and I am completely grateful - he's pretty awesome.  Here is his song, "Heart Skips A Beat" (not the Lenka song!).  Enjoy!

Olly Murs feat. Rizzle Kicks - Heart Skips a Beat (HD) from mike roda on Vimeo.