Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Say My Name Before Every Song...

Dim the lights.  Cue the music.  Enter Dancers.  It's time for...

I bet that you probably just sang that in your head... right?  If you listen to Top 40 music, R&B, or the radio at all you've definitely heard him dropping his name before every song.  Well, let me tell you that during his live performance he only did it twice.  TWICE.  I was a little disappointed by that, Jason.

Saturday night a few friends and I got together to partake in the musical goodness that is, Jason Derulo. I have to say that I was also excited to see Cameron Rafati (some of the girls I was with know him quite well) perform for the first time.  I had NO idea what to expect, and his music was definitely not like Derulo's, but he was FABULOUS!  He has good melodies and lyrics, performed some great covers as well, and his stage presence and presentation is out of this world.  I loved him - He is not on a talents musician, but also a talented performer!  He could work that crowd so smoothly... I was impressed.
Before Cameron came on there was actually a band called Prophetic that performed a few songs and I LOVED them!  I have looked all over facebook and Google to find them, but with no avail... I am hoping that someone stumbles across this blog or my facebook and know where I can find their music, because I am in need of some more of that.  They had this R&B/Hawaiian flavor, and the lead singer reminded me of a Hawaiian David Archuleta with more soul in his movement and style.  They were awesome!

After Prophetic and Cameron Rafati, it was finally time for... Jason Derulo!  Yep.  Did I mention that I was font row?  Um, yea... Front row, to the right - the perfect spot!  During his song "It Girl," which I love, he came and stood on the speakers right in front of our group and totally touched his hand.  In actuality, he reached down and the not-star-struck girl that I am, got rather excited and GRABBED his hand - haha!  Then, I felt dumb and let go.  Haha!  You can see all of this happen in the video below... For real.
I'll be real with you, I love Jason's music.  He's great to jam out to in the car, you hear him play in the clubs (because his music is perfect for dancing to), and it's just fun!  I like the R&B/Pop/Dance movement., and hope it continues on and on.  Haha!

(Sidenote:  His back-up dancers were AWESOME!) 
Jason's set was RIDICULOUSLY short, but also RIDICULOUSLY awesome!  He only sang and danced (Homeboy can DANCE!) for about 40 minutes, but for a $10 concert what did you expect.  The funniest part is that he really did sing only his singles... and he has a new record coming out to promote.  In fact, he sang "In My Head" twice - dance and acoustic.  You would think he would have thrown in a few non-popular pieces in there to promote, but I was grateful he did the songs that I knew. 

Look above and BEHOLD... That is a way good-looking piece of man.  I don't expect me to ever date anyone with abs quite like that, but I wouldn't complain if I did... nope.  I wouldn't complain at all.  Anyone?  

Summary:  Jason is an amazing dancer (did dance breaks to "Sexy Back" and "Carry Out," which was AMAZING) and singer, who gave a FABULOUS concert, and is beautiful to look upon.  

Moral of the story:  You should prbably go see him in concert if you get the chance... espcially if it's only $10.

Song of the Day:  As promised you can see my epic hand-grab in the video below.  Here is Jason Derulo singing his new single "It Girl" at the concert last Saturday.  Be warned, if you are easily offended, he does drop the "S" bomb up in there.  Enjoy!


Mindy said...

I dated the drummer from Prophetic ... I sound like a groupie now, don't I? :)

Mindy said...

P.s. I can get you information on them.