Monday, February 28, 2011

Men and Women - We Think Different. Surprise!

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to go to a fireside where Matt Townsend was the speaker.  If you don't know who he is, don't feel bad... I didn't know either.  However, I am glad I know now!

Matt Townsend is a communication and relationship guru.  He does marriage and relationship counseling, runs workshops and seminars, and even has his own radio show on KSL on Saturday mornings.  He's quite the funny man, which made his fireside easy to enjoy and relate too.  Let me be honest.  Sometimes when I hear there is a fireside about "relationships, dating, or marriage" I roll my eyes a little bit.  I really enjoy them, and am often excited to go listen, but I also feel like we hear about it a LOT in Utah.  Thus, when they told me the speaker was this hilarious guy, I was really excited about it - and rightly so.

The fireside was fantastic and he made some really good points.  If I'm being 100% honest, as much as I enjoyed it, I felt as though he could have tied things together at the end a little bit better.  He spent the majority of the time talking about the differences between men and woman, which was quite funny.  He wrapped up with the 7 Basic Needs in a relationship - STARVED (I'll get to that).  He was great!  I just felt as though he rushed the ending together and didn't really talk about, "This is HOW women and men are so different from each other.  Now, let's talk about how we can reconcile these differences and learn how to better communicate with those differences in mind."

This might be a "DUH" connection for some, and I honestly feel like I drew that the connections myself.  However, as a public speaker making differences of thought by gender the MAIN focus of his fireside, it would have created a stronger finish by tying these things together.  Instead, he chose to throw in the 7 Basic Needs of a relationship and hope people created the connections themselves.

Before going any further, here are the 7 Basic Needs of a relationship that he talked about.  These are his words and some of his ideas, but I put my own ideas of what he meant into areas he was slim on discussing -->

Safety - Thinking about the issues in a relationship and where lie the real problems.  For example, one partner might be frustrated that another bought more than was needed at the store when grocery shopping, but the real issue is that they are worried about being financially stable.  Or, one partner might be worried because they're partner saw an R-rated film, but it isn't really about that.  It's about feeling spiritually safe, and for that person, an R-rated film is not okay.  It usually comes back to feeling financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually safe.  Also, it's usually women that feel the need in this area more than the man - and I buy that.
Trust - It's about trusting someone's character and their competency.
Appreciation - I think this also relates back to how someone feels and gives love.  I'm an individual who needs to have words of affirmation - aka: I like to hear someone say "I love you, " or, "You are beautiful."  I've realized that I also like to hear (and say) "Thank You," sometimes. I don't need it in everything, but as an overall for my effort in the workplace, or when I do something bigger in a relationship, a simple "Thanks" does wonders for me.  I can say it's not important, but it is to me.
Respect - For woman, it's about being respected as a woman and as an equal in your partnership.  For me, it's also about not being treated as an object or convenience. For the man, this is about being respected as "a man," a provider, and a presiding figure in the home.  It's about feeling like the woman trusts them, depends on them, and can be sensitive to their ego.  I don't mean that in a demeaning way either.  We ALL have egos, but Matt talked about this (and the guys there agreed - I agreed). Men tend to have their egos bruised easier than women, and their partners need to be sensitive to that and understand how to deal.  This is said to be needed more by the man - and I buy that, too.
Validation - Validate your partner.  Make them feel as though they are special to you, appreciated for all they do, and loved for who they are.  (Click on the word Validation  for one of the BEST YouTube/Short Films you have ever seen... really.)
Evaluation - Evaluate where you're relationship is at or going, and what is great about it, or could improve.  Recognize the positive!
Dedication - You should be dedicated and faithful to your partner.  Make them a priority in your life, and you should be a priority in their life.  One of my favorite quotes is, "Never make someone a priority in your life when you're merely an option in their life."  I don't know who said that originally... but my old roommate Melissa gets the credit as far as I'm concerned.

Going downward, as an Acrostic Poem, these words spell STARVED. If your friend or partner isn't giving these things inside of the relationship, then they're starving you of the things that you need.  Along with that, if you are not receiving those things, it's hard to give them and vice verse.  Thus came the quote from Mr. Townsend, "Starved people starve people."  Makes sense to me.

Now, here were some highlights and great quotes from the evening (funnier ones first):

"Men can talk with half of their brains.... Women use their whole brains with communication.  What a waste!" 

"Who do you think the best multi-takers are?  I'll give you a hint... Men use one-third of their brains while sleeping, and that is solely to keep them breathing... Women us two-thirds of their brain while sleeping.  They're thinking about their friends, their family and thinking, 'What else can I put in my purse? A tourniquet!  I don't have one of those...'  If you have a uterus, you're a multi-tasker."

To relate to the quote above, near the beginning of his lecture, he held up a woman's purse and guy's wallet.  He talked about how the woman is born with the innate drive to nurture others.  The purse is for everyone, but the wallet is for the individual's needs.  Then, he took out the woman's wallet and compared THAT to a man's wallet and it was double the size.  He shook the purse and said, "Hear that?  She has change, not because she might need it, but someone might!"  He continued, "When a woman comes home, the kids think, 'Santa's home!'"

"Men bond in action and through activities.  Women bond through talking.  An example of the difference is with babies.  What does a woman do?  She picks up the kids and puts it right there [in front of her face]!  She starts the baby talk going with them.  What does the man do?  He picks up that baby and starts bouncin' em'... He's throwin' em in the air saying, "Turn off that fan and look how high they can go!'  For woman, as a baby it's a human being, for men... it's a puppet."

Relating to how women bond by going to the restroom in groups - "If you meet a guy who bonds in the bathroom - RUN!"

"Women talk about everything.  They come back from the doctor's office, go to a party, and say, 'Holy Mammogram!,' to which all the other ladies come running to swap stories... A guy never comes in and says, "Holy Prostate Exam!'  Never."

"[Men] We wanna fight in the morning and make-out in the afternoon." 

Relating to taking out the garbage and his opinion on how woman should ask their man to take out the trash - "Big stud, with bulging muscles so big... take those guns and get the garbage and I'll kiss on you for an hour."

"We all have one... A Corpus Callosum- It's so hot."

Relating to the difference between men & women's Corpus Callosum - "Woman are like super-highways, while men are like a nice country road... one a mule... with asthma."

Woman: "Do I have to tell you everything?!"
Man:  "If you want me to know!"
Woman:  "You should know."
Man: "You should kiss me more - we're even."

"The same sociality you had here you'll have there... That means if you're awkward here... Yep, you're still gonna be awkward there."

Relating to what dads say when protecting mom - "I'll kill ya kid and make another that looks just like you!"

Now, for a more serious note, and a good note to end on... 

"The priesthood is a form of bonding. Let men bond to you that way... You need to choose a man with the the priesthood...  A man without the priesthood is half a man."
"You're partner will be the one to carry your cross [like Peter carried the Savior's cross]. You are now in the midst of finding a cross-bearer."

I loved that note and thought it perfect to end on.  We are all trying to find someone who can help us go through the burdens of life with a little more ease, and to hold us up when we can no longer do it on our own.  We will always have our Savior there, but it's nice that we can also have someone physically there in our lives.  We're all trying to find an eternal cross-bearer... Are you willing to be that for someone else?

Song of the Day: Here is a current love of my musical life - International Love, by Chris Brown... AMAZING. Enjoy!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Geocaching on BYU Campus: Take One

When I was in Seattle, Derek and Cami took me geocaching for the first time.  You can click on the word "geocaching" for a glimpse into that experience... When I went for the first time, I was expecting a small treasure hunting moment and that's all.  Geocaching is SO much more than that!  It's the full process of the hunt, the find, the item switch, the recording of your find on film and paper... it's the entirety of the experience that makes you want to do it over and over again.  I'm kind of in love with it.

So, when I got back to Utah I was telling some of my best friends about going and my friend, Sam, showed some interest.  I think that she was really just humoring me to begin with... I was really overly excited about it, and was talking about doing on-campus geocaching as there are a TON of sites on the campus grounds, in buildings, and within the surrounding area.  Well, this past Monday, we took action.  The night before, Sam and I were trying to decide on something fun that we could do with our President's Day vacay, and I steered us in the geocaching direction.  She said sure, we found a GPS (let me just say that you CAN use a car GPS when all else fails, and it's fairly accurate & sufficient), found a friend to com along (Jon), and then met up Monday in Provo to begin the adventure.

Let me just say that I had already partaken in the awesomeness of the geocaching experience, and so had Jon, our buddy who came along.  Sam, however, had never gone... Man, oh man, was she ever in for a surprise.  She loved it... Even when we plugged in coordinates that lead us all the way down to Raintree Apartment Complex (coordinates were within a mile radius of campus), we all had fun getting to the destination.   When we finally DID find a little box we were ecstatic!  It was just a good time with good conversation, and even a little exercise mixed in there...

We definitely plan to go again, AND to make a little bit of a game with a twist out of it.  Details to come...

Song of the Day:  I'm obsessing over this song and I am not ashamed that I found it by watching the Disney channel. Sidenote:  I seem to say "I'm not ashamed" a lot... perhaps I should be sometimes. Haha!  Anyway, it's a GREAT song - trust me.  If you don't trust me, trust your ears and take a listen.  Here is Demi Lovato with What To Do (a shorter version).  LOVE IT!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blatant Honesty: My Thought on Marriage

I'm about to get heavy... and I don't mean on the scale.

Over the past few weeks, I have been told the same thing several times in different ways... It basically comes down to the fact that many of my friends, acquaintances, students, adoring fans random others in whom I have recently com in contact, etc. all think that I portray myself in the same way.  They think that I do not want to get married or possibly, even date.

Let me begin my rebuttal to these claims right now.  I want to get married (and date).  Believe me, in the words of good ol' JB I want to find "somebody to love."  I want the dress, the flowers, the temple sealing, the dancing, the cake, and even the bubbles or sparklers at the end of the reception.  More importantly, I want to find someone that I can care about more than myself, and they can feel the same way for me.  I want to come home after a long day and feel the comfort that only can come from being around someone that you love - someone that makes you ridiculously happy and just grateful to be alive.  I want to be in a solidified, stable, and "celestial" relationship.

I want to have a family someday.  In fact, being an Au Pair this past year really reaffirmed to me the importance of family and having kids.  I'm genuinely very excited for that to be a huge part of my life someday - being a mom is going to be so hard, but SO worth it... and I am really thrilled to do that at some point in my life.

Now, will all that being said... here comes the "HOWEVER."

I am SO excited for that part of my life to begin.  HOWEVER, I am not going to sit on the sidelines and wait for the love of my life to magically appear one day.  I am not going to wallow in self-pity over not being there, or even focus on the fact that I am not now, nor have I ever been, close to that end result.  I am not going to stop my personal, professional, or even spiritual progression because I do not have a man by my side right now.  And, I am not going to end up with anyone who would want me to do otherwise.

Using my deductive reasoning skills, I have come to the conclusion that I am not really your typical woman.  However, I am a woman.  I want the things that every woman wants in life.  I want to be loved.  I want someone to look at me each day and tell me that I'm beautiful because they think I really am.  I want to be a good mom and homemaker.  However (this word is going to pop-up from time to time), those are not my only ambitions.

I believe that we focus on different things in our life when it's the appropriate time to focus on them.  This seems like a "DUH" to many, but it's easier said than done.  How do we know what to focus on in our lives?  How do we know that we're making the right choices?  How do we know when to switch our focus on the turn of a dime?

We listen to ourselves... We trust our heart, our knowledge and reasoning, and our intuition.  We pay attention to promptings, and we heed the spirit.

My focus is career driven right now, and the spirit has definitely confirmed to me that I should move in that direction. I'm not going to stop that just so that I can get married.  I'm not going to stop that when I meet a good guy that I really like either.  In reality, liking someone only takes you so far.  They still have to ask you out, enjoy the first date, try a second date out for size, and then venture forward... It's a process, like anything else in our lives.  If a kind, smart, funny, attractive guy asked me out tomorrow, I'd say "When and where, babe?"  If in six months to a year down the road he asked me to marry him (considering the assumption that I was in love with him and had a good feeling about our relationship), I'd say, "I already got a dress on hold!"

Sidenote:  I do NOT have a wedding dress on hold!  However (again, here it is), as I said, I'm a woman.  I know what I like.  Haha...

I listen to the spirit and to my heart, and I follow accordingly... Only I can know where I'm suppose to be at in my life.  When the spirit tells me to slow down and give a boy a chance when he's pursuing me, I'll do it.  Until that time, I'm going to keep growing in all aspects of my life that are possible.

I just feel a bit sad that some of the boys in my life have failed to ask me out when they were interested because they felt I was too ambitious.  I hate that I would give off the impression that I "don't need or want a man" because I'm an independent, constantly on-the-move woman.  Some think that someone "can't change" at this stage in their life, and that's I'll always be overly swamped with activities, volunteering for organizations, and working on a career... but it's about priorities.  It's about moderation in all things (something I learned SO much about in Germany!), and making choices.  Right now, I CHOOSE to be busy and focused on career goals, because that's what's available to me, and right for me.

I use to blame the fact that I haven't had many boyfriends on my body size - meaning, I ain't no Barbie... or even close.  Looking back, I realize that, sadly, this was the case sometimes, but I have now come to terms with my body and am very comfortable with my self and my size.  However, more often I think it was because my comments or actions led them to believe that I was too busy or didn't want a relationship.  That's partially my bad, and I'm going to try and watch how I say things.  I'm going to put myself out there a bit more.  At the same time, I really hope that I can find someone who admires, appreciates, and even encourages my ambition and zeal.

Alright, I'm going to wrap-up this little repartee (though it's not extremely witty or quick) by saying this:

"Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate."  ~Barnett R. Brickner

So, while I await to find a man who embraces and enhances who I am as an individual, I will continue to work on my qualities, and my character.  I am a strong, independent, and outgoing woman.  Someday I'll find someone who not only can handle that, but wants to have just that. 

P.S. I have an AMAZING friend with all the qualities of being "Super Husband," but he's overly involved in his community, school, and work - and girls get nervous and feel like they won't be a priority with him.  So, they don't let him get to deep into their lives.  It's unfortunate, cause when I say "Super Husband," I mean a very good-looking, smart, spiritually-centered, hilarious, musically-gifted, hard-working, culturally-dynamic individual, who is sometimes pushed back upon because of being ALL THAT... and a bag of chips.  He's amazing - and I know that he feels the same way that I do sometimes. My Point?  It goes two ways... 

Song of the Day:  Okay, this was tough... I have SO many good songs to promote right now!  I suppose I should do an entry all about that later in the week.  For now, here is my song of the day with a hilarious video, including Rainn Wilson (aka: Dwight Shrute) - Andy Grammer with Keep Your Head Up.  Enjoy! 

Andy Grammer - Keep Your Head Up
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Motivational Chocolates

I love Dove chocolates. 

For one, I love chocolate and Dove has created some decent American chocolate that I can appreciate.  Secondly, I love the little inspirational, or ridiculously superfluous messages inscribed on the inside of the wrapper.

Confession:  I have spent NUMEROUS nights sitting with my college roommates just unwrapping a bunch of chocolates and laughing at the situations the yummy insights could pertain to in our lives.  We would take a bag or two to the dollar movies and go 45 minutes early to just sit there and unwrap a hundred chocolates.  We even use to save our favorites, flatten the wrapper, and put them amidst our quote wall in the apartment. Good memories. 

So it will come at no surprise that when I was subbing at my mother's school, in the classroom next to her, and she offered me some Dove candies, I accepted without a second thought.  I proceeded to savor the chocolaty goodness and then read all the little quotes.

First, this on appeared:
Get out there are make your dreams happen.

I was thinking, "Yes!  That's right... You tell me chocolate wrapper of awesomeness!  That's inspiring.  I'm ready.  I'm gonna go get it.  Let's see what the next one says to encourage me even more."

That's when this came:
Be a little naughty with your nice.

Validation to be naughty?  Yes!  Hm.... Maybe Dove shouldn't inspire m in every way.  Maybe...

THEN, this one came, and it's a personal favorite:
 Engage. Embrace. Enjoy.

Oh - that's the direction my life should be going!  But, is that the order it's suppose to come in?  I couldn't help but think: "Get Engaged. Embrace the man.  Enjoy that embrace."  

Haha!  I think it might have been funnier in my mind...  but perhaps not.

One piece of advice I really will be taking from Dove (that I discovered today) is the following:
Push yourself to do one thing a week outside of your comfort zone.

That's a good one, Dove!  Not only is it good on it's own, but it's fantastic when paired with the first wrapper's advice.  Thank you, candied message.  I think I'm sincerely going to make an effort to push myself outside of my comfort zone in order to achieve more.  I am capable of so much more than I have yet to accomplish... Watch out world!  A candy wrapper has given me that emotional charge to conquer you. 

Oh, DoveKeep bringing us your motivational declarations, please.  I'll take it all!  I just might not take it all to heart.

Song of the Day: I'm in love with this jam, and since it was most recently Valentine's Day, here's a song for all your lovers (or haters) out there.  It's T-Pain & Chris Brown with Best Love Song.  Engage. Embrace. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Never Say Never... To Justin Bieber.

I got the fever.... The Bieber Fever.

That's right.  I am not ashamed to declare that this morning I totally went and got my JB jammin' on!  I went bright and early to witness the musical documentary, Justin Bieber "Never Say Never..."  Yeah!

I laughed (a lot) - partially at the fact that I was really sitting in that theater with Chad, Scott, my new friend, Lauren, and a bunch of little girls with their parents... or without them, and partially because things were just ridiculous at moments.  I cried (a little) - this was because I was laughing so hard (okay - I got teary when he had vocal issues too).  I sang along (a lot)... because you can't sit still and not sing to a Justin Bieber song... com'on!  He's quality dancing around, singing on your hairbrush (or sitting in your theater chair) music.  Plus, I know all his songs... Hey - now's not the time to get jealous.

I even clapped at the end, and not because it was over.  Why not?!  I was in a theater with a bunch of people who just didn't care that I was excited when Justin overcame his (spoiler alert) vocal adversity.  Plus, I have been there... I love to talk and I love to yell.  I felt his pain when those vocal chords were swollen.  My mom use to get so mad at me when I'd go to sporting events before a vocal competition in HS... I always came back looking sheepish and drinking about five cups of tea and honey that night to calm my throat.

Now, before I venture any further in my "movie review," I must state that one reason I adore this kid so much is because I use to watch him on YouTube, BEFORE Usher and Scooter found him... I am a true fan.  When he got ready to release the single "One Time," (no joke) I bought it before people even knew who he was.  For real. 

So, whether you're a fan or not, this could be the movie for YOU... Okay, if you're not a fan you MIGHT like the movie, but chances are you'll simply be underwhelmed.  I mean, you DO learn what a talented kid he really is, all the instruments he can play aside from singing, how young he was when he started exploring music, and you see just HOW crazy little (and big) girl (and boys) are about him.  Plus, for the younger crowd, you do see him with no shirt on.  For me, this was a bit creepy.  Put it back on!  You're too little for that, JB.

Reality Check & Review:  I really DID enjoy the film!  It was a lot of fun.  The only complaint I had was the same the NY Times Review stated -  "At 70 or 80 minutes...'Never Say Never' could have been entirely satisfying. At 105 minutes it’s exhausting, even though it has been expertly cut together."  I felt the exact same way.  I don't need multiple endings (and it felt like it could do just that about three times), just one, please.

All in all, I must say... I had fun.  I was inspired.  I walked away feeling like I could conquer the world, and that I should probably listen to some JB on the way to lunch.

Song of the Day:  Because I love this guy, here is Love Me, by Justin Bieber!  Enjoy!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Diary of the Unemployed

I have only "officially" been living back home for about ten days now.  Of those ten days, I have spent seven of them focused on job-hunting.

It's a vicious, sicklycle routine.  

I get up in the mid-morning, work-out, eat some Lucky Charms in hopes that my charms will be lucky enough to get me a job (okay... that was a lame one), watch an episode of Amanda Bynes's classic What I Like About You, and then venture to my computer to search and apply for jobs in Utah, California, and New York... and maybe Nashville or Chicago.  If I'm not here saving money on rent and board, I would like to be somewhere I can really pursue my dreams in the entertainment industry.

See, that's what makes the job-hunt so trying... You want to be practical and just get a job already!  However, you don't wanna do something you'll hate doing everyday, and where I'm at, I would like to really start building a career Thus, I have to put myself in locations that I can do that... I'd love to "be the talent" someday, but I'd also like to just work in the entertainment industry and learn the ropes of film and music.  However, venturing to LA, takes money.  I've gotta be real - it's expensive out in LA.  I have to have something substantial job-wise, or cash saved, before I head there.

SO, this lady is thinking I might have to just chill around here for six months to a year, and find a good job that lets me do some acting or industry work in the evenings, gain an income for savings, and THEN head to LA with an unpaid position if I can't find a pay-position.  I have to just trust myself and the promptings I receive and take on what I feel good about... So, I'm gonna do just that,

On a VERY positive note, after about 36 applications (so far), I have my first interview next week!  Boo-yah!  It's a good thing too because I am getting WAY too antsy and bored up in the place.  I KNOW that an interview does not mean a job, but I'm hoping that I can get this one.  It pays well, has full benefits, and could give me the work experience that I need to get a job in LA in about a year.  It seems like a good fit too for now, so if it's not LA that's calling me, I'm hoping it's this job.  Keep those prayers comin', people!

Alright, since I want this entry to be an honest representation for the Diary of the Unemployed, let's be real.  I don't spend ALL my time applying for jobs (though I think 36 apps in six/seven days is pretty good...) because I would go NUTS - okay, I'm already slightly there.  I also spend a fair amount of time on other things, and have decided (today) that cultivating new talents might be a good use of my time.  So, what have I spent my time doing aside from the job-hunt?

First - scrapbooking and "picture-booking."  I just spent the last year of my life in EUROPE.  So, I have a lot of pictures to save somewhere aside from my external hard-drive.  I have created numerous picture books online and gone through pictures that I want and need to scrapbook from the past few years of my life.  It's been good to capture some more memories into a single space.

Second - Reunions.  I have written a few entries about rekindling friendships, but the list has continued on and on.  It just goes to show I really do have some killer networking skills... and great friends.

Third - Singing.  I've FINALLY gotten healthier again and have started to get the old vocal chords goin' again.  Not that I never sing, but I haven't had a whole lot of time where I was healthy and with full voice over the past year, and I've got some rebuilding to do before I start auditions and such again.  Which, by the way, I am terrifed about... Today I was contemplating WHY this was scary for me, and I for the first time I thought, "What if I'm not good anymore?!"  I haven't auditioned for something since junior year of college and I'm a bit rusty on that front... However, I know it's where my passion lies, and I've just gotta jump over the fear barricades and bust onto the stage.  I'm just scared.  I'm not going to let myself be scared!  Just like everything else in life, it'll come...

Fourth - Cleaning, Reorganizing, and De-Cluttering our household!  I have a LOT of stuff. DI owns a lot of it now... and that's just MY room.  I have the WHOLE house I'm going through.

Fifth - TV.  Yep, I'm basking in the glory of watching evening programs when they actually air.  I hardly ever watched TV in college - I never had time!  Once I get a job, I know it'll be the same way.  When I'm not working, I'll do my fair share of socializing.  However, now I'm actually home some evenings and able to catch some pretty classic shows.  Those I'm NOT home for...?  There's always good ol' Ch.131!  Here's some faves, in case you were wondering about my media tastes:

*American Idol - A MUST!  I actually really like the judges this year...  I can't get over how great Steve Tyler and J-Lo are for the show!

*Glee - There are nights this show is SO spot on, and nights that it's lack-luster in the plot and scripting.  The days where much is left to be desired, I still love it solely for the music.  I LOVE the music! Plus, I love Kurt and the new character, Blaine. "Blaine and I love football. Well, Blaine loves football. I love scarves."

*The Office - Has it's highs and lows... We'll see what I think of it once Steve Carroll leaves the show.

*Modern Family - My favorite right now.  Hands down.  It's hilarious!  Example?  Phil: "Why do I have to watch a French movie? I didn't do anything wrong."

*The Bachelor - Don't be a hater.  A girl's gotta have her sappy-romance tales somewhere in her week... Plus, who can NOT love the little gold mines that girls leave their viewers with when their mics are on and they're not thinking.  Example, "It's definitely a different position having my legs wrapped tightly around Brad... but it's something I think I could get use to..."  - Thank you, Chantal.  Case and point.

*White Collar - It's my hour-date with my mom every Tuesday night.  I actually spend a lot of time with my mom period.  I'm SO glad to be able to see her so much now and hang-out again.  We've been so good too - w haven't even gone shopping together yet!  I know... WOW.

*30 Rock - I said it before, and I'll say it now... What was I thinkin' not watchin' this show before?  Love it.  Love. The scripting is brilliant. How brilliant is the script?  Jack: "I can get you into a restaurant where you watch a child play with a bunny, and then you eat the bunny."  Kenneth: "Isn't that just Easter?"

So, now you know the woes and joys of unemployment.  Well, let's get real... As great as TV, cleaning, and scrapbooking are, I'm hoping in a year or two that I'll be on the TV, cleaning in my spare moments, and the magazines will be scrapbooking my life.  Haha!  Kidding.... Well, half kidding.

Really, I'd rather be making money and building my life as a working-woman.  As for singing and friends - those are a must and will not decrease as my available time decreases. 

Song of the Day:  This is one of my favorite groups and I am a huge supporter of them, as Will (the lead singer) was someone I knew in High School.  I love their sound!  Here is Parachute with Something To Believe In (Jeremiah).  Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Letters to the Editor

Dear Hulu and Ch131,
I love you.
Signed, Your Eternal Fan

Dear Most Controversial Season of The Bachelor Ever,
First, please stop saying that.  Having to state that you are the "most controversial season" makes you appear lame, and I kind of enjoy you. Second, why do you feel the need to keep the camera on the "rejected girl" on the 2 on 1 date after she has been told to leave?  Why do you feel the need to play Elvis's Lonesome Tonight while the girl is driving away and sobbing in the back-seat of the car?  I know that you had the Bachelor and his current boo on the high ropes, circusing it up to that song, but still... I adored that little girl, and though I thought she was NOT for Brad, it was just extra sad with that song playing.  One other note, Brad is really hot - good job.
Signed, An Avid Viewer

P.S.  I want to be on your show next season simply to travel the world and get to do some fairly epic things. Is that okay?  Oh, it's not?  Alright. What if I was hired on to be the drama-queen?  Oh... yes?  Perfection.

Dear The Mormon Bachelor,
You seem much less controversial, and I still love you.  Rick Buck is also an attractive man - good job.
Signed, A Mormon Bachelorette

Dear 30Rock,
You are hilarious - HILARIOUS.  What was I thinking in not watching you these last few years?  My bad... Please forgive me and allow me to become a loyal witness to your witty repertoire. Oh,and if you ever need another actress....
Signed, Your New Devotee

Dear Job Applications,
I have filed about 23 of you now, and I intend to file more.  I am not afraid of you.  However, I would love it if I could receive some response from your readers concerning the desire to hire me to their staff.  Could you pass that along, in case it wasn't apparent in my cover letter and resume?  I'd appreciate that very much.  Lastly, no offense, but I hope to be done with you soon. 
Signed, The Jobless Hopeful 

Liebe Gummie Baren von Haribo und Deutschland,
Ich mag dich, aber sie jetzt sind hart... und das ist schlecht.  Boo...
Viele liebe Grusse, Treu Esser

Dear Nail Polish,
Singed, Not So Patiently Waiting

Dear Karma,
Are you ready to come around yet?  I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet... We'll see when you arrive.  On second thought, you don't need to come if it's not good.
Signed, Effect's Anticipation 

Dear Music of My Child-hood,
I am in love with you.  I know that you are sometimes tacky and cheesy.  I know that sometimes you are annoying to my Elders.  I know that I did not truly understand half of your lyrics, or the "deeper/hidden meanings" behind certain songs.  However, I love you still.  I still love your cliche mediocrity and even dilapidated lyrics with all my soul.  My memories are forever tied to you - the good and the bad.
Signed, Mmmboppin' Butterfly Barbie Girl 

Dear American Idol,
Surprisingly, I don't hate you this year.  However, I have only watched one episode.  I've actually already found some people that I could root for this year (Robbie Rosen), and Mr. Tyler and Ms. Lopez are great judge choices.  In regards to the season, I now have some high expectations.  Do not let me down.
Signed, Cautiously Optimistic

Dear Sundance,
The year 2011 was fantastic for you!  You sold more films than ever in the past, and you produced some quality art.  You also had a few crap-shoots.  They were not the norm - thank goodness.  I am so grateful that I was a part of the festival this year and I hope I get the opportunity to do so again.  Some of my fave films were Win, Win, Perfect Sense, Salvation Blvd, Like Crazy, and shorts The Strange Ones and My Worst Enemy.  I'm sad I missed seeing Miss Representation, but Oprah bought it for her channel, so I'm good to go there... I hope that I still get a chance to see How To Die in Oregon.  Too bad I had to actually sleep.  Next year, I'll buy more caffeine.
Signed, The Future Talent 


Song of the Day:  I warn you now this song is pushin' the limit a bit... It's not a "bad song" at all, but it pushes some boundaries, and does use a bit of the "hell word."  Haha!  Here is a song I am loving as of late called What the Hell by Avril Lavigne.  Don't fear - I don't wanna throw my standards out the window or anything - I just think it's a funny, fun little anthem.  She was my first concert growing up, and Simple Plan and Gob opened for her.  Haha!  Enjoy, or don't, but I kinda love it!

Avril Lavigne - What the Hell (Official Music Video)
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