Thursday, February 17, 2011

Motivational Chocolates

I love Dove chocolates. 

For one, I love chocolate and Dove has created some decent American chocolate that I can appreciate.  Secondly, I love the little inspirational, or ridiculously superfluous messages inscribed on the inside of the wrapper.

Confession:  I have spent NUMEROUS nights sitting with my college roommates just unwrapping a bunch of chocolates and laughing at the situations the yummy insights could pertain to in our lives.  We would take a bag or two to the dollar movies and go 45 minutes early to just sit there and unwrap a hundred chocolates.  We even use to save our favorites, flatten the wrapper, and put them amidst our quote wall in the apartment. Good memories. 

So it will come at no surprise that when I was subbing at my mother's school, in the classroom next to her, and she offered me some Dove candies, I accepted without a second thought.  I proceeded to savor the chocolaty goodness and then read all the little quotes.

First, this on appeared:
Get out there are make your dreams happen.

I was thinking, "Yes!  That's right... You tell me chocolate wrapper of awesomeness!  That's inspiring.  I'm ready.  I'm gonna go get it.  Let's see what the next one says to encourage me even more."

That's when this came:
Be a little naughty with your nice.

Validation to be naughty?  Yes!  Hm.... Maybe Dove shouldn't inspire m in every way.  Maybe...

THEN, this one came, and it's a personal favorite:
 Engage. Embrace. Enjoy.

Oh - that's the direction my life should be going!  But, is that the order it's suppose to come in?  I couldn't help but think: "Get Engaged. Embrace the man.  Enjoy that embrace."  

Haha!  I think it might have been funnier in my mind...  but perhaps not.

One piece of advice I really will be taking from Dove (that I discovered today) is the following:
Push yourself to do one thing a week outside of your comfort zone.

That's a good one, Dove!  Not only is it good on it's own, but it's fantastic when paired with the first wrapper's advice.  Thank you, candied message.  I think I'm sincerely going to make an effort to push myself outside of my comfort zone in order to achieve more.  I am capable of so much more than I have yet to accomplish... Watch out world!  A candy wrapper has given me that emotional charge to conquer you. 

Oh, DoveKeep bringing us your motivational declarations, please.  I'll take it all!  I just might not take it all to heart.

Song of the Day: I'm in love with this jam, and since it was most recently Valentine's Day, here's a song for all your lovers (or haters) out there.  It's T-Pain & Chris Brown with Best Love Song.  Engage. Embrace. Enjoy!

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C&C said...

MMM...i love those dove chocolates too. they are fun to read and even better to eat. I also love that you went to see the Justin Bieber movie. I'm jealous! Love you!