Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Letters to the Editor

Dear Hulu and Ch131,
I love you.
Signed, Your Eternal Fan

Dear Most Controversial Season of The Bachelor Ever,
First, please stop saying that.  Having to state that you are the "most controversial season" makes you appear lame, and I kind of enjoy you. Second, why do you feel the need to keep the camera on the "rejected girl" on the 2 on 1 date after she has been told to leave?  Why do you feel the need to play Elvis's Lonesome Tonight while the girl is driving away and sobbing in the back-seat of the car?  I know that you had the Bachelor and his current boo on the high ropes, circusing it up to that song, but still... I adored that little girl, and though I thought she was NOT for Brad, it was just extra sad with that song playing.  One other note, Brad is really hot - good job.
Signed, An Avid Viewer

P.S.  I want to be on your show next season simply to travel the world and get to do some fairly epic things. Is that okay?  Oh, it's not?  Alright. What if I was hired on to be the drama-queen?  Oh... yes?  Perfection.

Dear The Mormon Bachelor,
You seem much less controversial, and I still love you.  Rick Buck is also an attractive man - good job.
Signed, A Mormon Bachelorette

Dear 30Rock,
You are hilarious - HILARIOUS.  What was I thinking in not watching you these last few years?  My bad... Please forgive me and allow me to become a loyal witness to your witty repertoire. Oh,and if you ever need another actress....
Signed, Your New Devotee

Dear Job Applications,
I have filed about 23 of you now, and I intend to file more.  I am not afraid of you.  However, I would love it if I could receive some response from your readers concerning the desire to hire me to their staff.  Could you pass that along, in case it wasn't apparent in my cover letter and resume?  I'd appreciate that very much.  Lastly, no offense, but I hope to be done with you soon. 
Signed, The Jobless Hopeful 

Liebe Gummie Baren von Haribo und Deutschland,
Ich mag dich, aber sie jetzt sind hart... und das ist schlecht.  Boo...
Viele liebe Grusse, Treu Esser

Dear Nail Polish,
Singed, Not So Patiently Waiting

Dear Karma,
Are you ready to come around yet?  I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet... We'll see when you arrive.  On second thought, you don't need to come if it's not good.
Signed, Effect's Anticipation 

Dear Music of My Child-hood,
I am in love with you.  I know that you are sometimes tacky and cheesy.  I know that sometimes you are annoying to my Elders.  I know that I did not truly understand half of your lyrics, or the "deeper/hidden meanings" behind certain songs.  However, I love you still.  I still love your cliche mediocrity and even dilapidated lyrics with all my soul.  My memories are forever tied to you - the good and the bad.
Signed, Mmmboppin' Butterfly Barbie Girl 

Dear American Idol,
Surprisingly, I don't hate you this year.  However, I have only watched one episode.  I've actually already found some people that I could root for this year (Robbie Rosen), and Mr. Tyler and Ms. Lopez are great judge choices.  In regards to the season, I now have some high expectations.  Do not let me down.
Signed, Cautiously Optimistic

Dear Sundance,
The year 2011 was fantastic for you!  You sold more films than ever in the past, and you produced some quality art.  You also had a few crap-shoots.  They were not the norm - thank goodness.  I am so grateful that I was a part of the festival this year and I hope I get the opportunity to do so again.  Some of my fave films were Win, Win, Perfect Sense, Salvation Blvd, Like Crazy, and shorts The Strange Ones and My Worst Enemy.  I'm sad I missed seeing Miss Representation, but Oprah bought it for her channel, so I'm good to go there... I hope that I still get a chance to see How To Die in Oregon.  Too bad I had to actually sleep.  Next year, I'll buy more caffeine.
Signed, The Future Talent 


Song of the Day:  I warn you now this song is pushin' the limit a bit... It's not a "bad song" at all, but it pushes some boundaries, and does use a bit of the "hell word."  Haha!  Here is a song I am loving as of late called What the Hell by Avril Lavigne.  Don't fear - I don't wanna throw my standards out the window or anything - I just think it's a funny, fun little anthem.  She was my first concert growing up, and Simple Plan and Gob opened for her.  Haha!  Enjoy, or don't, but I kinda love it!

Avril Lavigne - What the Hell (Official Music Video)
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Mike said...

You should be sorry for not watching 30 Rock earlier. That show is amazing.