Friday, February 25, 2011

Geocaching on BYU Campus: Take One

When I was in Seattle, Derek and Cami took me geocaching for the first time.  You can click on the word "geocaching" for a glimpse into that experience... When I went for the first time, I was expecting a small treasure hunting moment and that's all.  Geocaching is SO much more than that!  It's the full process of the hunt, the find, the item switch, the recording of your find on film and paper... it's the entirety of the experience that makes you want to do it over and over again.  I'm kind of in love with it.

So, when I got back to Utah I was telling some of my best friends about going and my friend, Sam, showed some interest.  I think that she was really just humoring me to begin with... I was really overly excited about it, and was talking about doing on-campus geocaching as there are a TON of sites on the campus grounds, in buildings, and within the surrounding area.  Well, this past Monday, we took action.  The night before, Sam and I were trying to decide on something fun that we could do with our President's Day vacay, and I steered us in the geocaching direction.  She said sure, we found a GPS (let me just say that you CAN use a car GPS when all else fails, and it's fairly accurate & sufficient), found a friend to com along (Jon), and then met up Monday in Provo to begin the adventure.

Let me just say that I had already partaken in the awesomeness of the geocaching experience, and so had Jon, our buddy who came along.  Sam, however, had never gone... Man, oh man, was she ever in for a surprise.  She loved it... Even when we plugged in coordinates that lead us all the way down to Raintree Apartment Complex (coordinates were within a mile radius of campus), we all had fun getting to the destination.   When we finally DID find a little box we were ecstatic!  It was just a good time with good conversation, and even a little exercise mixed in there...

We definitely plan to go again, AND to make a little bit of a game with a twist out of it.  Details to come...

Song of the Day:  I'm obsessing over this song and I am not ashamed that I found it by watching the Disney channel. Sidenote:  I seem to say "I'm not ashamed" a lot... perhaps I should be sometimes. Haha!  Anyway, it's a GREAT song - trust me.  If you don't trust me, trust your ears and take a listen.  Here is Demi Lovato with What To Do (a shorter version).  LOVE IT!  Enjoy!


Mike said...

I've always wanted to try geocaching. It sounds fun.

Sam said...

Your geocaching friends are cute.

Also, I was NOT just humoring you initially, there was a vague interest.