Saturday, January 15, 2011

Geocaching, Aprons, and Music Videos...?

So, the last two days were full of adventures!  Oh, and when I say adventures, I mean it. We started off Thursday afternoon by going geocaching a mere few minutes from Cami and Derek's apartment.  For those who DON'T know what geocaching is, it's where you plug in specific GPS coordinates to a GPS device and go "treasure hunting" around the area of those coordinates until you discover the "treasure box."  Sometimes it leads you to TINY boxes that have only a paper to write your name and the date on them.  Other ones are bigger (like the ones we went after) and have little "prizes" people have left behind inside.  The rule is, if you take something, you must replace it with something else.  It's pretty tight.  I plan to hit up some UT locations upon my return... :)

Sidenote:  On "The Mormon Bachelor," a girl took the bachelor on a geocaching date around Huntington Beach and she was my favorite... just sayin'.

Friday, Cami and worked together to create jean aprons!  We took pairs of our old jeans, cut out a basic apron shape, added fun fabric on the sides and a pocket on the front, sewed it all up, and created two of the cutest aprons out there. Yep.  We're pretty much awesome.  I have to admit, as much as I don't enjoy sewing, I always feel accomplished after I have created or fixed something.  I learned a lot about sewing during my time in Germany, and it's nice to say I can work a sewing machine on my own now and figure out what all the little buttons mean... well, most of them.  Eh.  We can't know everything, right?  Right.

Then, there was last night... Me and Cami got a little bit crazy and after singing Bad Romance all day under our breaths, we decided to add a whole new dimension to the song.  That's right...we made a music video.  It's below for your viewing pleasure, so... enjoy?  In layman's terms, the result was what happens with dance music, little amounts of sleep, and one too many cups of Crystal Light.  

 Eat that, Lady Gaga.  I mean that in a loving way -I kinda love her.  Do you think she needs two more back-up dancers for her next single?

I'm not even ashamed.

Song of the Day:  Well, I could take the easy way out and put Bad Romance as our song of the day, but no... I shall determine another one for your listening pleasure.  I am loving on Nicole Scherzinger and her new single, Don't Hold Your Breath.  Classic.  Enjoy!

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Kate said...

My students totally make those aprons! Love them!