Friday, January 7, 2011

Reunification Dinners!

This past week I had the chance to see even MORE of my friends as people came back into the state from Christmas break. I was super excited to rejoin with some of my friends, catch-up on their lives, and just be surrounded by friends again. I had friends in Germany, great ones at that, but they were far and in-between.

First, I picked up my friend Chad from the airport! I have been friends with Chad for the past few years now and it was so great to see him again - new beard and all. Haha! We headed into SLC after I picked him up and got dinner at Trolley Square's Old Spaghetti Factory. I hadn't eaten there since freshman year, and I must say, it was rather good. Haha! Plus, it was a fun atmosphere, and good company - win, win, win. Haha!

The next evening I headed down to Provo for multiple reunions. First, I headed over to my friends BG and Rosa's house. BG and I have been friends since the end of freshman year and he started dating/got engaged to Rosa right before I left for Germany. I hadn't seen them as a married couple yet, and I must say, they are perfect for one another. I feel like BG really found himself a good fit in a good person, and they work. I'm excited for them both, and it was SO good to see them.

After visiting with BG and Rosa, I headed over to my friend Janae's house to see her and meet her husband. It was WONDERFUL catching-up with Janae! Whenever I talk with her, I always leave feeling fulfilled and like a better person. She has accomplished so much and kept her head on straight while doing so... She has strong opinions about things, and holds no fear in expressing them - similar to me. It's refreshing seeing her and learning from her... I am so impressed with the person that she always was and has become. Anyway, we visited for awhile about her life, my life, thoughts on marriage and the temple, and being working women and mothers (someday). We talked about the past and friends... It was just GOOD. I love seeing her, and I hope that it's a common occurrence.

After my time at Janae's I headed to Pizza Pie Cafe in Provo to meet up with Adam Ruri for his "passing through dinner" before heading to Austin, TX for his new job. I walked in and saw Chance, Bethany, Brianna, Scott... It was great! We all chatted and ate dinner - it was nice to catch-up and form some new friendships. I must say I have always wanted to hang out more with Bethany - hopefully once I'm back in Utah that will happen! :) It was nice to visit with Brianna too. She was a nanny on in New Jersey this past year and we spent a good chunk of an hour swapping stories and laughing about experiences. I got hit on a lot by Scott and that was pretty classic... That kid is a lot funnier than I imagined... Plus, I talked more with a common friend of me and Adam, Deidre. We have a lot of the same friends, but have never really been friends ourselves - she's pretty classic though.

Then, there's Adam and Chance - I adore those two! I am SO lucky to have them around in my life. Adam and I spent about 45 minutes chatting on the phone the next day while he drove to Austin and I found myself again feeling more full. I think that's why I am such a lucky girl. I have friends that make my life feel more full and make me grow personally and intellectually. They make me think and feel good about myself, about my life. Adam is one of those friends, and so is Chance. Chance and I will spend time together over the semester, I'm sure, and I'm excited about that. He teaches me a lot, and we have a good time together... I have GREAT friends!

After dinner, I jetted over to Jon, Bryce, and Taylor's apartment to see them and catch-up. I ended up seeing some other friends to that night randomly. Sarah and Sam both came over to the apartment and we all spent a few hours catching up-swapping stories from the past and talking about the future. As we visited, I looked around and realized that all of our lives are going in different directions and forming themselves into adult paths... It's weird. It's exciting, but weird. I'm ready to have a job and be a career woman, a family woman within the next few years... We all were talking about the future and where life is headed - I'm excited to see where we all actually end up.

It was good to see Sam and Sarah, of course, and really great to see the boys. I have missed those guys and it was great to catch-up...

I still have more people I am excited to see, but now, I'm in Seattle! I flew here this morning where Derek & Cami picked me up. I'm staying with them here in Seattle for ten days and they have a ton of fun things planned! They even have an itinerary on a spread sheet. Haha! I love them... I'll keep everyone updated on my Washington (and maybe, Canadian) adventures. Cami even wants to head to Forks.... Forks, Washington. Cullen-ville. I'm down.

Song of the Day: Okay, so this should not surprise anyone, but here is David Archuleta's most recent song leak - Senseless! It's SOOOOOOO good! Enjoy!


jess said...


I am in Austin (have been for awhile) and while I am no longer a member of the singles ward-- my dad is! Ha! My dad is a bishopric member of the singles ward for our stake. If Adam is in our stake-- or if he's still looking for a place, the capital ward would love to have him. My dad is always looking for great guys for the ward. Is that weird to say? I don't know. He is. He thinks about the members of priesthood in that ward ALL the time.

Bethany said...

hey linds. so fun to see you again, and i can't wait to hang out for real now!

Brianna said...

hooray! It was so fun to see you!