Monday, January 17, 2011

Silhouette Giveaway, Comin' Your Way!

So, I have been getting into crafting blogs this past week because of my lovely sister-in-law and her crafting fanaticism.  I love it about her because it's getting my creative juices flowin'... As I have said before, she's a crafting guru/genius... I love Cami.  Haha!  No really though, I do.

SO, there is this AWESOME giveaway that I found on a crafting blog called Keeping It Simple.  It's a great blog not only for the giveaway (though this puts her on the "flippin' awesome" scale, rather than merely "really awesome").  It's great because she has things that can be done for adults or children, so you can create gifts for ALL occasions.  Plus, she has tutorials on how to create many things like cute skirts, personal calendars (that the kids can HELP create), and even seasonal crafts.  It's just a fun blog to learn new things... and I need all the creative, crafting help that I can get.  Haha!

SOOOOO, here is the deal with the giveaway - I am posting about her awesome blog and the giveaway and endorsing her.  Yep, I Linze Struiksma endorse this message.  Here is the link for the giveaway:  Here is the link for the silhouette tool website (AWESOME!): AND, here is the cute button for her blog! :)
Keeping It Simple

Check her out and get crafty!  Okay, that was cheesy... but you should still do it.  Do that, enter the giveaway too, and pray that I win. Vielen, vielen dank!

Song of the Day:  So, today we watched the glory that is the movie, Hook.  It was good... we did that while playing Spoons and Frustration.  Great times... So, in honor of the amazingness that is this Spielberg film, making the song of the day When You're Alone, sung by Amber Scott (Maggie in the film).  Enjoy this trip down memory lane... and if you have NOT seen this movie, shame on you.

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Kaysi said...

Thanks for the shout out!! You're so sweet :). Good luck with the giveaway!