Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sophomore Roommates & The Three Musketeers!

Saturday I had the GREAT privilege to see three more close friends mine! I am in love with this reunion thing... Haha!

Saturday morning I headed to the airport to pick up my old roommate and best friend, Nicole. She has been one of my closest friends since the end of Freshman year, and I am SO blessed to know her! I wrote a blog about her before, but... it doesn't seem that I said enough. She got into the car and we were instantly gabbing and laughing like before, no issues whatsoever. I love it...

We headed straight to Provo to meet up with our roommates from sophomore year, Lauren (with her husband, Doug, and baby, Ashlyn!) and Sarah. It was SO nice to meet and catch-up on each other's lives! We have all grown and changed so much, and things are good for each of us in different ways. Lauren got married right after our sophomore year and just had a baby about 8 months ago. Doug and her live in Texas now and Doug works for a good company down in San Antonio. They seem to enjoy it and be truly happy starting they're own family - I can already tell what amazing parents they are and are going to be.

Nicole and Sarah both served missions to Argentina and Portugal, and I spent a year as an Au Pair in Germany... We've all had foreign experiences and grown in many ways - spiritually, mentally, educationally, and physically. We can all speak some foreign languages - some less than others. Haha! We learned about cultures and how to deal with different people, and we changed for the better. Me and Nicole have graduated and Sarah only has one more semester left before she's done. We're all excited for her. We're all excited to see where we end up, and what we end up doing in the next few years of our lives. For now, all I know is that I'm glad I still have those four ladies in my life.

Later that evening, after spending a few hours lying on Sarah's bed and singing along to YouTube videos, we headed to the BYU Men's Basketball game at the Marriott Center. We picked up Sarah's brothers, Bryan and Andrew, and their friend, Ryan, along the way and we all went to the game together. It was a blow-out game and a lot of fun - I haven't been to a basketball game in forever! I missed it.

After the game, we headed back to Sarah's apartment where Sarah, Nicole, and I - aka: "the three musketeers" - had a fifteen minute photo shoot on Sarah's bed with my camera taking pictures. Haha! It was quit hilarious... always fun. Shortly after that, Sam came over to visit! There was another sweet reunion... I got to see four of my closest friends in one day - Love it! As I said before, I'm kind of loving on this reunion thing.

Sidenote: Remember the time we all "blew kisses" off my hand, cause I was in the middle? Remember the time I was "backin' it up" and Sarah's roommmate walked in on my stupidity? Remember how I never fail to make awkward comments because I randomly cease thinking before I open my mouth? Oh yea, me neither. :)

"Johnson and Johnson... and together, they make baby products!" - Me... and trust me - it was awkward!

"I, Linze, having been born of homely parents... wait a minute!" - In response to Nicole's texting T9 saying "homely" before "goodly." You had to be there, obviously.

This week - I get to have about ten more of these reunions. Yep, still a lucky girl.

Song of the Day: Okay, this is a video story PLUS a song - Amazing, right. I know. It's a pretty classic video that I discovered yesterday... It's the Backin' It Up jam, courtesy of the interviewed lady on the Kansas City news. EPIC - may or may not have watched this seven times already. Enjoy!

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