Monday, November 23, 2009

Latest Orb of Light Premier

Alright. I have held off writing this blog because I was being lazy and because I KNOW some people are going to roll their eyes and gripe that I am "wasting my time" writing about this... Though I know many of my friends feel the same way I do about the following topic - most do. Regardless, I made a decision - This is my blog. Thus, I will write about superfluous things from time to time, and that's okay with me... Haha!

So, what am I writing about? Oh, you know, the third biggest grosser in film. In its third day "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" is still cookin' up the bacon. "New Moon" has made $140.7 million and $258.8 million worldwide. This is pretty incredible, especially considering the film opened outside of the summer. I have to say I'm not surprised because the books have grown into a world-wide phenomenon in a matter of a few years. Thus, for the movies to quickly expand their attraction comes as no surprise. Plus, the last one was SO poorly done and in comparison this one looked awesome... So people would naturally be drawn to check out how the story-line has improved through film.

Without any knowledge of how well the film did in theaters, I would still say that it was received in high-esteem by audiences around the world. (The poster picture to the left is in German in honor of my future German home! Haha...) I know that everyone in my theater walked out saying, "That was sooooo much better than the first movie!" We talked about how much better the script was (it was quite funny!) and how great the film looked - the cinematography and use of graphics were much better in this film. The acting improved drastically because the director was incredible - seriously, poor acting is half on the director. I learned that in my practicum... when my actors had some issues transferring their emotion to the audience and I knew it was my fault in the way I had directed them.

The relationship between Edward and Bella, as well as Jacob and Bella, was much more understandable in this film. It was depicted in a way that those who had not read the book could still understand and not simply think the characters were crazy, love-infested teenagers. Yea, it's more than that. This film made you invested more in the characters, and you felt the rising action... In the first "Twilight" film, the rising action, climax, etc seemed a bit disjointed. This one flowed nicely and was understandable to the viewer. I was VERY much appreciative of that.

I'm not saying that the film was perfect. Movies that are created with their story-lines being taken from books are always hard to perfect. Plus, you could always do something better I'm sure. However, for what it's worth, I would give this film a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars for staying true to the original content and how they depicted the story. I loved the way the film was done and I could watch this one over and over again... The last one was just painful to watch more than two or three times. I am a bit obsessed with the story, so yes, I bought the first movie. However, this one will be watched more than the other by FAR. I am somewhat bias, but still... I think most people would agree with me when I say, I am now a die-hard, twi-hard fan that can include the films into the Twilight Collection. I LOVED IT!!! Thank you, Chris Weitz (the director)!

If you saw it, let me know what you think... If you haven't seen it, give it a shot. I'd go with you again... really. It's that good.

Sidenote: It cannot go without mention that the young men in this film are also DELICIOUS eye-candy (see photos above). Go ahead - think I'm shallow. I'll take it... I'll also take them to look at any day.

Now, I am done with the review and have to state that I totally went to the midnight premier with some of my best friends and it was a BLAST! I love going to premier events and doing the cheesy stuff, like wearing a "New Moon" shirt or taking pics with the cardboard cut-out... Don't hate. I totally had a New Moon shirt on! Haha... It was cute too! Haha... Thus, I am including some sweet shots of me and the midnight crew (Chad, Emily, Kay, and me!) at the Provo Town Center Theater for the "New Moon" Premier on Thursday night!
I also DID go with Mini-Me to see some of the cast at the Fashion Place Mall last week - haha! Yeah, yeah... Scoff all you want, but it was a blast! Haha... Her are some shots from THAT adventure - We saw the Jamie Campbell Bower (who plays the vampire Casius of the Voultori, AND is the lead boy in Tim Burton's "Sweeney Todd") and Edi Gathegi (who plays the vampire, Laurent) - Plus, we saw and heard from Anya Marina, who sings one of the main songs, Satellite Heart, for the Soundtrack - which was the main reason I wanted to go. I met her and she was SUCH a gem! Enjoy!

Song of the Day: I have SOOOOO many to choose from! Oh, this is going to be hard... Okay. I chose one of John Mayer's song before, so I'll just say, check out the rest of his CD. Half of My Heart and Assassin are genius, and Edge of Desire is amazing.... The song I choose to put on here though will be Alicia Key's newest single, Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart. She performed this at the AMA's and I fell in LOVE with the song - She's amazing! ENJOY!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Perfectly, Incandescently, and Beautifully Lonely... and SO happy!

Um... I'm 24 now. I don't really feel any different, but apparently I'm suppose to. On the days surrounding, and the day of, my birthday I was asked by no less than twenty-five different individuals if I felt old. The exact question tended to be, "24! Wow... Don't you feel old now? That's a big age." Well, I'm sorry to disappoint everyone and report that I do NOT feel in the slightest bit old. I feel young, vibrant, and full of lives-experiences that I have laid out before me. This old woman is still fully kickin'!

My favorite moment was being told that someone had addressed my moving to Germany with, "That won't help her find a husband... and she's getting older." Hm. To this I ask the question, how does anyone know what will or will not help someone along the path to find their eternal soul-mate? I'm NOT expecting to find anyone over there -not in the slightest will that be a focus. However, the things I learn over there WILL allow me to be a better mother and spouse someday. I'm 100% positive that I will learn greater patience, love, understanding, and abilities to compromise. I guarantee I will figure out more fully who I am with each experience I am given. I never thought I would marry young... well, I did when I was five. That dream faded fast, as did my youth - I mean, I'm old now, right?

Sidenote: I hope people are catching the sarcasm and humor in this entry and know I actually think this whole way others have of thinking about age is funny.

I still feel SO young... I still am SO young. I have so much left to accomplish, and plenty of time to do so. I have SO much I want to experience before I settle down and have a family, or even go to Grad School. I feel like if I have really pondered and prayed about my choices, and I feel good about them, then I'm on the right path for me. My path has never been, nor do I believe that it will it ever be, traditional. I march to the beat of five drums at once, and I like it... I like being a bit oddly-functional (not dysfunctional) because it makes my life fun and exciting... but still on track with where I need to be. I'm not worried... Why is anyone else?

I'm not old. I'm not sad that I'm not married. I'm not worried. I'm not even searching or craving marriage, youth, or anything more right now... well, a bit more money would be nice. Haha... no, but seriously. :)

I am 24 years-old, single, and still deciding what exactly I am going to do with my life. I am happy! I'm doing more than alright and in the words of John Mayer, "I'm perfectly lonely. It's the way that I want it..."

... for now. Don't worry - unless you already are, then I'm sorry I am the cause of your sleepless nights. It's the way I want it to be until I find someone who changes my mind... becomes my forever best friend. I will eventually, but for now... This old woman is off to see the world and step into her own spotlight!


Song of the Day: This song is off of John Mayer's new album, Battle Studies. The song is called... Perfectly Lonely. Never saw THAT one coming, eh? Haha... Listen. Love it. Enjoy!