Sunday, April 26, 2009


So, I decided to speak up for a moment about something that has recently become very near and dear to me... The fight against Breast Cancer. Now, before you stop reading - hear me out. This will be a short entry and I think that everyone should know where I am coming from and how easy it is for YOU and ME to help EACH DAY. Yea.

Things this past month have been a bit... I will get the “scarier news” out of the way first. I didn’t want to write about this because I didn't want it to become "public knowledge" until I knew exactly what was going on... Even then, I am not gonna broadcast it more than the blog my friends read.

I spent a bit of time in the hospital this month getting tested because they found a lump in my left breast. Now, before you freak out, I am fine; COMPLETELY OK! This past week I went to the doctor for an ultrasound and they found that the lump wasn’t cancerous and actually was filled with liquid… sorry if the it TMI.

Anyway, liquid is always good – means no cancer - and so I am safe and it should “go down” over time. If it persists over a year’s time then I have to get it cut out, but for now I am just keeping an eye on my body. All women should keep a closer eye on their body... I found the lump a few months ago, but it wasn't until it was a few months later and it wasn't gone that I went through having it checked, having the doctor's, my mom, and myself worry, and finally figuring out it was fine... It was really scary.

Anyway, what can YOU do to help more women out there that have breast cancer or might have breast cancer? THIS: Click on the link below and then click the big pink button that says, "Click Here To Give - It's Free!" Bookmark the sight and then click it EACH day... That's what I do and it feels good to contribute.


Song of the Day: I sang one of my favorite songs of all time at my ward talent show this past weekend and had a blast! A friend of mine recorded it and it's posted up on YouTube - Check out Linze Struiksma singing Jewel's Foolish Games - one of the best, heart-renching songs ever written... (The recording starts sideways, but changes after about 15 seconds! Enjoy!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Remember When Wednesdays...

I don't know that this will become a tradition, but I am kinda feeling the need to create a catchy title and decided that "Remember When" is often in my vocab about the events that have recently conspired in my life... Thus, "Remember Me Wednesdays" are being born... hopefully they live on.

Sidenote: When I say "Remember When" it often means something that recently happened, and is not regurgitating my childhood. There goes those big words again...

So, let's get down to business. Remember when I got a speeding ticket two weeks ago? Yea. I'm sure - well, positive - that none of you knew. It's not something you broadcast - but this story is just TOO GOOD not to share. It was a speeding ticket in front of the school I work at for going five over in a school zone, and I was pulled over just as all the parents were dropping off their kids... Yea. So, all the kids saw "Miss Linze" get a pulled-over and many of the younger kids were upset that I had "done something wrong." Not that speeding isn't wrong - it is... but, it was the last day of the month and the police were on the prowl... welcome to America. Procrastination strikes again- even in our local legal system.

Anyway, the day I got the ticket it was all the buzz at school - the kids thought it was funny, I did not, and the teachers were all willing to comfort me with their "five over?!" complaints. Haha! The buzz died after a few days of good ol' goading from the eighth graders. However, the ticket still remained... and in Draper, a ticket in a school zone (no matter how low) means you have to go to court.

Yea.... Yea.

So, today I went to court. Happy Earth Day to me... I went to a court session with some fairly intense offenders and then three of us with traffic violations all taken at the same place, on the same day, by the same officer... Two of us, only written up as five over. Now, here is where the story gets better.

The kids had finally begun to forget about my ticket - okay, they had COMPLETELY forgetten about the incident. Well, this morning when I arrived at court and was filling out my personal information sheet - and signing my life over to the judge - I heard a farmilair voice behind me say, "These kids are here to do observations of the court process for a class field trip... Can we go in for this morning's session?"

It is entirely what you think... Some of the kidergarteners from my school had shown up to observe the court dealings that morning... They waved hello excitedly as I walked in and sat behind them. Then, when my name (near the very end, might I add) was finally called they were confused as I stepped forward to speak publicly with the judge... Just so you know, I would have rather quietly faded into the background and paid the dang fine. However, they MAKE you step publically forward... Yea, yea. I bet y'all already knew this, but your main homegirl had NO earthly idea.

Anyway, after I was done receiving my sentence, one of the mom's called me over to say hello and I proceeded to need to explain to the children that, "Miss Linze made a bad choice by not paying attention and speeding a few miles over the speed limit. I no longer am in trouble though..."

So, not only did I get the $100 fine and one session of wacthing little children at the crosswalk outside of the school(They want to make you feel guilty by watching potential little children you could hit. Touche.), I also had the "oppotunity" OR awkward punishment of confessing & explaining my crime to five year-olds on a class field trip. I thought that the judge should have knocked off the crosswalk watching session for that, instead of laughing at the situation. Yea.

As much as this sucked, it was pretty hilarious. Okay, it was really hilarious... Let's be honest! At least I got a good story out of it... And, all I had to pay was a $100 for that story. Ouch.


Sidenote: Anoop was voted oss tonight! So was Lil' Rounds, but I wasn't sad about that... Homegirl can sing, but yea... I've expressed myself regarding her. Anyway, I was sad to see Anoop go, but he'll be back for the finale and the tour, and I love everyone in the top five. So, I guess it works... His golden tones will def. be very missed by this little southern shorty, though.

Song of the Day: Their new CD came out like two weeks ago and I got it right away, cause they are AMAZINGLY TALENTED!!! Who are they?! Yes. Rascal Flatts! Haha... Thus, today's song is kinda their whole new album... haha! However, I know that doesn't count, so please check out Rascal Flatts' songs, Here Comes Goodbye.

I also really love She's be California and Once - I am going post the video for Here Comes Goodbye... I don't really like talking in music videos, but the story works well with the video, and the piano in the snow is BEAUTIFUL!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Remeniscent to the Tides of March!

I have been meaning to blog about lots of different things on here, and put a lot of pictures from the past few events in my life... I just have failed to do so. Thus, I am taking time tonight to do so before I hit the sack!

Now, before I go any further I am inclined to do a small recap of recent events of which I will be posting pictures... Sidenote: I don't know why I write so proper on my blog a lot of times when in real life I use phrases like, "homeboy was all up on it" or "girl better be checkin that!" Yea.

Okay - Last month I went to LA for a few days to see American Idol, Season 8 live - it was awesome! It was a great little trip... Speaking of Idol, I also went to David Archuleta's concert at the end of March and LOVED it with all my heart and soul. DANG, that boy can SING!

This is a picture of me and Sarah- not the one in Portugal- one of my close friends who went on the trip with me to LA for AI Live! It was SO great having her on the trip with me - she is a hoot!

The next pic is one of my temporary lepracy! I have never peeled before and it SUCKS... in case you thought it was cool, cause for some reason I thought it would be funny to peel... What was I thinking???

These two photos are of me and my girls with our David Archuleta tickets for the concert! Haha!

Check out our "OH MY WORD - IT'S DAVID!!!" faces... Haha! Classic.

Below are a few awesome photos of David Archuleta himself... Aka: THE-Voice or Mr. Golden Tones...

Speaking of American Idol, as I do often... I am half loving and half hating this season. it's unfortunate that many feel this way because the talent is incredible... I am still a huge advocate of last season, but I have grown to really, REALLY like a few of the contestants in this current season. However, the producers are out of control this season with their vibrant, blantant push toward support for certain individuals. Now, this is present each season, but it is so ridculously apparent this season, it drives me a bit mad. I'm just wishing it was more about the singing, and half of the time I feel as though they are slipping from that focus. Hm...
Well, if I ever do have the chance to be on the show, at least I feel that I know how the game is played with a little more clarity... as much clarity as you can aquire without being in the position, I suppose...

I have a fear that one of my favorites, Anoop, might go home this week... I hope not! I am all for Lil' Rounds gettin' the boot. I mean, homegirl had it goin' on at the beginning, but I think that she peaked very early on and then started a steady decent. She has NOT done a good job in WEEKS, and really since she sang in the pre-Top Ten show... She's got a good voice, but she's pitchy and not exciting to watch or listen to... each performance is - flat. You just don't remember her as "amazing" or valuable to the music industry. My opinion, but I think that SHE should go this week. Straight up.

I have grown to be a fan of Adam, Kris, and definetly Matt - that kid has SOUL, and should be getting more praise for how amazing he is! He's getting gypt a bit... However, I have come to LOVE Allison Iraheta. I know, some people say her voice is to scratchy or unrefined... I love it. I love her style, personality, her quirky look, her song choices (for the most part), he tone, her performance technique, and her voice overall. She can SING! Anyway, I am hoping to see her for many more weeks... My bet - she gets into the bottom three again and ends up at the bottom this week or next and the judges use the save on her... Then, she shoots forward to third place. Just a thought. Y'all should check out her performance of "I Can't Make You Love Me" - I was thinking about using it as my audition song last year... not anymore! Haha... She was incredible!

Sidenote: Anoop's version of "True Colors" was also INCREDIBLE! I wish he did that every week and then people would see what I see... He is DANG good.

Anyway, life is good...

Song of the Day: Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me..." Haha! Surprised? You shouldn't be. I love this song - always have, always will... I am posting Allison's version because it is THAT good... serious. Enjoy! :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

I am so NOT watching The Hills right now...

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have NOT been doing this week.

So, I promise to write an article again that is NOT a Not Me Monday article at some point in my life... haha! However, I do enjoy these moments of internet admittance, though. Thus, here it is:

I am NOT currently watching the season premiere of The Hills, in which I did NOT set aside specific time to do so... and I am NOT missing valuable sleep time to do so... NOPE.

I am also NOT currently texted my friend Kay back and forth through the entire episode about every thing that each person says, does, AND wears... Yea. NEVER.... right?

I am NOT loving every moment of it.... Okay, maybe I am... :)

Oh, and I did NOT just see a commercial for Jesse McCartney's album and have the strongest desires to go to his concert. I will NOT go.

Sidenote: Yes, I will go.

In other news, work was oddly stressful today... I just am SO fed up with the seventh grade class! They are so disrespectful, and the teachers are all SO DONE. Thus, I - an aid- went off on them today in numerous classes and have kind of let them have it! It was classic, but made my whole day feel off. I don't regret it cause I was calm and in check when I talked to them, but very stern and obviously upset. The teacher thanked me up and down, but still... I just felt edgy all day until I left school then... Boo.

Here is the recap of my weekend: Friday was cultural awareness day at my school - and it was CRAZY! It was one of the most "wanna-be-organized" days of my life, and all the kids were hyped up on weekend excitement. It was cool in some classes (the kids traveled between classes to talk about different countries) because some teachers made their country amazingly awesome... England was GREAT! They had the classroom set up like The Globe Theater and put boys as all the actors - i.e. boys even playing Juliet - and doing mini scenes and had a jeopardy game being played about the country... It reminded me of our Study Abroad... I really need to go back!

That night I went with two girls from my ward, Emily and Luz, and my sister to a Grizzly's hockey game - haha! It was a blast, but that team SUCKS. Really - they are SO bad. Haha! At least it was fun... When we were done, my sister and I watched a movie together and went to bed early to get geared up for...


Haha... I loved it so much! I was very impressed with the themes that stuck out to me of faith within adversity and trails, temple work and the importance of our temple covenants, using the Holy Ghost, the importance of member missionary work, and talks pointing toward the economic crisis. My favorite talks were Elder Uchtdorf's talk - he just words things in a way that I relate to - and President Monson's closing remarks... I also loved Kevin W. Pearson, of the Seventy's talk.... I heard Utchdorf's talk from priesthood was incredible too - a must-read in the Ensign. I always flip to the priesthood messages first though cause they are what I did not hear yet. Anyway, conference weekend was just what I needed. I was very impressed with each talk, and how it applied directly to my life in some way - as usual.

We are encouraged to share our testimonies and such, so I think I will spend a moment in the next entry expanding upon that and my thoughts... :)

Life is good - a little stressful today, but great! Tomorrow is the middle school soccer game, an awards ceremony for Kay, and hoepfully getting my stuff back from the LA trip... ?


Song of the day: Plain and simple... From Kelly Clarkson's new album, All I Ever Wanted the song Long Shot. It means a lot to me right now... Reach for your dreams, go for those things and people you want in life, and dream big. The end.

Now, go listen to the song.
(Sidenote: The entire album is great - it's my favorite album of hers by FAR!)