Monday, April 6, 2009

I am so NOT watching The Hills right now...

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have NOT been doing this week.

So, I promise to write an article again that is NOT a Not Me Monday article at some point in my life... haha! However, I do enjoy these moments of internet admittance, though. Thus, here it is:

I am NOT currently watching the season premiere of The Hills, in which I did NOT set aside specific time to do so... and I am NOT missing valuable sleep time to do so... NOPE.

I am also NOT currently texted my friend Kay back and forth through the entire episode about every thing that each person says, does, AND wears... Yea. NEVER.... right?

I am NOT loving every moment of it.... Okay, maybe I am... :)

Oh, and I did NOT just see a commercial for Jesse McCartney's album and have the strongest desires to go to his concert. I will NOT go.

Sidenote: Yes, I will go.

In other news, work was oddly stressful today... I just am SO fed up with the seventh grade class! They are so disrespectful, and the teachers are all SO DONE. Thus, I - an aid- went off on them today in numerous classes and have kind of let them have it! It was classic, but made my whole day feel off. I don't regret it cause I was calm and in check when I talked to them, but very stern and obviously upset. The teacher thanked me up and down, but still... I just felt edgy all day until I left school then... Boo.

Here is the recap of my weekend: Friday was cultural awareness day at my school - and it was CRAZY! It was one of the most "wanna-be-organized" days of my life, and all the kids were hyped up on weekend excitement. It was cool in some classes (the kids traveled between classes to talk about different countries) because some teachers made their country amazingly awesome... England was GREAT! They had the classroom set up like The Globe Theater and put boys as all the actors - i.e. boys even playing Juliet - and doing mini scenes and had a jeopardy game being played about the country... It reminded me of our Study Abroad... I really need to go back!

That night I went with two girls from my ward, Emily and Luz, and my sister to a Grizzly's hockey game - haha! It was a blast, but that team SUCKS. Really - they are SO bad. Haha! At least it was fun... When we were done, my sister and I watched a movie together and went to bed early to get geared up for...


Haha... I loved it so much! I was very impressed with the themes that stuck out to me of faith within adversity and trails, temple work and the importance of our temple covenants, using the Holy Ghost, the importance of member missionary work, and talks pointing toward the economic crisis. My favorite talks were Elder Uchtdorf's talk - he just words things in a way that I relate to - and President Monson's closing remarks... I also loved Kevin W. Pearson, of the Seventy's talk.... I heard Utchdorf's talk from priesthood was incredible too - a must-read in the Ensign. I always flip to the priesthood messages first though cause they are what I did not hear yet. Anyway, conference weekend was just what I needed. I was very impressed with each talk, and how it applied directly to my life in some way - as usual.

We are encouraged to share our testimonies and such, so I think I will spend a moment in the next entry expanding upon that and my thoughts... :)

Life is good - a little stressful today, but great! Tomorrow is the middle school soccer game, an awards ceremony for Kay, and hoepfully getting my stuff back from the LA trip... ?


Song of the day: Plain and simple... From Kelly Clarkson's new album, All I Ever Wanted the song Long Shot. It means a lot to me right now... Reach for your dreams, go for those things and people you want in life, and dream big. The end.

Now, go listen to the song.
(Sidenote: The entire album is great - it's my favorite album of hers by FAR!)

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