Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Installment of the Not Me Mondays!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have NOT been doing this week.

So, I didn't get the chance to write this week at all, but I had to take part in the greatness that is "Not Me Monday!" Haha... I seriously thought about it this week when events would happen and I would think about how I could write about it... Haha! It's going to be something I look forward to, like my emails from my missionary in Portugal each Monday - Sarah that is! Haha...

Okay, so here it goes... This is good one.

I so did NOT spend a pretty penny on David Archuleta concert tickets for last Friday night... and I most definitely did NOT think about the concert all day, get dressed up for it, and go with my little sister, but also two other college graduates... and I did NOT watch his special appearance on Good Things, Utah! that morning in which they made him do arts & crafts with them, which was weird and really awkward...I wouldn't know though, cause I DIDN'T watch... (That was actually totally random - TV was on and so was his face randomly... Haha!).

We did NOT sit in the sixth row and dance around like twelve year-old girls for three hours. I did NOT know the songs better than any other fan around me, and thus did NOT sing the words to every song - including the "non-released in the US one," which I so do NOT somehow have a demo copy of already. Nope, not me!

My friends and I did not spend a chunk of the time watching his younger brother in front of us, trying to work it for this girl next to him the entire time... haha! Nope... We DIDN'T laugh either. Yea... I mean, no! Haha! (It was pretty hilarious seeing his brother's game - haha! If you read previous entries, I met his mom and brother, Daniel, last year at the finale and had a cool religious discussion with his dad. In all fairness, Daniel was very sweet and even asked for a hug - haha! He really is a sweet boy... He just also has game! )

Sidenote: It was awesome seeing his family react to his success and what he was doing on stage... That would be BIZARRE seeing your brother, son, or friend suddenly singing for thousands of people. How amazing! What a dream come true...

Back to the task at hand... *ahem.*

After the concert my friend and I did NOT spend time talking to obsessed teens and their mothers about the concert and what we thought, and we did NOT drive around with our windows rolled down, blasting the new "non-released" song from the car... NOT when it was freezing. Nope.

In all honesty, that was an amazing concert. That kid has come a long way in the past year! His unique and beautiful innocence makes him somewhat awkward at times, and he has learned to handle himself more professionally and to better articulate while on stage and interviewing. I am proud of the little EFY participant from years ago - haha! His voice was INCREDIBLE... I am just blown away by the talent that kid possesses. He blows me AWAY when he sings - serious! What a little cutie, and what a BIG, breath-taking voice!

Let me sum the sentiment behind the entry up in one simple statement: Nothing brings me more joy than music, because music is the essence of my being and gives meaning to my existence.

I will NOT be putting pictures up to somewhat brag about how close we were... and I would NEVER post a video in the upcoming entry... namely tomorrow. Nope.... No, but seriously... be ready. :)

Okay, so in a non-sarcastic note - though the other way is so fun! - one of my students when into the hospital for back surgery today. Well, I guess she isn't MY student, but I count a lot of those kids I subbed for in years past as my kiddies... I love the eighth grade class cause they were my first set of kids I subbed for all the time when they were in sixth grade two years ago. Anyway, she is doing just fine, but I think I might go and visit tomorrow for a few minutes and drop her some goodies... Hey, every girl needs chocolate for when they first get out of the hospital. Haha!

Personal Update: I am currently looking at Grad schools back east for NEXT year because I feel very strongly that I need to be here for my sister's senior year this next year. Then, it's off to Grad School! I have been tossing around the idea of Event Planning/Sports Managment or Music Business/Producing for the past few months... I know those are things that I would love and could do well in, but another idea has been resurfacing...

I had planned originally to go to Grad School to become a family or children therapist. I feel like I am really good at making others feel comfortable opening up to me, and I have the ability to usually connect well with others right off the bat. I have been thinking about this option for three years, and then just back-burnered it... I don't know why, but pretty much because I love the entertainment industry and music. However, counseling would be rewarding for me, and I would like it... I know it is a hard job, a very hard job, but I could be successful and really help others; especially youth or families... I don't know. It's just an idea I have right now, so I am going to start really praying about and fasting in the months to come to some inspiration about which path to take.

What makes it hard is that I feel as though I would be good at any of these jobs, and that I would enjoy all of these jobs overall... I know it might come down to me just making a choice, but I really want to know what the Lord wants me to do. I want to bless His children in the best way that I am able, and all of these jobs have the ability to let me do that. I just don't know... If I could really have it my way, I would perform for a time and bring joy and inspiration to others through that medium - then work in another field later in life... We will see where the Lord and my agency take me... :)


Song of the Day: In honor or the AMAZING concert I did NOT (*ahem*) go to this week, here is the song of the day... Drum Roll...
Zero Gravity by: David Archuleta! Haha... Who'da Thunk, huh? Yea, well... This video isn't the best sound, and it's not from the SLC concert - those videos all sucked - but this is a fun copy and he still sounds great! He really gets into this song... It could be a great summer, radio hit!

What are my other favorite songs from the album? Those would be Waiting For Yesterday and Running... Though many are fabulous! :)


Mindy said...

I am NOT going to listen to that song while at work.

I am NOT blogging at work.

Ever since I resd your last Monday blog I have NOT been thinking of things I have NOT done. :)

I am NOT finished with my commenting.

This is NOT the end.

TPlayer said...

I was sooooo there with my friend, Stacey, and we definitely spent a pricey penny as well, except our seats were crap up in the "party suite" which was totally lame. i was crazy anyway. Some kids from Murray HS were sitting next to us and it made me super happy that the guy of this "totally in love HS couple" was totally cheering and happy for David. That's when you know he MUST be a good kid. I had a blast at the show. It's true-he's adorable and I can't beleive how long he performed. I had hit up youtube in the days before, so i knew the new songs to expect. Zero Gravity was a party!!! (You should have seen what that arena looked like from up above where we were able to look down at everyone!!) Everyone bouncing around and crazy- I loved it! I totally have an inappropriate crush him. At least he's 18 at this point. Stacey and I have a goal to "run into him" since we live here in Murray. Let's keep our fingers crossed :)

Tyson and Heather said...

Thanks for your comment of support on our blog:)! Love your post, we saw David Archuletta togetha yo! So fun...well kinda together, both got into the finale:)!