Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Little AI Experience of My Own!

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to travel across the country and see American Idol live in the studio… It was, oh ya know, AMAZING! Haha… A random group of EFY counselors piled in a car with me and we headed out to the west coast for the live taping and a little beach action. We got there and had lots of fun little experiences – Sarah and Staci were literally about a foot away from getting hit by Simon Cowell driving in his car… I think one of em’ should have taken the hit. They would have made bank for the rest of their lives with those payments… I would have taken the hit. Haha! J We made friends with a group of ladies in front of us who were so fun, and the security guards cause we gave them our extra food. Haha! My little friend named Chuka – such a sweet older man! I got to play audience coordinator for a moment and ask everyone to “part the red (green, as it was St. Patrick’s Day) sea” so someone in a wheelchair could get through and everyone laughed at me as I stepped down giving my peace signs… Yea.

There were lots of fun little moments, but the best part was when our group was given stickers to the pit… We ended up in the very FRONT of the left side pit, next to the stage! It was AWESOME! Sarah and I were definitely playing the game of “being five” when the judges came out and shook our hands – I got a little fist pound from Randy, which was classic. Haha! So, we got to see the contestants up-close in performance mode and interact with the judges during commercial breaks and even when the idols were singing they would comment to us at times. We were also right in the front for Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis’s performance, which they taped on Tuesday to air on Wednesday night’s results show. Carrie was AMAZING live – I have seen her before, and she is always fabulous – and Randy Travis was such an awesome person. It was pretty much just an awesome experience!

What I loved most was that all of the “idols” did well on Tuesday night. Some did better than others, and some weren’t my favorite, but they all presented themselves well and sang well. I was happy to see them in action and happy to hear good and great singers. I was still lovin’ on Anoop-Dawg… He really showed his stuff Tuesday too… So did Matt Guirad. There is a lot more talent than I had originally thought there was…

Anyway, the next day we spent the day burning on the beach (fantastic!) and loving our sunshining lives! Haha… Then, we spent nine to ten hours driving home from LA! It was great, and a nice little break from school and being an adult… fantastic! Haha…

I wish that had a little bit more intelligence to share in regards to this entry, but alas, I do not. Um, the square root of pie 1.7 something… Good?

Oh, and in regards to the “pie” comment, this was not taken from a very intelligent means either… The movie Twilight came out yesteday, and yes, I bought it right away. Haha! It is not my favorite film… In fact, I like about 60% of the acting and the directing, but the other 40% was, in my opinion, NOT good. I am thrilled they have gotten a new director for this next film in the series. I hope that this guy makes it ten times better… Anyway, as we were watching it today we decided to look up the site that the character Bella looks up on the movie, to see if the site was real and legit.

Nope. It is not.

In fact, the site led us to a Tupperware and storage goods website… and then, that led us to another site that gave us an amazingly good laugh… Check it out:

In true “Dwight-like” style, as well as the style of the website we discovered, here are some “facts” I learned from this website:

FACT: Vampires are obviously real, thus books about vampires are in actuality real as well. This website proves it - It does.
FACT: Twilight is awesome. The end.

My favorite part of that website states that Warren Harding, 29th Pres of the US, was one of the famous "victims..."
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I loved this site… classic.


The song for the day... I haven't done a song by these girls, I don't think, and they are one of my top five favorite bands. These girls are the first Australians to have such a huge album in the US, and they deserve it. Who are they, you ask? The Veronicas! Haha... Now, I have chosen a song from their first album, rather than their popular-right-now-album, because their first album deserves more attention. My FAVE song by them: Heavily Broken. Thus Heavily Broken by The Veronicas is the song of the night! :) ENJOY, cause it is one of my top five songs in my life - I am serious.


Courtney Kay said...

What an adventure! I wanted to go to the American Idol experience at Disney, but my little sis wouldn't let me :( Love your blog!

Bob said...

When I saw you post on Facebook that you were looking for people to join you, I really wanted to do. Sadly, I had commitments here in Utah that kept me from even thinking about it. :(

Glad you had fun.


TPlayer said...

Linze, I haven't seen you in years, but i totally would have joined you! I'm a huge AI fan (although sadly I'm struggling to get into it this year for some reason). I think after the hometown boy winning last year (David Cook-remember I'm a Kansas City girl), it's hard to beat the rush we experienced in the hoemtown last year. (I was also living in KC at the time). Soooo how does one get tickets to an AI taping anyway? I get cheap plane tickets. I want to go!