Monday, March 23, 2009

My Very First, Not Me Monday!!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have NOT been doing this week.

However, for now... I have joined the bandwagon and will be writing my very own, personal - NOT me Monday Entry of Awesomeness... Really, that's what this is about to be.

So, speaking of this weekend and the happenings of today, I would first like to state that I did NOT spend hours yesterday watching Twilight and all the special features after I have already watched the movie on Saturday night.

I did NOT put it on again to play in the background as I was getting ready for work this morning - nope.

In regards to this, I also was NOT wishing that the website Bella finds via Google was real... and my sister-in-law and I did NOT pause the movie, type in the link, and find ourselves led to a Tupperware and storage goods website... Dang it. I think I admitted that yesterday. Hmph.

I did NOT just write the same thing in my blog as yesterday, somewhat... Yea, NO.

Continuing on, I DID go to work today and had a great morning - Ezra worked really hard for me and was a gem in his classes. He even did his science test, and that is saying something because he absolutely HATES science and the tests in there. It was like pulling teeth at first and he needed a LOT of help to finish the test, but he finished. I'm not sure that I was much help anyway because I do not know much when it comes to science and math... yea.

Then, it was lunch... I will just let y'all know that I did NOT take an extra long lunch today without clocking out - NEVER. Haha! It's okay... I will definitely NOT be making up that extra half tomorrow evening doing parent emails, which I in NO WAY dislike. Haha!

I also did NOT spend my evening lounging around (after an amazing workout) and did NOT skip out on FHE because I wanted to watch the season finale of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Nah - I would NEVER skip for such a lame sauce reason. NEVER... ever.

I am NOT admitting right now that there is yet another show that is on my I-watch-you-regularly list. I do NOT have way too many of those... I mean, my schedule is NOT that open on the weekday evenings... Oops.

NON-Confession: I have NOT ever skipped going out to stay home and watch a show... NEVER.

A real confession would be that I own the O-Town CD still... but I DON'T. Yea, who owns that retched CD? Yea. NOT ME...

Good ole' Liquid Dreams and All or Nothing... *sigh* Haha!

Haha... In a quick defense, that I don't need to record - I know, I really do have an awesome social life and keep myself ridiculously busy... but not being in school, when a lot of your friends still are, and having no homework clears up a lot of time, and there are a lot of show that I like during the Winter/Early Spring season. Done and done!

Wow - this is kind of fun! Or, should I say, "I am so NOT having a blast with this entry!," and probably enjoying it a little too much? Yea. Or, no... ?

On another note to my life, I most definitely did NOT spend time today after practicing piano, practicing numerous, potential Idol Try-out songs.... Nope. I would NEVER spend AN ENTIRE HOUR AND A HALF doing that... NEVER when auditions aren't even until July and it is currently March... and the other season is just really getting on "its feet." Yea... and an hour and a half? Not me!

(Singing brings me more joy that any form of chocolate... That is saying something when a woman speaks those words with weighted truth. Singing is my oxygen. It's my life. The end.)

Sidenote: If I wrote all of the things I did with my time... This would be one awesomely sarcastic, long, and somewhat pathetic entry... haha! I am so NOT in love with that fact right now... Seriously, awesome.

I could really learn to adore this whole Not Me Monday soiree, and will probably make it a weekly event... No. There really is no probably about that.

As a final note, I do NOT spend an extra hour each night that I blog deciding on what song to feature, finding a picture and/or video. I would NEVER waste all that time when I poke fun at people who waste time being on facebook for more than a half hour at a time...


Song of the Day (didn't take me that long THIS time - Boo-yah!): In honor of my kick booty workouts that I have been having, and my awesome tan of greatness... Listen to Mika's, Big Girl (You Are Beautiful!) This is one CLASSICALLY amazing song that I love and is pretty much my anthem... Though I would like to be thinner to be in better shape I will never be SMALL - and someone is gonna have some sweet lovin' on these incredible hips and curves - I'm a lot a bit of Mmm Mmm Good!!!

P.S. I did NOT hold on to these featured pictures for the past few months (chillin' on my desktop) to just to post them on my blog, cause I simply loved them... yea, Not Me!


Courtney Kay said...

I love singing! welcome to not me monday!

Scottykc said...

Love the blog!