Monday, March 2, 2009

You're My Best Friend...

My best friend is a little bit crazy like me - haha! She has a lot of "zip" to her and little bit of an attitude, but just enough to get her point across. She's a true southerner, and we both understand the idea of being sweet and having a bit of a "bite" to ya at the same time... She has a good heart and cares about others - her future profession as a nurse proves this even more. She loves music and has no qualms about dancing around the house with me, singing on a hairbrush at the top of her lungs... every day. She is talented, bright, intellectual, well-spoken and yet a wee bit blond at times, which makes her hilariously funny - and witty.

My best friend is ALWAYS there for me - even when I do or say something stupid... which I do a lot. She is patient with me, and kind to me. She cares about me and she wants me to be happy... as I want her to be. Our friendship really isn't normal... I know, that sound cheesy or weird, but it's true. Our friendship is so much deeper than a normal one... It will last. It is GENUINE. She is genuine... and that's hard to find.

I think we both found that together... being genuine I mean. We learned to be real through each other. Finally.

I have the BEST Best friend in the world... and at the current moment she is residing in Portugal. She is currently being an amazing example and serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She has been out for almost five months, and has rocked it out there... I had no doubt she would. She was an amazing missionary before she left, and she teaches me something each week in her letters about being an even better missionary no matter where you are located. She really is incredible...

Yep... I have the best friend I could ever have in the world! She is a true inspiration to others, and a great teacher for me... I am beyond proud of her and SO happy she is serving our Heavenly Father. I love her a lot... and today, I really missed her.

I miss her a lot.

Everyone should know my best friend. Everyone should have a best friend like her... and so, I write to tell you about her, and how great she is.

Yep, I have the BEST best friend.

Song of the Day: "Ramalama (Bang,Bang)" by: Roisin Murphy - AMAZING and completely BIZARRE - I love it. LOVE IT!

Here's a clip- though you should look up the whole song - with dancer's from So You Think You Can Dance! I found this clip tonight, but was thinking about the song in the shower this morning, imagining a dance to it - I know, I'm weird, but I do that a lot... - and this was almost EXACTLY what I pictured it being like!!! Thriller-esque... but mine was a bit more model-esque. Crazy!!! Enjoy - I know you will...

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TPlayer said...

I miss Sarah :( We had some awesome Gchat moments