Sunday, April 12, 2009

Remeniscent to the Tides of March!

I have been meaning to blog about lots of different things on here, and put a lot of pictures from the past few events in my life... I just have failed to do so. Thus, I am taking time tonight to do so before I hit the sack!

Now, before I go any further I am inclined to do a small recap of recent events of which I will be posting pictures... Sidenote: I don't know why I write so proper on my blog a lot of times when in real life I use phrases like, "homeboy was all up on it" or "girl better be checkin that!" Yea.

Okay - Last month I went to LA for a few days to see American Idol, Season 8 live - it was awesome! It was a great little trip... Speaking of Idol, I also went to David Archuleta's concert at the end of March and LOVED it with all my heart and soul. DANG, that boy can SING!

This is a picture of me and Sarah- not the one in Portugal- one of my close friends who went on the trip with me to LA for AI Live! It was SO great having her on the trip with me - she is a hoot!

The next pic is one of my temporary lepracy! I have never peeled before and it SUCKS... in case you thought it was cool, cause for some reason I thought it would be funny to peel... What was I thinking???

These two photos are of me and my girls with our David Archuleta tickets for the concert! Haha!

Check out our "OH MY WORD - IT'S DAVID!!!" faces... Haha! Classic.

Below are a few awesome photos of David Archuleta himself... Aka: THE-Voice or Mr. Golden Tones...

Speaking of American Idol, as I do often... I am half loving and half hating this season. it's unfortunate that many feel this way because the talent is incredible... I am still a huge advocate of last season, but I have grown to really, REALLY like a few of the contestants in this current season. However, the producers are out of control this season with their vibrant, blantant push toward support for certain individuals. Now, this is present each season, but it is so ridculously apparent this season, it drives me a bit mad. I'm just wishing it was more about the singing, and half of the time I feel as though they are slipping from that focus. Hm...
Well, if I ever do have the chance to be on the show, at least I feel that I know how the game is played with a little more clarity... as much clarity as you can aquire without being in the position, I suppose...

I have a fear that one of my favorites, Anoop, might go home this week... I hope not! I am all for Lil' Rounds gettin' the boot. I mean, homegirl had it goin' on at the beginning, but I think that she peaked very early on and then started a steady decent. She has NOT done a good job in WEEKS, and really since she sang in the pre-Top Ten show... She's got a good voice, but she's pitchy and not exciting to watch or listen to... each performance is - flat. You just don't remember her as "amazing" or valuable to the music industry. My opinion, but I think that SHE should go this week. Straight up.

I have grown to be a fan of Adam, Kris, and definetly Matt - that kid has SOUL, and should be getting more praise for how amazing he is! He's getting gypt a bit... However, I have come to LOVE Allison Iraheta. I know, some people say her voice is to scratchy or unrefined... I love it. I love her style, personality, her quirky look, her song choices (for the most part), he tone, her performance technique, and her voice overall. She can SING! Anyway, I am hoping to see her for many more weeks... My bet - she gets into the bottom three again and ends up at the bottom this week or next and the judges use the save on her... Then, she shoots forward to third place. Just a thought. Y'all should check out her performance of "I Can't Make You Love Me" - I was thinking about using it as my audition song last year... not anymore! Haha... She was incredible!

Sidenote: Anoop's version of "True Colors" was also INCREDIBLE! I wish he did that every week and then people would see what I see... He is DANG good.

Anyway, life is good...

Song of the Day: Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me..." Haha! Surprised? You shouldn't be. I love this song - always have, always will... I am posting Allison's version because it is THAT good... serious. Enjoy! :)


Recovering Noah said...

Linze! You went to American Idol??? Oh my gosh!! Fantastic! (I know, I'm totally overusing the exclamation marks.)


(Oops, there I go again.) :-)

Love the fact that you write proper in your blog but use slang in real life. I was cracking up over it. Must find a way to use the phrase "homeboy was all up on it" in my blog. lol

I write exactly like I speak in real life.. which is a shock when someone gets a proper letter from me and it's done in the Queen's English. I DO happen to have a grad degree in English... just never, ever use it. teehee

Oh, and I'm loving your blog playlist!

P.S. So jealous that you were able to see Anoop sing True Colors. Noah LOVED that performance!

Leslie :-)

Bethany said...

what are you talking about?!?!? peeling is FUN!!!