Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Remember When Wednesdays...

I don't know that this will become a tradition, but I am kinda feeling the need to create a catchy title and decided that "Remember When" is often in my vocab about the events that have recently conspired in my life... Thus, "Remember Me Wednesdays" are being born... hopefully they live on.

Sidenote: When I say "Remember When" it often means something that recently happened, and is not regurgitating my childhood. There goes those big words again...

So, let's get down to business. Remember when I got a speeding ticket two weeks ago? Yea. I'm sure - well, positive - that none of you knew. It's not something you broadcast - but this story is just TOO GOOD not to share. It was a speeding ticket in front of the school I work at for going five over in a school zone, and I was pulled over just as all the parents were dropping off their kids... Yea. So, all the kids saw "Miss Linze" get a pulled-over and many of the younger kids were upset that I had "done something wrong." Not that speeding isn't wrong - it is... but, it was the last day of the month and the police were on the prowl... welcome to America. Procrastination strikes again- even in our local legal system.

Anyway, the day I got the ticket it was all the buzz at school - the kids thought it was funny, I did not, and the teachers were all willing to comfort me with their "five over?!" complaints. Haha! The buzz died after a few days of good ol' goading from the eighth graders. However, the ticket still remained... and in Draper, a ticket in a school zone (no matter how low) means you have to go to court.

Yea.... Yea.

So, today I went to court. Happy Earth Day to me... I went to a court session with some fairly intense offenders and then three of us with traffic violations all taken at the same place, on the same day, by the same officer... Two of us, only written up as five over. Now, here is where the story gets better.

The kids had finally begun to forget about my ticket - okay, they had COMPLETELY forgetten about the incident. Well, this morning when I arrived at court and was filling out my personal information sheet - and signing my life over to the judge - I heard a farmilair voice behind me say, "These kids are here to do observations of the court process for a class field trip... Can we go in for this morning's session?"

It is entirely what you think... Some of the kidergarteners from my school had shown up to observe the court dealings that morning... They waved hello excitedly as I walked in and sat behind them. Then, when my name (near the very end, might I add) was finally called they were confused as I stepped forward to speak publicly with the judge... Just so you know, I would have rather quietly faded into the background and paid the dang fine. However, they MAKE you step publically forward... Yea, yea. I bet y'all already knew this, but your main homegirl had NO earthly idea.

Anyway, after I was done receiving my sentence, one of the mom's called me over to say hello and I proceeded to need to explain to the children that, "Miss Linze made a bad choice by not paying attention and speeding a few miles over the speed limit. I no longer am in trouble though..."

So, not only did I get the $100 fine and one session of wacthing little children at the crosswalk outside of the school(They want to make you feel guilty by watching potential little children you could hit. Touche.), I also had the "oppotunity" OR awkward punishment of confessing & explaining my crime to five year-olds on a class field trip. I thought that the judge should have knocked off the crosswalk watching session for that, instead of laughing at the situation. Yea.

As much as this sucked, it was pretty hilarious. Okay, it was really hilarious... Let's be honest! At least I got a good story out of it... And, all I had to pay was a $100 for that story. Ouch.


Sidenote: Anoop was voted oss tonight! So was Lil' Rounds, but I wasn't sad about that... Homegirl can sing, but yea... I've expressed myself regarding her. Anyway, I was sad to see Anoop go, but he'll be back for the finale and the tour, and I love everyone in the top five. So, I guess it works... His golden tones will def. be very missed by this little southern shorty, though.

Song of the Day: Their new CD came out like two weeks ago and I got it right away, cause they are AMAZINGLY TALENTED!!! Who are they?! Yes. Rascal Flatts! Haha... Thus, today's song is kinda their whole new album... haha! However, I know that doesn't count, so please check out Rascal Flatts' songs, Here Comes Goodbye.

I also really love She's be California and Once - I am going post the video for Here Comes Goodbye... I don't really like talking in music videos, but the story works well with the video, and the piano in the snow is BEAUTIFUL!


Mindy said...

Ohhhhhhhh ... funny. But not. I am so sorry! P.s. I had a day off of work yesterday, okay let's be honest: I took it off because I thought my back was going to fall off. I basically was on bed rest all day as I laid flat and iced it. Anyway: bored. Flipping through TV stations. Stopped on Rachel Ray. That's all. The end. :)

Bethany said...

i can't believe you didn't say anything about your boyfriend david singing on AI last night....???

Team Carter said...

another ticket?! dang, girl! that story was hilarious, although i'm sorry you got a ticket...
Rascal Flatts is the BOMB! so are you. it has been way too long. love you!

Recovering Noah said...

Is it really terrible that I'm over here chuckling at your post?

That truly sounds like something that would happen to me.

Hey, $100 dollars for a lesson that a lot of 5 year old's won't forget. Not bad. :-)