Saturday, February 12, 2011

Never Say Never... To Justin Bieber.

I got the fever.... The Bieber Fever.

That's right.  I am not ashamed to declare that this morning I totally went and got my JB jammin' on!  I went bright and early to witness the musical documentary, Justin Bieber "Never Say Never..."  Yeah!

I laughed (a lot) - partially at the fact that I was really sitting in that theater with Chad, Scott, my new friend, Lauren, and a bunch of little girls with their parents... or without them, and partially because things were just ridiculous at moments.  I cried (a little) - this was because I was laughing so hard (okay - I got teary when he had vocal issues too).  I sang along (a lot)... because you can't sit still and not sing to a Justin Bieber song... com'on!  He's quality dancing around, singing on your hairbrush (or sitting in your theater chair) music.  Plus, I know all his songs... Hey - now's not the time to get jealous.

I even clapped at the end, and not because it was over.  Why not?!  I was in a theater with a bunch of people who just didn't care that I was excited when Justin overcame his (spoiler alert) vocal adversity.  Plus, I have been there... I love to talk and I love to yell.  I felt his pain when those vocal chords were swollen.  My mom use to get so mad at me when I'd go to sporting events before a vocal competition in HS... I always came back looking sheepish and drinking about five cups of tea and honey that night to calm my throat.

Now, before I venture any further in my "movie review," I must state that one reason I adore this kid so much is because I use to watch him on YouTube, BEFORE Usher and Scooter found him... I am a true fan.  When he got ready to release the single "One Time," (no joke) I bought it before people even knew who he was.  For real. 

So, whether you're a fan or not, this could be the movie for YOU... Okay, if you're not a fan you MIGHT like the movie, but chances are you'll simply be underwhelmed.  I mean, you DO learn what a talented kid he really is, all the instruments he can play aside from singing, how young he was when he started exploring music, and you see just HOW crazy little (and big) girl (and boys) are about him.  Plus, for the younger crowd, you do see him with no shirt on.  For me, this was a bit creepy.  Put it back on!  You're too little for that, JB.

Reality Check & Review:  I really DID enjoy the film!  It was a lot of fun.  The only complaint I had was the same the NY Times Review stated -  "At 70 or 80 minutes...'Never Say Never' could have been entirely satisfying. At 105 minutes it’s exhausting, even though it has been expertly cut together."  I felt the exact same way.  I don't need multiple endings (and it felt like it could do just that about three times), just one, please.

All in all, I must say... I had fun.  I was inspired.  I walked away feeling like I could conquer the world, and that I should probably listen to some JB on the way to lunch.

Song of the Day:  Because I love this guy, here is Love Me, by Justin Bieber!  Enjoy!

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