Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer 2011: A Summer of Firsts

Things that I really want to do during the summer of 2011, and most are things I've never done before (those are in bold):

 - Hike Timp
 - Go to Lake Powell
 - Go to Bear Lake and see Rosa's play
 - Make homemade popsicles 
 - See Derek & Cami (Talking them into taking a trip here would be nice...)
 - Take the State Praxis (I don't know that I want to so this, but I need to and I wanna get it over with.)

Sidenote:  I'm doing this Praxis test is because... I GOT INTO GRADUATE SCHOOL!!!  I start at Westminster College in the Fall, getting and MAT (Master's of Teaching), with certifications in Secondary Theater and English.  I could not be more excited, and it could not feel more right...

Back to the list:
 - Get a tan and spend LOTS of time at the pool!
 - Learn to love like running... or at least grow numb to it and enjoy it a bit more.
 - Train for a 5K - and run one
 - Make homemade ice cream
 - Sew/create a tie-skirt
 - Attend the Temple Prep class
 - Go to the temple once a week!
 - Visit temples that I've never been to before in UT
 - Road trip to Cali and Disneyland!
 - Perform my own songs in SLC
 - Learn to play guitar (More than the Harry Potter Theme or Zorro Theme songs)
 - Eat a lot of fresh fruit, like watermelon!
 - Go to Draper Days and the rodeo
 - Go to Strawberry Days
 - Visit the Beehive House
 - Go to an outdoor concert and take a picnic
 - Assistant Stage Manage for Stadium of Fire
 - Read four or five new novels and even more education strategy books
 - See Harry Potter 7: Part II!!!
 - See X-Men: First Class, Submarine, Super 8, and Love, Wedding, Marriage
 - Learn to cook at least eight new dishes
 - Go to a Bee's Game
 - Visit Allen Park (right next to my new school), Gilgal Sculpture Park, Artesian Well Park, Red Butte Gardens
 - Eat at The Red Iguana
 - See a show at Keys on Main
 -  Watch the new seasons of Drop Dead Diva, So You Think You Can Dance, Bachelor Pad, The Bachelorette, White Collar, and Psych
 - See Parachute live in concert (Jun 23rd - for FREE)!  Last time I saw them live, the band was slightly different and their name was Sparky's Flaw.
 - Visit/tour the Utah State Capital
 - Visit friends in St. George
 - Hit up the Manti Pageant
 - Try my skills out in screen-writing 
 - Go to a local water park
 - Go to a karaoke bar... and sing.
 - Practice piano more often
 - Write the prophet of the LDS church a letter
 - Write the Preisdent of the USA a letter 
 - Go four-wheeling in the sand-dunes
 - Go real paintballing
 - Go camping!
 - Ride on a Segway
 - Eat lobster 
 - Sew a quilt using my old T-Shirts

Half these things are also on my bucket list... Yes, I have an actual bucket-list written down and everything.  I go bored while riding the train in Germany Austria one day and started writing one...  It's got some pretty good stuff.  Other things on that list include holding a kangaroo, riding in a hot-air balloon (Do you know how expensive that is?!  For real, it's ridiculous...), attend the Thanksgiving Macy's Day parade, go to all 50 states, and meet Celine Dion.  That's just the surface - perhaps I'll put that whole list up here someday.

Tomorrow = Cinco De Mayo!!!  I got the enchiladas ready and made tequila cupcakes tonight, and tomorrow I'll make seven-layer dip, empanadas, and margaritas! It's gonna be bomb.

Song of the Day: I needed a little hip-hop in my life today! This song is a good jam for drivin', top down, singin' along - great summer jam from 2008... I know - I'm SO old-school. Haha! Here is Lloyd (Feat. Ludacris) with "How We Do It in the A" - meaning ATL (Sarah - dedicated to YOU!)! Enjoy!


ScottyKC said...

Come July 1st, I'll be joining you on all of these adventures.

Cami @ You Seriously Made That said...

I wish I still lived in Utah with you so I could come chill with you all the flippin time. Maybe you could teach me how to cook more of those dishes.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Was für ein schöner Beitrag. Ich liebe das Lesen dieser Arten oder Gegenstände. Ich kann es kaum erwarten zu sehen, was andere zu sagen haben.

Brooke said...

Fun! You'll love Keys on Main. I just recommend going at the beginning of the show and planning to leave a little earlier in the evening. The later it got the fouler it got, you know...but it was fun, especially with our obvious Mormonness. They played with us...the "resident Relief Society." :)

Mindy said...

Super fun list. Two things. 1. If you run consistently for three weeks, you will love it. Promise. 2. They actually encourage us folk NOT to write the prophet ... Just so you know. :)

Rebekah Evans said...

You MUST let me know when you hike Timp, I'd LOVE to do it again!!