Sunday, May 29, 2011

Next Time It'll Be More Than Quotes,,, Maybe.

I promise that I am going to write in my blog about things OTHER than funny quotes said by family and friends...  but for now, that will have to suffice... I know you don't mind.

We'll start with quotes from my family members:

"How dysfunctional are we?!"- Natalie

"I discovered that I'm 5 years old inside..." - Natalie

"When I was at the mall... we all jumped on and rode the mini-train!" - Nat
"The mini train? Like.... the mini bus!" - Linze

"Why seven candles?" - Mike, regarding his birthday cake (He's turning 31)
"Seven times five is thirty, plus one for luck!" - Linze
"Seven times five is thirty-five, Linze." - Mom
".......Damn." - Linze

"I know - You wished for that job at Apple!" - Mom
"I went a step further.  I wished that I'd get everything Apple I want by the end of the year..." - Mike
To this, my mother hands Mike an apple and starts laughing at her own joke.... It took us awhile for it to sink in... Haha!

"Oh!  I get a graduation gift in two years... I'm pre-maturely excited!" - Linze
"You get what I did when I graduated." - Dad
"Debt?..." - Linze

"Did you notice the decorations? We keep it classy..." - Mom
"Keepin' it classy with the plastic table cloth and Curious George cake." - Linze
"Hey.  It's better than Barbie's cake..." - Dad

"I'm in shock!  I have a blanket!" - Sherlock Holmes

Okay, that last one was from a movie/show... but it was good.  Now onward I write, recording the quotes that made the blog this week from my amazing friends:

"She can't dress like that!  Teachers wear sweaters..." - Spencer (said around a BUNCH of teachers... imagine THOSE stern "teacher looks" he received...)

"You wouldn't wear a topless dress..." - Spencer
Sidenote:  Dear Spencer, That would be a skirt...

"Sing over the damn..." - Linze

"Actually, we could just have Spencer say it!" - Linze (Regarding the swearing in the song we're doing for the web-show Kate and I will be creating tomorrow...)

"Lady Gaga is gonna die on national television!.... And I have it TiVoed!!!" - Spencer

"I wanna sing like that in church (meaning, Lady Gaga style...) - BE STILL!!!!!!" - Spencer

"I wish I had someone to cuddle with.  It's a cuddle night..." - Kate
"Well, I'm not a boy..." - Linze
"I want you do do this... *nuzzles me*" - Kate
"I thought you were allergic to cats." - Linze 

"I'd wanna date you just for that comment... Well, not date you because you're a girl, but if I were a boy..." - Linze

"Spooning is not always comfortable..." - Spencer

"If my boyfriend's leg glowed... Mmm Mmm." - Linze (watching I Am Number Four)

"I like it when my movies are enhanced." - Spencer
"I like it when lots of things are enhanced." - Linze

"That's what happens when I score." - Spencer
(You're in here a LOT this week, buddy... HAHA!)

Prep - Spencer was telling about his quote from last week were he said he loved black people and had a black car to prove it.  We were at Cheesecake Factory and talking kinda loud, so we all looked around to make sure we weren't going to offend someone.  I just blurted out, "You don't have to look - there are no black people here.  It's Utah."  Oddly enough, there was one guy the next table over... I miss diversity.  Haha!  No really.  I miss it.

"We were talking about when a couple messes around before marriage and goes in to see the bishop, and then he hands them the dolls..." - Lindsey
"He does that?!" - Nicole
"No!" - Everyone - haha! 

"They don't bend that way..." - Lindsey

"You don't know who Tupac is?!  You need to go home and research that, kids..." - Linze (to my middle school kids)
"Maybe we shouldn't tell them to research Tupac..."   A parent whispering to me...
"Kids, don't look up Tupac - he's dead." - Linze

"We were wondering, what's a virgin Sex on the Beach?" - Linze
After a long pause, "What is it?" - Lindsey
"No, I'm really asking..." - Linze
"We were waiting for a punch line." - Tottie

"It's a Virgin on Beach!" - Lindsey
"That sounds lonely..." - Jon


"The one time I swore, I told my ex to go to hell because I wanted to go to heaven and didn't ever want to see him again.  So, I literally meant it when I told him, 'Go to Hell!'..." - Jeanette (SO classic!)

I think I have some of the best friends and THE best family in the world... Love it. 

Sidenote:  Shout-out to Spencer's mom (Lola/Lisa) - I have heard three great stories from you in this week alone, that deserve to be recorded AND shared.  Get a blog.  Now.  PLEASE.  

Song of the Day:  I discovered this song on a fan-made Hunger Games video - haha!  I feel legit though because it was the one my student (Savanna Kylie) used it as a pre-audition video... (I'm almost done with the second book!!!) Here is Linkin Park with "Iridescent."  It's really a beautiful song... LOVE.  Enjoy!

Here's a copy of the HG video I was talking about too, in case you wanna see (this is NOT from the real movie or actors):

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Kate said...

The funny thing about the sweater comment was that bekah and i were both wearing sweaters right then. haha! Good times!