Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nanny Diaries... AGAIN?!

After months of not having a full-time, real job... The moment has arrived.  Last week on Thursday, I interviewed for a MWF nanny position with a family a bit north of where I live.  It was kind of touch-and-go the last few weeks with getting in touch with the mother, and I honestly was about to take my information off of the nanny website I subscribed to in job desperation.  I would say, "I should have signed up sooner," but had I done so I wouldn't be with this particular family that found me.  Yep - they found me, asked me to come interview, and we all loved each other from the get-go.  In a matter of two days, the mother had gone through all of my references and called to offer me the job starting this week.  I have a job and one that I am OVER THE MOON about having!

I am now the proud nanny of little Miss Eliza!
Is she not the most adorable little three year-old of your life?  I know.  Not only that, but she really is so well-behaved and mild-mannered.  Jealous?  I know. She has LOTS of energy, but she's not excessively loud or crazy with it... It's perfect.  I recognize that I have only been with her for two days and I WILL see other sides to her, but she really is fantastic.  I already love her!

Sidenote:  I am watching this week's Modern Family while I type... This week's intro was enough for me, but I get more than that?!  Score.  

It's an ideal situation also, because of the logistics of the job.  The nanny job that I had in Germany was hands-down one of the best decisions of my life and one of the best times of my life.  I love those boys with every ounce of my heart, still to this day.  However, after my experience there I came to a realization that there are certain things I need if I am going to play the nanny role for a family.  Namely, a "live-out" situation and specific boundaries drawn within responsibilities and expectations.  This job seems to offer these things.

Today I got paid to play pretend beach day, go the the aquarium (where my bestie, Sam, was on account of her 2nd grade class having a field trip there - random!) for a few hours, color fairies, read children's books, play hide-and-seek, have three "dance parties," and get a bunch of hugs - I am a lucky woman.  Additionally, the "little one quotes" will be returning to this blog!  Get excited... I know my quotes of random brain-lapse can be entertaining, but they are nothing compared to the things said "out of the mouth of babes."  It's about to get CLASSIC up on here.  Haha....
Neon Frogs?  LOVE IT.
I was teaching Eliza how to take pictures - haha!
They should have one of these on every playground - I have would played on it!
I thought the jellyfish there (Sandy Aquarium) were AMAZING!

Me and Eliza!  What a cutie...
 One other thought... It's amazing how things work out WHEN they need to because of HOW they need to.  I am completely impressed with Heavenly Father's hand in my life.  Just piecing things together for a moment of perspective - If I had gotten one of the jobs I wanted right after getting back from Europe (almost five months ago now), I would not have spent a lot of time subbing and realized the passion I have for education.  My dreams changed a bit as of late, and I'm okay with that.  Upon realizing this, I applied to Grad School and will start in the Fall... not the plan at ALL before, but I like it now - a LOT.  On top of that, if I had gotten another job I would not have put my name upon on the nanny site and found this job, where the boss is willing to work with my schedule (not only now, but come Fall with the start of school) and give me the time I need to also focus on my education.

It just all feels so RIGHT, and I finally feel comfort in what I've decided to do with my life for now... It's all falling together in the moment where it would allow multiple stars to align.  I'm thankful for that...

P.S.  Hit up the temple tonight for ward temple night (on a whim, nonetheless) and was the ONLY one in the baptistery.  It was kinda sad others weren't there, but kind of nice... I wasn't there for anyone in my ward, and the reasons that I was there were all met.  It was a unique experience because I was literally only there with temple workers, who kept asking where mt friends were.  I responded, "Upstairs," which made them all smile.  Haha... It was nice.

Song of the Day:  I have to give another shout-out to the group Parachute, as their newest CD (#2 on ITunes!) came out yesterday!  They have a free concert here on Jun 23rd put on my Fight the New Drug, and I'm SO excited!  I haven't seen them since they were "Sparky's Flaw."  Here is one of their newest songs from the album, "What I Know."  It's AMAZING!  Love them... ENJOY!


Jeanette said...

I LOVE that aquarium! And I am so jealous...that little girl is darling!

MKS said...

congrats on the new job! sounds like it will perfect. so happy for you.