Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quotable Moments... They're back!

It has been forever since I've written up a blog with quotes from friends... Well, this last weekend it was Spencer's birthday and there were about 100 amazing quotes I could have written down.  I was selective and took some from a few weeks before as well and created the entry below... Get ready - some will make sense and others aren't - It's okay.  Enjoy... :)

"I use them carefully." - Michelle regarding her "eyes"

"Where'd you get that swimsuit, Mark?" - Linze

"I hate being touched." - Spencer
"You let me touch you." - Linze
"When?!" - Spencer

"I'm just gonna grow an animal on my tamagotchi now." - Linze, when everyone else was surfing the web... and she (I) was on the "tamagotchi phone."

"Busted!!!" - Linze, singing...
 "Out: The Musical." - Mark.

"I always say share your talents..." - Kortni
"If you have a real big talent - maybe hold back." - Mark
"I don't use it all at once." - Linze

"I accept all five, but I only put out physical touch." - Spencer, about love languages

"When he's nice to someone at church I think, 'Oh, that's nice... You're not friends.'" - Linze... about someone else.

"I'm SO happy right now." - Linze... This is a repeat.

"...Or a goiter." - Mark

"If I were crotching you... You should see how many people you can crotch!" -  Linze AND Lindsey

"Did you hear Matt Miller?!...... Oh, you couldn't.  It was a text..." - Linze

"Where did their team all go?" - Linze... The team was in the outfield.

"Can we make masks?!" - Linze
"Absolutely." - Mark

"Dear God - Yes." - Mark

"She was either showing her Britneys of her Janets..." - Kortni

"Hey - you don't know how long it takes to get to Draper from Taylorsville by chariot..." - Mark

"Larp stripper...?" - Spencer

"Either way, it's gonna be awesome!" - Mark

"I just dislike the person that she is... so basically I dislike her." - Spencer

"Is that... a giant pack of skunks!?" - Linze and Spencer

"Please.  No one sees that movie for its plotline." - Linze... about Magic Mike


Song of the Day: A new love of mine - Flo Rida's "I Cry." Enjoy!

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