Sunday, September 2, 2012


I started this entry a few weeks back, when the incident occurred, but I kept it in drafts by accident... Thus. I'm posting it now.

My mom was verbally attacked for her beliefs... at church.  A place that should be a safe haven.  It's not the first time either.  I just have to say that it's very fortunate that my mother has a strong testimony and knows the gospel is true.  It's fortunate that she understands the church is true, but the people aren't.  I just get so frustrated when she gives a simple opinion and is attacked...

The story.  They were talking about religious freedom and it came around to the Constitution - my mother made a comment about the beauty of the document being created with the ability to amend it when necessary.  She was abruptly cut off and a lady quite literally verbally assaulted her saying she "couldn't stand for such talk."  She went on about how the Constitution should never be changed and was not created with fluidity - that this thinking is what is leading to so many problems in our country.  Well, my mother (who never gets embarrassed) felt slightly humiliated.  I don't blame her- I would have felt awkward too... Luckily some of the women raised their hands a few minutes later and said that my mother should have to opportunity to finish her thought and that she wasn't completely wrong.  Many women emailed her later in the week too - so I think her not finishing her comment was almost more powerful than the comment itself.  See, my mom didn't finish her thought... She waved it off and let it passed, feeling numb.

When I was told about this, I did NOT feel numb.  I felt angry.  I'm over it now, but it's how I felt.  Who have the right to attack her for a belief, and especially in that it was that is in no way going against doctrine?!  No one.

I just want to bring up Amendment 13 - added almost 70 years after the original constitution was created. This amendment abolished slavery in the United States.  What about Amendment 19, passed in 1920?  This amendment allows women the power to vote.  The term amend means to change or modify, and amendment means a change or addition in a document.  The Constitution and the amendments were created with the understanding that times change and thus, changes sometimes need to be made to fit those times.  It's the same in the church.  In 1978, the church amended (after revelation) our "rules" to allow blacks to have the priesthood.  Gordon B. Hinckley wrote about this change and states, "All of us knew that the time had come for a change and that the decision had come from the heavens. The answer was clear." Change happens - and if it happens in the church, it will happen in other aspects of our life.

The lady had a point in her passion for the Constitution upholding certain stable, constant values.  However, she was so concerned with her point that other valid points were pushed aside and assessed immediately as being wrong.

I just needed to voice my opinion, and as this is my blog... I can do just that. Agree or disagree, that's okay.  I just hope that next time any of us disagree with someone, we try to look at it through their eyes and see where they're coming from - we don't attack them.

Song of the Day:  I found this song randomly on my Ipod the other day... I was sitting in my ultimately amazing car and figuring out the sound system - I discovered I can speak to my car and tell it to play songs, artists, and albums.  Haha!  Anyway, this song was one a random playlist and I fell in love immediately.  Here is Kris Allen feat. Meiko with "Loves Me Not."  I adore it.  Enjoy!

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Mike said...

Sad for your Mom. That is hardly a radical idea. If the Constitution wasn't meant to be amended, it would not contain provisions for doing so. Crazy lady.