Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Bucket List 2012!

First, I ADORE Bucket Lists... Really, I love making lists in general.  However, seasonal bucket lists are quite possibly a favorite of mine.

It's time to start doing these...


-          Visit a pumpkin patch
-          Jump in the leaves
-          Make and eat caramel apples
-          Make Zupas tomato basil soup
-          Drink hot cider
-          Go to the corn maze
-          Carve or paint pumpkins
-          Take Eliza on a leaf hunt!
-          Bonfire w/ smores
-          Go on at least 2 dates
-          Make Halloween goodies for E!
-          Go to the state fair
-          Take Eliza to the zoo!
-          Drive up the canyon and see the changing leaves - FAVORITE.
-          Take a lot of pictures
-          Go to a football game!
-          Go running outside at least three times (once it gets chillier)
-          Thanksgiving crafts with Eliza
-          Watch a scary movie for Halloween (Should I really put this? I know I'll regret it once alone at night.  Haha!)
-          Watch Nightmare Before Christmas for Halloween!
-          Make a Thanksgiving pie
-          Visit the Madeleine
-          Picnic! 

Anyone care to join me in any of these things?  Haha... Wish me luck! Here it goes...

Song of the Day: I saw this on Labor Day and since then... it's been EVERYWHERE!  I love that - it's
catchy and hilariously awesome.  Enjoy Psy's "Gangnam Style!"  I know I do...

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