Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Know How the Plastic Army Men Feel...

Recently I had the chance to go down to Moab (which was GORGEOUS, FYI) with some of my best friends to check something off my bucket-list.  You may call me crazy... You may call me bold... Either way is fine by me.  Two weekends ago, I went SKYDIVING.

Yep - you read that right!  Skydiving... It was exhilarating and fresh.  It was adventurous and freeing.  It was a true once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Well, except I could go again and again and make it a multiple-in-a-lifetime experience.  Honestly, I loved it!  I felt fairly calm on the ride up - just a little squished - and wasn't even nervous.  I was slightly nervous the day before and pulling into the airport that morning... but it vanished as we filled out the waiver and got prepped to jump.  It didn't even feel real in all honesty... I don't think it fully set what I was doing till I took the initial dive and started to plummet to the ground.

Free-falling is amazing - You just float in a way... float with a little more force on ya.  After a good chunk of time "floating," my tandem jump-buddy (Jimmy) pulled the rip-cord to unleash the parachute.  Everyone said it hurts when you feel the pull between your legs where the harness yanks the crap out of you... but I was fine.  It pulled a little for a second, but it was no big deal and didn't really hurt - I was happy as a clam!  He let me steer for a bit too (everyone gets to, but I felt legit) and that was by far my favorite part.  Everyone tends to say free-falling is their favorite part, and that was awesome!  However, call it my red personality and love to be in control of a situation, but I LOVED the moments controlling that parachute and our descent.... it was a little bit of heaven.  

After the landing, I felt like I had completed something amazing off my check-list for life and just wanted to relive the moment.  I don't necessarily feel a huge pull to go skydiving again, but I feel the need to complete the things I've put on my bucket-list.  I think I got more pleasure from checking that off the list than the actual jump - though that was amazing!  Is that sick?!  Perhaps, but it's me.

Enjoy some more photo documentation:

Post-jump landing: "I'M GONNA BE REAL!"

So happy I went with these three as an "honorary" Minnick for the day!  Turns out I have some cousins with the name Minnick, so.... ya never know! Haha.... This is us celebrating the jump with a post-breakfast meal - I adore these three!


Song of the Day: This is a bit old-school, but it fits for the topic... Here is John Mayer and his version of "Free Fallin'."  I love this version most.... Enjoy!

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