Monday, June 30, 2008

Captured Memories from the Am. Idol Finale!

Here are some pictures from my AMAZING trip to the American Idol Finale in Los Angeles, California!

This is my group who drove across country and our friends Tyson and Heather who we randomly met up with outside of the Nokia Theater after the final results show...

This is Chad - my best American Idol buddy! He's holding our beloved sign that we made saying "David vs. Goliath." It had both David's next to "David" and Simon Cowell next to "Goliath" - classic!

This is me and Britt working that red carpet outside of the Nokia!

Here is Sister Archuleta... Yes, I called her that! Haha... She was the sweetest woman - gave me a big hug and everything - tender!

Here is us with Daniel Archuleta, David's little bro... I was thanking him for his public example and the example of his whole family, not just David, and he was all, "Can I just hug you?" It was so cute! Then, we took pictures with our cameras of each other - what a genuinely sweet kid?


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