Monday, February 16, 2009

Extra EXTRA Virgin... Classic.

Wow, I have not been writing as much as I would like to be... Thus, I am going to have to spend this week catching up. Currently, I am sick in bed anyway with a nasty ear infection, so I should have no trouble taking time each day to sit up and write a little something. Besides, I have developed so many different opinions from so many different things in the past few weeks that I will have no problem creating prompts for me entries... :)

I think I should explain my status physically right now... Tomorrow I have some real interesting ideas for an entry - Lois Lane's Alter Ego, Coming to a Place with No Need for Agency (sounds drastic, but not what one may think - It's positive - promise.), Current Melodic Obsessions, Middle School Syndrome w/ an EFY Twist, Progression on the Job Front, American Idol: Fiction verses Truth... etc, etc.

Anyway, This past week and a half I have spent my time sick on and off... Mostly on. It started with sinus headaches last Friday through Sunday. They were so ad that I would lie in bed with a hot rice bag or cold washcloth on my face, all the lights out, and the only sound being the fan going around for white noise. These were the WORST headaches I have ever experienced - even worse than my monthly migraine. However, these went away, or at least dimmed sufficiently.

Next, this Saturday morning I began having a terrible ear ache and realized that my sinus infection had spread to a middle ear infection... Terrible! Thus, I have spent the last few days miserable. I took lots of drugs and was able to make it out for a fun time with friends on Valentine's Day, but upon my drive home (I had a dinner at Sarina's that evening) I started feeling crumby again... I could not even sleep through the night. It was miserable -and it still kinda sucks, but I'm doing better.

Sunday morning, there was no hope for me to get to church. Haha! I had my brother and family home teacher come over to give me a blessing because I was in so much pain... Well, the blessing itself was awesome and just what I needed - I am feeling better already. However, during the anointing we had a funny little moment. Which brings me to a classic story...

Brother Dunn (family home teacher) was doing the anointing and he couldn't get the oil out. Suddenly, he gasped and I felt something cold all over my neck. Yea. He had squeezed the bottle of oil too hard and it had poured ALL over my hair, neck, and shirt... Plus, his pants and the carpet. I tried to be serious, but even as crappy as I felt it was very funny... :) We were all dying laughing. After the blessing I went upstairs to show my mom my head and she and Cami were rolling with laughter. I guess they just wanted me to be an extra, EXTRA virgin... :)

*Virgin Olive Oil - That's what I meant by that, in case someone didn't get that...*

Ah... That was a funny moment... :) I also took the best shower of my life after that incident - haha! :)

Anyway, today I went to InkHeart with my family and that was pushing it - My head made it through the movie, but near the end the pressure was beginning to build and I felt sick/dizzy again... Yea. So, I came home and slept until six-thirty, ate some dinner, watched some TV, and am now writing in here as I wait for the sleeping medication to kick in and zonk me out for the evening. I took some ambien last night to help me sleep and it was fabulous because it KNOCKED ME OUT! I need that again, and thus took another pill along with Ib Profen to help me sleep till late morning. I am suppose to have a CU (Cougar United) Reunion tomorrow night, but I am now sincerely doubting I am going to make it there... Sad.

Sidenote: InkHeart was good - not a favorite, but well done and a unique story - I think I will like it more when I am not half dizzy during the ending too...

Song for tonight - In honor of my few days of health, I have to pick a song by Katy Perry. I hate her song I Kissed a Girl... HATE IT. However, the rest of her CD is so classic, and thus, Sam and I went to her concert this past Tuesday in SLC and she was SO entertaining! She sounded good live, had a unique style, and told some hilarious, classic stories... In fact, she was one of the funniest people I have ever seen in concert - ever! So great!

So, in honor of that awesome concert I will post a few pictures of the concert below and say the song for tonight is her newest single - it's been out awhile now, but I love it - Thinking of You. It's a good song - tugs at the heart strings and I think many people have felt "this way" at some point in time... I also attatched a video of her singing it at The Venue in SLC too - she was great!

This is Sam and I before the concert began - waiting and ready for Katy!

The picture on the left is Katy singing Lost and below is Katy and her main guitarist during her encore in the "Kitty Perry suit!" Classic...

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