Friday, January 16, 2009

The Joy of Reality... and Reality Television.....

Joy is an interesting thing. You can find joy in so many things throughout this life, and I truly believe that you can even find joy in the negative times in life. Granted, some things in life just suck, and you don't find much beauty. However, I have found that even in my darkest hours and turbulent points in life, I have learned the most poignant and powerful lessons. Within these life-changing moments we grow and find joy in our increased knowledge, gained experience, and fresh outlook on things... Our most trying times are often are greatest times of growth, and growth initiates joy!

There are times then I am doing things of great importance in my life. I have often felt great im
portance in certain things I have accomplished or created... I hope that throughout my life I will continue to do things that I love and that mean something. I find a great amount I want to do something important and be in constant contribution to society, especially within the workforce and my talents.

I find joy in the little things, like a sunset or snow-covered mountains. I find joy in a "pull-through" parking spot, turning the radio on and catching my favorite song, practical jokes, the smell after it rains, and curling up with my duvet inside a chilly room. I live to hear a little kid laugh, or watch them dance around the room. I reel while listening to someone play piano, or when someone says "Thank You." I find joy in hearing someone's testimony for the first time and even more, I find joy in seeing someone live their testimony. I like the little things, along with the great accomplishments, and I feel as though I can find joy in anything.

That being said, there are also times in my life where I find joy in the "trifles" or trite things in life...

Thus, let the season of useless television program obsession begin. I always find that my peak is in the winter season... Perhaps because I spend more time in doors, but perhaps because it is because TV programs in the winter are just better. Don't get me wrong I do apprecaite my occasional dose of "The Hills" and other oldie "on-every-day-shows," and I can not live with out my fill of The Office each season. However, I love the winter line up...

First, let me just give credence to the one show that really gets me going from the fall season.... The Office. There is nothing funnier than the classic prank wars between Dwight and Jim, the awkward and ignorant things that Michael Scott says and does, the funny realizations Kevin has, each sarcastic remark from Stanley, etc., etc. Also, I just love the Jim and Pam interest - the most classic, hilarious relationship... Yep - I love that show... That's what she said.

Second, I will say that I have a rejuvenated love for the show, 24. Yes, bring on some good ole' Keifer Sutherland! Haha... Last season was not as intriguing to me, and somewhat overly violent. I love action movies and don't mind things blowing up... I enjoy a good car chase scene too. However, I hate a lot of blood and pure murdering violence. I didn't use to bother me until I started working so much with younger children a few years back. See, I find a LOT of kids talk about, draw, or due violent things without understanding that it really hurts people. That happens regardless to an extent, but each year it gets worse, as younger kids are saying or doing violent things because they "see it in my dad's favorite movie" or say bad thing because they "heard it in Mom's favorite show..." I hate the thought that I might encourage my child to think or express themselves violently.

ANYWAY, I am enjoying this season of 24 because it has not appeared overly violent and contains a lot more intellect - like the beginning seasons. I hope this does not change! I really am loving the twists and turns of Season 7's 24! Love it.... :)

Okay, so I must write about the show that is either hated or loved with a passion by most of America... American Idol. It started it's 8th Season last night and I was excited beyond belief! I was in love with texting my friends who were watching and hearing their opinions over people. I am not gonna lie - there was no one the first night that was as good as those from last year. There were some good voices, but just none as great as our top 10 from Season 7. There were a few I liked, but.... eh. I know that I have prejudice and hold to the last season, but nonetheless, my statement of not seeing anyone up to the same par stands.

Tonight had some better voices and few I really liked at the get go, but there are still not many like last season's line-up. There are like three or four I could become passionate about depending on the Hollywood rounds. Next week equals Salt lake City, so that should be way fun! Perhaps tonight, it will be better as they head to Cook's hometown... Next week they head to Utah and that is the what I am most excited for, in hoping that I see some people I know on screen.

Sidenote: I like the new judge, Kara, a lot! She adds a new dynamic... I just hope that her and Paula disagree SOMETIME.)

I also must add it was a tad bitter sweet last night... I wanted to be a part of the whole deal even though it is kind of a luck-shot-in-the-dark. I'm not talking about being on the show persay, I am talking about being a part of the experience. It was a weirdly motivational and therapeutic thing for me last year and I wanted to be there in the blood, sweat, and tears... hoping that there was no real blood though. Haha... I know beyond belief how many people roll their eyes at me for saying this, but I get very connected to the people up there - I feel for them. I mean, I know that the whole thing isn't as real as society buy into, but I feel a real connection to their desire, dreams, and the music they create.

That is what really spurns my love for the show... I want people someday to feel that connection of therapeutic that I felt with the music I want to create. I just wanna share my gift. It is that simple. I also believe that the world could use more good influences in the media, so that would be a hope of mine as well if I ever went the big-time route.

My dream job? Still = A backup singer! How classic would that be?! I mean, I get to travel and make music like I love, still have opportunities to share the gospel, and be able to live a normal life as I can still go to the store or to dinner with my family... Thoughts?

Sidenote: I am also in love with America's Best Dance Crew (classic.) and this Season of The Real World: Brooklyn. When I randomly search through the TV and see Johnny, Kate, and Eight, I enjoy that too...

I have decided to give song ideas in my blogs for friends to check out that I currently love or feel the need to revisit the love for. Today's song is a fresh, new one...

Erin McCarley: Love, Save The Empty or Pitter-Pat... Okay, the WHOLE CD is amazing! There is Blue Suticase, It's Okay, Sticky-Sweet... It is all incredibly written and has a very "Sara Bareilles-esque" feel. Try it out! So amazing, in fact, that I bought it for full price on ITunes when it first came out... THAT is some dedication... Haha!


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