Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some Good Old Fashion Remodeling and Recognizing the Capstone, Keystone, and Cornerstone....

So, the other night I had this craving to redecorate that kept me up until 4am... Yea. Haha! First it started with my room and reorganizing all of my clothes, jewelry, the way my room and bathroom are set up, and washing/cleaning EVERYTHING. Haha! I love when I get in those moods because even though they keep me up until all hours of the morning, they also produce creativity and an extremely good-smelling, clean room. Haha... I love that feeling of accomplishment, and I love decorating and organizing things...

Then, this desire for change and reorganization spread to my blog and redoing the layout, background, "accessories," and color theme. I spent a few hours finding other blogs that I liked and looking through a million and one layouts and backgrounds. I found this one blog that had cute "web buttons" (like the one that says "Live, Laugh, Love" on the side of my newly designed blog), and picture links to and - way awesome! I found out how to rewrite parts of HTML and create a layout - I felt so computer literate and smart - haha!

Anyway, I bumped into the site of a fellow blogger and loved the page so I stole some of her ideas and emailed her to ask her how things were done. She emailed me some links and ideas and now, with the LDS buttons and specific color themes, I wanna write on here everyday! Haha... I do need to be a better blogger too because my journaling has suffered lately and since I like typing better, this could be an awesome way to keep track of specific thoughts and moments in my life.

If you want some LDS Buttons for your blog too just go - HERE:

Anyway... I have done "winter cleaning" for my room and blog, and now I am officially going to type about something else. Haha!

Today during Sunday School I was letting my mind wonder while we started our study of the Doctrine and Covenants. I think that it is important to just let a thought go when talking about gospel subjects sometimes... Thus, today they talked about the D&C being the "capstone" of our religion. I didn't know that it was refereed to as that... I know that the Book of Mormon is the "keystone," and Christ is the "cornerstone," but I was unaware the D&C had one the those key place references. So, as my mind wondered I was thinking about how this reference I compared it to the art that is, the art of education. Allow me to explain (I sound so intelligent - haha!) - we have a capstone in or majors where we have to do some project, thesis type paper, and/or student teaching to finish out our professional training. Then, we go into the "keystone" using our education in the work force and put that stuff into practice - the real action takes place... and both the the capstone and keystone are based on the main subject -the cornerstone.

This is just like the D&C and Book of Mormon (BoM) are the capstone and keystone - both built upon Christ, the cornerstone. As we teach surrounding the foundation of the gospel principles - Christ - the D&C teaches us specifics in modern day revelation. Not that the BoM doesn't, but the specific points of the D&C is to increase faith, establish specifics for the gospel and church, present modern-day light on missionary work and encourage the need to testify, and create humility and a path for understanding. The Book of Mormon to me, is more what causes us to take action and change our ways. It gives us more meat and potatoes of a meal, rather than the place setting and appetizer of the meal... This all sounded more articulate in my mind. Haha!

Anyway, I just think it is amazing how we can relate the gospel to any and everything. They asked how we can make our scripture study more effective today too and I said that if we were to take time each day to ponder during and after our reading, then taking time throughout the day to just recall what you had read about, then it would be more effective and hopefully change our lifestyle and daily actions... We would become more Christ-like - grow and change.

Questions about the church and what I am talking about? Feel free to ask in the comments section OR press the link "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" button or the picture of the Salt Lake Temple (the one on the side - not below) to get some answers. I know that the gospel is the fullness upon the earth and that as we live the gospel we will be happier and grow closer not only to our Savior, but to the true us. Who are you - who am I? We are children of God, and he lives and loves us - as does our Savior, and brother, Jesus Christ. I love the gospel and again testify of its truth and the happiness it brings....


P.S. Tomorrow evening, I'll post some pics of Brooke's trip here and Christmas - I simply LOVE the holidays! Tomorrow morning at 6:30 = the end of the holidays and back to work. Ug! Too early.... Haha! Hey, I gotta bring the bacon home- eh? :)


Mindy said...

How do you change the comment thing to say, "Witty antedotes"? I don't want mine to say that, but I have been wondering how to change it for quite sometime now! :)

P.s. I am NOT checking your blog at work. But if I was, I wouldn't be able to see your new layout and I would be VERY sad. :( Good thing I am not checking at work, huh? :)

Bethany said...

love the new blog. so great!

Mike Lundberg said...

Great post Linze. You're wonderful.