Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here I Go Again... Hello L.A.!!!!!

So... I just happened to have ANOTHER stroke of luck. In the past few hours, I have been the most spontaneous I have EVER been! I have: Bought a plane ticket to LA, rented a car, packed my clothes, found a place to sleep in LA, and all because.... Dun, Dada, Dun!!!

I got American Idol Finale tickets!!! Haha... I am beyond stoked... This finale is gonna be TIGHT! Maybe, I will even meet Anoop and Allison. That is not TOO much to ask for, right? Last year I met Jason Castro and Ramiele, so maybe....

I will report in three days about the AI finale and my AMAZING last two weeks of life... Can I just say, the Lord is good to me? The Lord IS good to me. Really, he knows what I need and when I need it... He loves us all so much.

Peace y'all!

The song of the day: I have been working with a local band these past few weeks that I have loved since my sophomore year of college - they are TIGHT! Their names, you ask?

Truman! This is their song, I Want You There, from their upcoming album to be released on June 12th after they open for Kelly Clarkson on June 11th in Orem, UT. Sorry... I gotta talk my boys up something good... They are AMAZING and some of the most sincerely, caring people I have ever met. Really. ENJOY!


Cincinnatus said...

Just listened to this run of I Want You There. I like the acoustic version on the Guitars Unplugged 2009 album better. Is it just me??

Linze Kate said...

I like both for different reasons, but that older recording is much more intimate I think... which I enjoy!

This recording is a bit more fun to be... a bit more grabbing if you are trying to grab a new audience... Then, the acoustic sound is a special little treat. Haha! That's how I think of it anyway... Haha!