Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Outbreaks and Breakdowns.... and Discovering Superwoman.

I believe that the student body at the school I work in decided that today would be a great day to go insane. I don't know why. I don't know what could have prevented this. Perhaps nothing could have stopped the mayhem of behavior... There must be something in the school water fountains...

Good thing I drink bottled water.

Today I dealt with FOUR (Count em' - FOUR.) behavioral issue breakdowns. These kids wouldn't even try to approach their favorite things, like free-choice silent reading. I do not simply mean that these children would not "comply" or "obey..." I do not mean that they wouldn't do anything. No. These children FLIPPED OUT... There was kicking, flopping on the floor, yelling, crying, and more whining than a therapist could handle. Who was in charge or making sure that these students were okay and getting them do some work (including the state testing that is going on this week - could be a supporting cause or the outbreak)? Who had to take care of the rampant breakdowns, one right after another all day long?

... That would be ME.

It's okay because they are kids that I love and adore (usually - haha!) and I like helping them calm down and talking about their feelings... However, it was a LOT today and I just wish I knew why everyone decided to crack on the same day. I could say that it WAS the state testing, but that it only true up to a point... No. This was just a day that every kid decided to let their problems from home, personal feelings of inadequacy, petty annoyances, etc. come out full-swing for the world to see.

I felt like I was a mother without ever having children... I really love those kids, but did they all have to breakdown TODAY? Haha... I guess this proves that as a mother if I have more than one child at a time, they might choose to break down at the same, exact moment. In fact, I am sure that my brothers and I fed off of one another most of the time. God bless, literally, Jon and Kate with their sextuplets and set of twins...

Overall, I would say this was a good day.

I guess every girl DOES have a bit of superwoman inside of them... and today I found my part.


Song of the Day: I went to High School with this band!!! They are fabulous - so talented and nice guys... They deserve all the support and press they are currently receiving, and I hope their fan-base and success continues. They use to be called Sparky's Flaw (I liked that name), but now we have... PARACHUTE!!!

Listen to Parachute's first single, She Is Love - a great song and awesome message! Love it. Love them. You should love them too.

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Mindy said...

Ah-ha! Linze! You have entered my profession! This is what I do all day (I have the scratches, bruises, bite marks, and scars to prove it)! It's intense, huh? Yeeet, at the same time I find myself loving every second of it!!