Thursday, July 9, 2009

Auditions, Concerts, Movie Premiers, and Saying Goodbye...

I have wanted to write for a long time and have just failed to make it a priority... So, I am going to attempt to type up an entry today. I use to be RIDICULOUS about journaling when I was little. I would write at least every other day all through middle school and high school... Then, college hit and I started sucking at recording my life, as my entries became sporadic. It's kinda sad because I feel like this is the most important time in my life - when I am making the greatest and most impactful (apparently that's not a word) decisions of my life. Thus, I have made a goal to be better at blogging and journaling. Let's see if I can uphold my own promise to myself!

Now, I am going to spend but a small moment on this first thought. The whole world is talking about his death, and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people showed up/tuned in for his funeral - Yep. Michael Jackson... MJ. Now, the day I found out that he had died I was a bit saddened because his music truly is INCREDIBLE and a big part of my life. For seminary one day, I was in charge of the morning spiritual thought before we started and I played his song "Man in the Mirror" and handed out the scripture Mosiah 2:17... Yea. Haha! Laugh all you want, but it started some amazing spiritual thoughts... and it started me listening to his music each morning on my way to school... I listened to MANY things in my little Saturn (I miss that car!), but Michael Jackson's greatest hits and Celine Dion's Drove All Night CD are the ones I recall most.

Anyway, I am saddened that he is gone and that his music is done being created, but what we have will last forever and it was fabulous. I did play his greatest hits album while baking & decorating sugar cookies for my Visiting Teachies... Haha...

However, I do think that it is a bit mad how the world is still going on about the death. I mean this with NO disrespect because I LOVED the man as an artist... Nevertheless, I was listening to a radio talk show the day before his memorial service (which I did watch and was amazing) and a man stated that he was very upset over everyone's attention being focused there. This man's son died in an explosion while serving in Iraq the same day as Michael , and wasn't even mentioned. This is probably because this boy wasn't famous, but shouldn't we be looking toward those who are putting their lives on the line for our freedom and remembering them as well. It's just that no one would have really cared, I fear. I guess what I am saying is that when the world is facing so many problems and remained transfixed upon one death for a man we didn't know, it seems superfluous and sad.

I guess it's hard because I know people get connected to celebs and feel like they know them. Example, do I really know David Archuleta? No. But I guarantee my family would feel a little loss if he passed away. I know people feel connected - it's the beauty of music and entertainment. I just think that we need to keep all things in moderation. That's a good way to put it... Mourn. Listen to some Michael songs (I did!). Feel that piece of childhood pass on (sounds dramatic, but I did feel that way a bit). Then, move on. Focus on the other people and problems in the world. It's a hard line for many, and I understand... but really? There were missile issues over in North Korea and a huge car bombing in Iraq that killed some of our soldiers... just sayin'.

Sidenote: I find it interesting that in America there is such focus on celebrities and the status of the actor, musician, entertainer, etc. In England it is just not like that. While i was doing my study abroad in London people walked past Billy Murry, Orlando Bloom, Jake Davenport, Joseph Marcell, Jeremy Irons, and Judi Dench and did not freak out. Yea, I am sure people have stopped and asked them for pictures at times, but the hype for who they are is more respect for their talent... It's interesting, and kinda nice. I have a lot of American pride, but I could move back there for a time... and I have more a desire to do so currently in my life.

Now, let us actually MOVE ON.

I am beyond excited about my upcoming few weeks! My oh my... First, I am heading to Denver on Saturday for American Idol tryouts, and am ecstatic about it. It's going to be a lot of fun and a great experience, no matter what happens. I am heading there with hopes, but no expectations. I think that is the only way to look at this experience when it is SO unpredictable about what they are looking for and how your luck goes with going to the right audition table for your voice. Thus, I go with no expectation about getting a shot to share the voice with the world, but I hope I will have that opportunity. If I don't have it through this medium, I have finally tried (after trying to go for two years - haha!) and will focus on sharing through other means until things open up for me. The end. Haha!

Next, I am going to see The Fray with Jack's Mannequin next weekend, both of with bands I ADORE! Then, I am seeing Parachute (The boys I went to HS with) and Secondhand Serenade (I saw them before & they were fab) the weekend after. I love concerts! Thus, this is already a great month. Haha! I recently saw SheDaisy and Jonas Brothers in concert when I was one of the stage managers for Stadium Fire - both gave a great show. It was cool to watch their sound checks and be involved with making the show happen... Not gonna lie, I absolutely love stage managing and working on concerts/shows. It is still an option for grad school... but music is always my first desire.

LAST, and no where near least... HARRY POTTER 6 IS COMING TO THEATERS! Haha... No, really. I am beyond excited because the film looks phenomenal. The acting has improved with the years of the actors and the effects have developed to create a visual masterpiece. I have seen many clips and trailers, I re-watched movies 1-5 and re-read books 6 & 7 in preparation, and I have already gotten tickets for the day it opens at 10am. I would have gotten premier tickets, cause I really don't want to wait even a few hours - and I have gone to all the other premiers - but, I was not sure when I would be coming back from Denver time-wise from the audition. I get back around 11pm the night of the premier, so it wouldn't really happen anyway... sad day. The entire night I will be aching with excitement to witness the greatness that is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Love it! Haha...

Not to mention, I have a little bit of a celeb crush on Rupert Grint... The one who plays Ron... I know, that just deteriorated everything that I just wrote above - haha! No, seriously people can say what they'd like about that little red-headed boy(who is almost 21, so he's not that little - haha!), but I think he is just darn right cute. The end... haha!

Anyway, I had stuff of greater substinance to discuss, but alas, I chose not to this time around... I write about MJ, concerts, Am. Idol (what's new?), and Harry Potter. Heyyyyyo Yeah! Haha...

Um, yea. Go enjoy the HP6 movie and see a few concerts. That is all I have left to say.


Song of the Day: Last night on So You Think You Can Dance two dancers did a routine to a song called Show Me Heaven by Maria McKee... A little old school, and I SHOULD have known it. I thought about using it as my AI audition piece because I love it so much, but I am not. Anyway, Maia McKee's Show Me Heaven is the song of the day! Enjoy!!!

(I put the video of the dance below because the music video did nothing for me... but y'all should check out the WHOLE song!)


The Knickerbockers said...

Good luck with everything!!! Hope to watch you next season-- if not, at least you tried. I'm super excited for you :)

David said...

How were the American Idol auditions?