Saturday, December 26, 2009

Things That Go BUMP In The Night... Kinda.

Caution: This entry may cause excessive laughing when visualized correctly… or not.

Imagine that you are in a deep slumber. You are so embedded (literally) in dream-land that when reality suddenly and unexpectedly wakes you, there is a slight amount of panic exuding from you. Imagine that this panic is expressed verbally, in the form of screaming… very loud screaming.

Let me paint the picture again for you…

It was approximately 6:20am and I was lying in my grandfather’s living room on a blow-up mattress. I had only gone to bed a few hours prior to the upcoming event, so I was pretty zonked. Suddenly, I woke up to deafening and excessive screams and make the uninformed decision that I should start yelling as well. Why do I make this decision?

Well, I somehow deducted in my limited, morning reasoning that there was an intruder in the house. Let me make things clear. There was no intruder. In case you were really worried right then, let me repeat that there was no intruder. However, upon hearing the screams coming from my left – Yes, those were screams coming from Derek and Cami, who were hugging in a tight ball on the couch – I stood up on my air mattress and began screaming “No! No! AHHHHH! No!” and flailing my arms around me.

I was attempting to perform combat on the intruder that I could not see, and let’s be honest… Had there actually been an intruder I would have been killed. There is no doubt. I might have gotten a good slap in there or something, but with limited vision and no real focus, they would have grabbed my arm and just stabbed me. Or, they might have just had a good laugh before getting off a shot. This isn’t meant to seem morbid. I mean, I’m positive that I was a pretty hilarious sight to behold. I looked like I was trying out for a musical and doing a horrible job – visually and vocally.

After a full minute of yelling and thrashing about, my dad came staggering into the living room and asking what was going on. Cami, Derek, and I stopped yelling and looked around a bit more – our eyes were finally starting to adjust – and all stammered, “I don’t know. Why are we screaming?”

Why were we screaming?

Well, I thought there MUST have been in intruder. Cami thought there MUST have been a raccoon. Um… Really, Cami? Haha! Derek, however, was the source of our sore throats as he woke up from some kind of funky dream, thought he saw something, and just started screaming. So, logically, we all started screaming… and some of us started flailing. I could use other verbs, but “flailing” is just so perfect for what I was doing.

At the time, we were all confused and pretty shaken up… Derek, Cami, and I didn’t go back to sleep actually. Now, here we are over twelve hours later and we can NOT stop laughing about it. It has to be one of my funniest memories. Perhaps this might not seem as funny to everyone reading this blog – according to my brother, no one else will care- but to me, this is one of my new favorite memories with Derek and Cami. It’s just so US. Classic.


Song of the Day: There are too many great songs to choose from right now! So… I will post two great songs to listen to and love. I would suggest that all of you check out Winterlove by Parachute – this video is featuring Will (the lead singer) from my HS class of 2004. Also, I am currently in LOVE with Pixie Lott’s entire CD! She;s a white chick with soul - love that. It’s hard to choose one song from the CD, so I’ll choose one that is the funnest for me to sing. I LOVE singing this one... Pixie Lott’s, Cry Me Out is posted below! ENJOY!!!


Mike said...

I think it's way funny. Wish I could have seen it.

Chance said...

I am throwing up right now... thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

LINZE!!! You are right about Pixie Lott. I really like her! How did you find out about her?! Where did you get her CD?!

Meagarific said...

OH MY GOSH. I read this to my Dad (as in Brother Jensen from C-ville 2, just in case I'm not well enough identified by my identity or whatever) and we both were laughing really loudly... particularly me. In fact, I was struggling to read it out loud to him through my gasping for breath. (He was journaling at the time and I was like, "No, you HAVE to read this.)